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How To Stop My Addiction To Hot Cheetos

Discoloration Of Faeces And Vomit:

My Strange Addiction: I’m addicted to cheddar jalapeno cheetos!

Cheetos red chili powder does more than just staining your fingertips with a red-orange coating.

When excessive amounts of the Flamin Hot Cheetos are consumed, it acts as a dye. Unfortunately, this red dye will eventually discolor your feces, making them appear blood-stained.

The same thing happens when you vomit. So if youre eating Flamin Hot Cheetos, and you vomit, itll appear as if youre vomiting blood.

Therefore, you may be forced to visit the clinic. But, unfortunately, even your doctors may misdiagnose bleeding in the large intestine or rectum.

How To Curb Your Hot Cheeto Addiction

As a recovering Hot Cheeto addict, let me tell you something: This addition is very real. You WILL get cravings, and they might make you cry. I am in the process of removing Hot Cheetos completely from my life, and it has been a step by step process. Below I have made a small list of different ideas of how to get yourself to stop the Hot Cheeto madness! Reclaim your life, fellow addicts, and live your life free of red fingers.

1.) Keep them out of the house. It goes without saying that if youre trying to avoid a food, obviously dont buy it and keep it on hand. All of the temptation to indulge will be sitting there in the cabinet! So, when at the grocery store, keep walking past those Cheetos and save yourself the 3.50

2.) Make chips and salsa your new BFF. Chips and salsa, although for the most past not nearly as satisfying, can be a great, spicy, and lower calorie alternative to Hot Cheetos. Most grocery stores have a wide variety of tortilla chips and different salsas, made by different brands and varying by description.

3.) Limit yourself to eating chips on the weekends. If you MUST, eat Hot Cheetos, simply wait until the weekend! If you allow yourself to indulge only on the weekends, there will be a stop and start time for eating the spicy chips. Its a good way to teach discipline, so then you can limit yourself to one day a week, and then not at all.

Good luck, fellow addicts! Comment your tips for curbing your Hot Cheeto addiction below!

Flamin Hot Cheetos Puffs

These little guys, shaped like a cartoon elephants trunk, are just like regular Flamin Hot Cheetos, right? Not so! The tiny dimples in the fried puffed corn hold the spice powder better, leading to a more intense heat and flavor. With spicy standard-issue Cheetos and Doritos, you get odd ones with barely any spice at all, and a handful of good ones with a lot of powder caked on them.

The puffs are consistently, heavily seasoned. Thats the plus. The minor downside is that the airy, fried texture, while initially novel, can become a little nauseating as the pieces become consistently compacted in your back teeth.

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They Were Created By A Janitor

Former Frito-Lay janitor, Richard Montañez came up with the idea for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos after taking a batch home with him from work. He was inspired by the Mexican street food called elote, and sprinkled chili powder on them.

He must have been very confident in how finger-licking good this upgrade was because he arranged a meeting with the CEO of the entire company to pitch the idea. Now Montañez is an executive vice president in Frito-Lay.

What Does Hot Cheetos Mean

My Strange Addiction: Hot Cheetos

When you put hot stuff all over your penis, insert your shlong in a hot Cheeto bag, and wait in a convience store until a black girl purchases you and sucks off all the hot Cheeto dust and hot sauce off your penis.

Sophia: yeah I got some hot Cheetos at the store, want some?Mike: No stop my penis is in there.

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Chesters Flamin Hot Puffcorn

We typically associate cartoon characters influencing kids to consume unhealthy things with breakfast cereals the Cocoa Puffs cuckoo bird, the Trix rabbit, etc. But Chester Cheetah is one of the few recognizable cartoon characters that represent salty snacks, so hes got a lot riding on his shoulders. He wears sunglasses no matter the time of day, has an aging-jazz-man vibe and says things like, Slick, Daddy-o!

His predicament is simple yet familiar: He wants delicious, cheesy Cheeto-branded snacks but is consistently denied them by a Cheetah-hating public. Hed buy them himself, but when was the last time you saw a cheetah carrying money? Youd think the fastest land mammal could find a way to snatch a bag or two from an unsuspecting public but no, hes constantly foiled.

With the Flamin Hot Puffcorn, its easy to see where the obsession comes from. Puffcorn, which, save for its uneven, round-ish shape, is not at all like popcorn, texturewise falls somewhere between a Cheeto puff and a marshmallow. Its oddly addicting. The corn puffs melt in your mouth practically without chewing. Theyre not very fiery, but the eating experience is akin to something like eating spicy cereal. The dark horse of the Flamin Hot world.

Things You Never Knew About Cheetos

From the orange dust to the wild packaging, Cheetos are a snack that truly stands out.

From the orange dust to the wild packaging, Cheetos are a snack that truly stands out. The next time you crunch away on a package of these cheesy corn puffs, chew on some of these fun factsâ¦

1. Chester Cheetah wasnât always the mascot.

Gone, but not forgotten. Image: Fritolay

Turns out the snackâs first spokescritter was a mouse! Seeing as mice love cheese, it seemed like a natural fit, and starting in the early 1970s, this character always took his favorite snack on all kinds of wild adventures.

But a decade later, the motorcycle riding squeaker lost his edge, so the brand introduced Chester Cheetah. From his name to his swagger , this ultra cool cat seemed like a much better match for the brand.

2. A janitor invented Flaminâ Hot Cheetos.

And now ALL of you know at least one person who is absolutely OBSESSED with the Flaminâ Hots. You know who you are. Image: favianquezada / Instagram

Well, make that a janitor turned exec! Richard Montañez worked as a janitor at the Frito-Lay factory in the 1970s, and after he started adding chili powder to his own Cheetos, he pitched the idea to the then-CEO. The CEO loved it, and the rest is history. Montañez is now an executive vice president at PepsiCo North America.

3. Cheetos are scientifically proven to be addictive.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up looking at this image. That seems problematic. Image: maymikko / Instagram

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Focus On The Rest Of Your Diet

Say goodbye to processed foods and youll actually stop your chip cravings. Nutritionist Michelle Tirmandi suggests eating non-processed food: When whole foods and all three of the macronutrients are included in the diet, the body naturally moves toward a more nutritionally and blood-sugar-balanced state — and cravings are reduced.

Do Hot Cheetos Give You Cancer Read This Before Buying Your Next Snack

Thoughts While Eating Hot-Cheetos! MY ADDICTION

Its no longer news that one out of three Americans is a fan of the flamin Hot Cheetos. No snacks addiction compares to the cheesy-flavored Hot Cheetos. Once you start eating the crunchy snacks, you may just want to go on and on.

However, if you love to consume this spicy snack but unsure of the health-related risks, this post is a must-read for you.

Many people believe that this snacks consumption causes cancer. And you know that such baseless rumors can deprive people of consuming their favorite snack. The company may also get affected in some way.

Now heres the big question.

Do hot Cheetos give you cancer?

Well, according to research, there is a connection between high spicy snacks and cancer.

The seasoning ingredient in Flamin Hot Cheetos boasts capsaicin and chili powder. Capsaicin is the compound that gives pepper its spicy taste.

Studies have shown that the dietary capsaicin in chili snacks has qualities that may increase or decrease a persons risk of colorectal cancer. However, the consumption of Hot Cheetos with colorectal cancer has not been thoroughly investigated.

Now, heres why you may reconsider eating the Hot Cheetos. According to a recent meta-analysis, consumption of capsaicin-spiced snacks is linked to increased gastric/stomach cancer risk.

Hence, to prevent the risk of stomach cancer, it is advisable to avoid long-term excessive use of capsaicin-rich chilly snacks.

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Stomach Pains For Days

Symptoms of gastritis include burning pain in the upper abdomen, nausea, and even vomiting. Particularly, the coating of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos could be the cause, possibly changing the stomach’s pH, according to Dr. Robert Glatter, who spoke with ABC News.

Moderation will be your best friend when it comes to eating these little pieces of heaven, so maybe stick to one small bag, not a giant one.

What Made Flamin Hot Cheetos Quite Popular

Its no longer news that Flamin Hot Cheetos is the favorite snack in The U.S. People love the snack. And even though it got released in 1991, Hot Cheetos is still a top choice for many snack lovers around the country.

Many people reading this may be asking themselves questions like, why is hot Cheetos a popular option or the most popular snack in the country. Well, it all boils down to the benefit of the snack.

If Hot Cheetos werent delicious or beneficial, people wouldnt be wasting their money buying the snack.

So, lets have a look at the snacks benefits to deduce why people love it.

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Hot Cheetos Are Great For Thermoregulation:

When youre hot or overheated, you may crave Hot Cheetos. Because capsaicin, the chemical that gives Hot Cheetos their distinctive spicy flavor, might help to cool your body down.

Capsaicin plays an essential role in thermoregulation, a process that helps your body maintain its internal temperature.

As a result, when you consume Hot Cheetos, you experience a warming feeling, which may cause sweating to help you cool down.

Paqui Haunted Ghost Pepper Chips

My toddler eats hot Cheetos

The bad: The actual flavor of these is not very good. The good: Holy Toledo, these things are spicy. And I mean they are very spicy, i.e., do not give these to your tuna-noodle-casserole-eating Midwestern parents unless you want a lot of tears and apologies later.

The spice hits hard, and if youre not careful while eating these, you might inhale some of the powdered spice, which produces a low-key I just got pepper-sprayed feeling. But again, aside from an unimpressive, slightly peppery flavor, these dont taste like much.

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Volunteers Needed To Handle Letters To Santa

In recent years the snack has come under fire from school districts concerned about its nutritional value or lack thereof.

Several schools in Pasadena, Calif., banned the snacks in 2006, with administrators saying the Cheetos would be confiscated if they were brought to campus by students. The policy has gotten increased media attention recently after a Chicago Tribune story examined the Flamin’ Hot snack-food phenomenon, according to Pasadena Unified School District spokesman Adam Wolfson.

“We have to provide foods with a certain amount of nutritional value, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos do not meet that, along with countless other snacks,” Wolfson said.

The confiscation policy at some schools was instituted because the Cheetos were causing too much disruption, with kids selling them “on the black market,” Wolfson said.

“Are we on a witch hunt for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos? No. Are they bad for kids and we’re happy to make it harder for them to eat them? Sure,” he added.

The nation’s second-largest school district, Los Angeles Unified, like Pasadena Unified, follows California law limiting items that can be sold on public K-12 campuses by nutritional content. That generally means no Flamin’ Hots or other low-nutrition snacks.

Schools in New Mexico and Illinois, meanwhile, have also reportedly banned the snacks or asked parents to stop buying them for kids, citing nutritional concerns.

The issue has been the subject of recent research on “hyperpalatable foods” and addiction.

What Hot Cheetos Maker Says About The Snacks Cancer Link

If you love cheese-flavored snacks and have a taste for hot, spicy foods, Cheetos snacks could be your best choice. Yes! The snack is Flamin hot with maximum flavors, and it is made with real cheese

The Cheetos snacks are tasty, and the cheesy flavor leaves you begging for more. You cant just eat the Cheetos crunchy products without wanting to lick off your fingers.

However, in 2018, the Flamin Hot Cheetos maker said that even though food safety is a top priority in the FritoLay Company, spicy foods arent for everyone.

For some consumers, Hot Cheetos causes stomach upset and even gall-bladder problems. But does it cause cancer? Theres no evidence to prove this.

Even if the snack is capable of causing gastrointestinal distress, theres no evidence that its toxic or can cause ulcers or cancer.

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They’re Not Allowed In Some Schools

Why someone would try to deny others the opportunity to enjoy a bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, I will never understand. But a few years ago, schools in California, New Mexico, and Illinois from on-campus consumption.

Its lack of nutritional value was the main reason the schools labeled Flamin’ Hot Cheetos contraband. But kids were also eating way more than the recommended portion amount, and the whole addictive thing didn’t really help either.

How Flamin Hot Cheetos Affect The Body

Little Kid Is Addicted To Takis And Cheetos! (TAKIS FUEGO AND HOT CHEETOS CHALLENGE!)

The topic of my research project is How Flamin Hot Cheetos affect the body. There are many ways flamin hot Cheetos can affect your body. Basically my research explains ways that flamin hot Cheetos could possibly affect you, but not necessarily happen. Flamin hot Cheetos are categorized as any other junk food, but is said to be very addictive and can cause ulcers and inflammation in your body.

Everyone loves flamin hot Cheetos right? But have we ever once stopped to wonder how Cheetos affect our body?

Because children and teens have taken such a strong liking to the high-caloric snack, nutritionists and other health professionals are concerned about the unhealthy habit. One ounce of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos – about 21 pieces – is about 160 calories, including 17 percent of the daily suggested serving for fat and 8 percent of serving for saturated fat. It also contains 250 mg – or 10 percent of the daily value – of sodium. That doesn’t sound so bad.

Order custom essay How Flamin Hot Cheetos Affect the Body with free plagiarism report

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Questions & Answers On Flamin Hot Cheetos

Are hot cheetos bad for your health?

‘Hot Cheetos Flamin’ and other similar snacks can cause stomach irritation in people sensitive to such foods. These are not simple snacks with some useful ingredients – such food should be taken with caution.

What makes hot cheetos so addicting?

No one knows for sure, but on the net you can find many conjectures on this subject, many are inclined to the side of natural opioids. In response to this burn, our body releases natural opioids, which are normal neurotransmitters called endorphins. And these opiates make us feel good, which explains our craving to eat this product again and again.

Flamin Hot Munchies Snack Mix

If one thing is good, multiple good things together is even better, right? Sometimes you mix peanut butter and chocolate and get a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup. But sometimes you combine Guns N Roses Slash and Duff McKagan with Stone Temple Pilots Scott Weiland and get the ultra-crapola band Velvet Revolver.

This Munchies mix, I think, leans slightly toward the latter. The components Doritos, Cheetos, Sun Chips and Rold Gold pretzels are all fine in their own right. Together, dredged with hot seasoning, theyre less good than they would be individually. The spice doesnt really have any legs, and much of the heat is absorbed by the starchy pretzels. Pass.

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People Really Love Them



Schools quickly harped on to the fact that these snacks are not good like at all.

They were seeing children eating them all over the schools. Not only was it probably an issue for the staff, because who wants fire orange colored stains all over the school work, desks, and walls?

But, these things are like 0% healthy. Not even a small bit of goodness could fake it in there.

A few schools in California banned the snacks from the school in 2009, according to NBC. The school administrators said they would confiscate the bag of snacks if they were brought onto school property.

Chester Cheetah

We have to provide foods with a certain amount of nutritional value, and Flamin Hot Cheetos do not meet that, along with countless other snacks, Pasadena Unified School District spokesman Adam Wolfson said.

The banning policy at some of the schools was started because the Cheetos were causing a lot of disruption, with kids selling them on the black market, Wolfson said.

Are we on a witch hunt for Flamin Hot Cheetos? No. Are they bad for kids and were happy to make it harder for them to eat them? Sure, he added.

But, now Doctors are warning, too.

Dont Let Anyone Tell You Veggies Are The Answer

My worst addiction...flamin

Lets be honest: whos ever eaten a pile of carrots instead of some crunchy chips and been totally satisfied? If youve tried to kick your junk food habit before, you know that replacing chips with celery sticks is like trying to fly a VW Golf to the moon. So dont set yourself up for failure by bringing a bag of raw veggies to work. .

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