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How To Stop Masterburate Addiction

How And Why You Need To Stop Masturbating

How To Stop Master Betting | How To Stop Masterburate Quitting mastur addiction

Masturbating is normal for every man, instead, it is considered healthy. It is absolutely humane to do it because it boosts sexual pleasure and maintains a healthy sex life. However, this must not become an addiction. A fun activity that boosts sex drive should not turn out to be an uncontrollable affair to deal with. So, how to stop masturbating and why do you have to is what this article will look at.

How To Quit Masturbation I Am Addicted To Mastuburation

Masturbation is a normal part of satisfying sexual health. It is a fun activity and a safe way to self-pleasure. If masturbation affects your daily life and prevents you from doing the daily work, it means that you should addict of mastuburation and you ought to get rid of.

For your information, let me clear you that masturbation is not bad. It does not cause a side effect at all. But if you feel that you are addicted to mastuburation and you can come back to your normal life and quit masturbation then its great. There are many effective ways to get rid of masturbation.

Best Guide To Stop Masturbation

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My story with masturbation addiction

I have been addicted to masturbation for a long time. Years passed without being able to find a solution to this masturbation and porn addiction. I tried almost everything, but no long term result. I was like stopping masturbation for a week, but then again I come back to it every time.

But as they say, who keep searching, he will find something at the end. And just like that I kept trying to find a solution for this addiction, even I was always addicted, but I did not give-up. When you give-up you lose, this is the reality.

Im happy now to announce to you that Im not addicted to masturbation anymore. Im living my life normally without any addiction Im feeling the freedom of living like others, thinking like others, being natural. These are the things that you miss when you are addicted to masturbation. And since you are reading my book, Im sure that you understand what Im saying, because you are living the same nightmare and you want to stop it, you want to call the real life to come to you, freedom, happiness, everything single good thing in this life can change your life to the next positive level which can bring you success and realize your dream life.

Remember: honest decision= success.

Applying the auto-stop-masturbation method

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How I Stopped Masturbation Addiction Permanently

One of the ways to break free from a bad habit is to replace it with a good habit this formula didnt work for me.

It was really difficult. I have lost count how many times I promised myself not to consider masturbation as a means of seeking sexual gratification.

For years, my New Year resolution would start with: stop masturbating.

This resolutions in some cases lasted for just 24 hours and the longest was a week before I broke the promise again.

I later would think of myself as being in bondage because I tried severally to break free but couldnt.

The more I kept trying, the more I realize how weak I was and how strong and overpowering this habit could be.

I was literally helpless until I became spiritual about it. My approach was starving it to death and it worked.

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Are You Masturbating A Lot

How to Stop Masterburate Addiction

How do you know that youre overdoing it? It can affect the way you think, act and feel in society. You will witness behavioural changes that can affect your surroundings. You wouldnt want to get into such a situation, would you? The first step is to stop it by accepting the fact that you have this problem and then move ahead to finding solutions to curtail it. Here are some pointers that could indicate the very fact that you are excessively masturbating.

  • Skipping work, school and social gatherings to masturbate.
  • An uncontrollable urge to do it.
  • Plan to do it wherever needed.

NOTE: Everyone masturbates and it is a healthy phenomenon to do so. People who have a satisfied as well as unsatisfied sex life masturbate. All you need to keep in mind is that you do not overdo it.

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Street Methods On How To Stop Masturbation Addiction Permanently

  • Find a Partner

This definitely would not sound right to a lot of people but lets face it: if you were in a sexual relationship with someone, would you still masturbate?

If you answered no, then find a partner or get married if you are really prepared.

So many live in denial. They tell you about how they dont want to get involved in sexual immorality with anyone yet they cant do without masturbation.

These sets of people consider sex as sin and masturbation as not being a sin.

I believe that sex is sex whether done alone or with someone. If you must have sex, find a partner and not yourself.

  • Readjust Your Standard

So many people would not consider masturbation as a way out if they were married or in a sexual relationship.

And the reason why some are not in a relationship is because they are too picky or have high standards.

Well, its good to have great standards but when your expectation of people keeps you for so long single and no one to mingle with, you might want to have a review of what you really need.

Wrapping Up

Masturbation is increasingly becoming an issue which requires more attention.

Ironically as it sounds, more youths are looking for how to stop masturbation addiction permanently. They are becoming more helpless.

The solutions we have proffered in this post will help you make strong decisions thus, break free from the shackles of this terrible habit.

Are You Addicted To Masturbation

With masturbation addiction, you may not even be consciously aware that you are overdoing it, Hill says. He likens masturbation addiction to any behaviour done in excess, saying it will start to have an impact on other areas of your life.

If you are addicted to masturbation, the following may occur:

Loss of sensitivity

If you are addicted to self-pleasure, masturbating to excess may start to impact your sensitivity. You may lose the ability to feel sexual pleasure with a partner and you may even lose sensitivity as increasingly, it may take more effort and different approaches to achieve orgasm, he explains.

Lack of impulse control

You may stop being able to gauge when and in which environments masturbation is appropriate, private or safe. People may find themselves self-pleasuring at work, in the car or at home where they are at risk of being caught, Hill adds, saying this can cause extreme embarrassment if they are interrupted.

Shame about masturbation

Moyle says real feelings of shame which are reflected by how we consider sex as a society in a wider way can have an impact on behaviour, but also how we emotionally process and feel about it which can cause more difficulties and problems.

Guilt about masturbation

The stigma associated with masturbation can also make people who are struggling with addiction feel unnecessary guilt – which also makes someone less likely to seek help.

Overstimulation from excess masturbation

Sexual dysfunction

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Address Your Physical Tension

Our sex drives will inevitably build up physical tension, but it is our reaction to that tension that matters most. What are we believing that makes masturbation seem like the only way to release the build-up of testosterone?

For single men, God has created built in release mechanisms: either nocturnal emissions or absorption.

For married men, God has provided sex as a means of marital intimacy. Do we believe these systems are God-given means of taking care of our bodily drives, or do we believe masturbation is the only way? We must repent of our beliefs about masturbation and praying for a non-sinful release of tension in our members.

What Are The Treatments/managements Of Masturbation In Males

6 Stages To STOP MASTURBATION | No Fap Challenges and Stages | Be Ghent | @Rishi Arora

If you are habitable to masterburate Some treatment/ managements of masturbation:

  • Urge to find ‘pleasure’ leads to quicker climax and thus, affects intimacy with the partner
  • Affects other daily activities, job, family, friends etc
  • Sore, painful or swollen penis.
  • Trouble forming emotional bond with others
  • Uncontrollable sexual thoughts, fantasies or feelings
  • Irritability
  • Lack of attraction towards opposite sex
  • Sexual dysfunctions such as Erectile Dysfunction
  • Isolating yourself from others which may eventually, lead to depression
  • Many experts agree that there is no direct relation between masturbation and fertility problems.

If you need a better and easy solution for masturbation addiction, you can order Ayurvedic medicine to overcome ill effects of masturbation addiction. Its Ayurvedic product 100% safe and secure without any side effects.

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Believe You Can Overcome

Research has showed that most things that happen to us in reality are as a result of the things we believe in our subconscious mind.

When you believe it is very possible to conquer, it helps build your desire to quit masturbation.

Hence, developing in you the willingness to do all it takes and stave the urge for masturbation.

If you are seriously thinking of how to stop masturbation addiction permanently , believing you can no matter how much you have tried is the first step.

Stopping Masturbation May Be A Concern For Some People Ridding Triggers And Focusing Your Energy On Other Pursuits Can Help Limit Your Urge

In itself, masturbation is a normal and healthy way of expressing and satisfying yourself sexually. However, if it gets to the point that your masturbation has become an addiction that is infringing on your religious or personal life, then you may need to take action. Learning to stop masturbating is a matter of mastering your urges and enacting self-discipline to curb your impulse to take part in such behavior.

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How To Stop Masterburate Addiction

Masterburate addiction is something that is not easy to deal with. It is a serious disease and one that can lead to various complications in the future. Here are some tips on how to stop Masterburate addiction.

The first thing you need to do is to understand the symptoms of Masterburate. You have to be very familiar with the symptoms because you can be certain that they are not the normal symptoms of some other sickness. Be aware that there are a lot of symptoms that you should look out for. These symptoms will not only help you know when the time is right to seek professional help, but they will also be able to tell you what to expect if you decide to take advantage of all the professional help available.

Have a proper diet. Masterburate addiction is mainly due to the addiction to caffeine, so a proper diet is essential to maintain your health. These days, we tend to eat more and less, and if your Masterburate addiction has developed, you will end up craving and overeating this food and will find it difficult to cope with the situation.

Go to your doctor and get him to check out your Masterburate. This will help you determine if you really have a serious illness. Sometimes, the only way to know is to check it out with your doctor.

Stop eating junk food. Eating junk food will only exacerbate your Masterburate addiction and will make you feel worse as well.

Page of Contents

Spend More Time With Others

How To Stop Masterburate Addiction

Some people may masturbate because they feel lonely or have nothing else to fill their time with.

Spending less time alone reduces the opportunities to masturbate. Spending time with others will not only keep a person occupied, but it might also redirect their focus.

There are several ways to decrease solitude. People can meet up with friends or family, take a class, or join a gym to stay socially engaged with others.

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Psychology Behind Excessive Masturbation

Excessive masturbating is a sign of a prevailing mental condition that can cause behavioural disorders. An intense feeling of guilt after masturbation is one sign of masturbation being an addiction. This can lead to increased levels of alcohol consumption. Thus masturbation becomes a problem if it is compulsive or you tend to force yourself to do it. It is fine to do it but dont let it consume you.

Create Motivation To Change

Everything that you do is driven by one of 2 principles: to seek pleasure or to avoid pain. Therefore you need to link as much pain as you can to the behavior that you want to end . Ask yourself what will it cost you as far your self-esteem, spirituality and self-control if you were to give in to your addiction? How will it negatively affect your relationships either now or in the future? How will you feel about yourself if you succumbed to your lust? As you reflect on the answers to all these questions, you will start creating a negative association to the act. The stronger the emotions, the more effective it will be.

Then, you need to create a lot of positive association to your desired goal: stopping the masturbation. Reflect on how you will feel about yourself if you constantly demonstrated self-control & self-leadership. How would you feel spiritually knowing that you are giving up your lust for the sake of Allah? How will your relationships enhance once you are no longer addicted? As you reflect on all the benefits of stopping you will increase your self-control and motivation.

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How To Quit Masturbation For Women The Effective Way To Make Changes In Your Life

07/10/2019Female Masturbationhealth

Do you feel that you masturbate too much? Really want to know how to quit masturbation for women? Yes! You can quiet the masturbation habit.

There are many effective ways which help you to get rid of masturabation habit. Not only you, but there are many women who are addicted to masturbation and can able to quit this habit. So if you are worried about how to quit masturbation then no need to worry. We are here to help you.

We request you to read this article till the end so that it becomes easy for you to quiet the masturbation habit. Hope that this article helps you to quit masturbation.

  • 2.8. Find someone trustworthy
  • How To Stop Masturbating:


    To restore the lost energy levels, a good balanced diet rich in zinc and proteins is must. So, some of the ways and diets which will help you get over the side effects of over masturbation and masturbation itself are as below. You can just say these are the rules and diet plans you need to start follow just right from this moment:

    1) Control Your Addiction for Masturbation:

    First and foremost step to start with is control your addiction for masturbation. Here I wont recommend you the old cold turkey method, wherein one has to stop masturbating altogether for a few days or weeks until one find himself able to concentrate on other things and then again gradually restart masturbation in moderation.

    What I believe and have observed is, you cant win over your addiction in just one go, like leaving it all together in one go for weeks, because youll have this thing in your mind all the time that one day has passed, these many days have passed and youll be lose this battle sooner or later. Here what Ill recommend you is just relax!! Ok, fine you have had bad past and you are suffering problems, but this is curable, not a big deal dude..!! So, just stay cool and try and avoid it and minimize it to minimum and slowly just give it up.

    Make a log table and make entry in it whenever you masturbate. And try and reach to a number of once every two weeks this has to be your target.

    So this is the first lesson on the path of How to Stop Masturbating.

    2) Say No to Porn:

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