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Mental Health And Addiction Courses

Mental Health And Addiction Studiesba

Codependency, Addiction and Insecure Attachment: What is the Connection?

Our program is designed for students with broad-based interest in the human condition and serving their communities, as well as those who wish to pursue graduate studies in counseling, social work, public health or other health-related disciplines.

Graduates are also qualified for entry-level occupations in addiction, mental health and family support services.

Need Help Accessing Camh Services

Please contact us at 416 535-8501 or 1 800 463-2338 â it is toll-free and staffed 24/7. You can also email us at .

If you need emergency help, please call 911, visit your local emergency department or CAMH’s Psychiatric Emergency Department, or call a local distress centre or crisis service. Please note: CAMH does not provide crisis counselling over the phone. will be fully available shortly. Thank you for your patience.

Fld0020 Field Placement And Special Topics Seminar

Students explore skillsets such as professional writing, community referrals, evaluate and explore both community resources and personal perspectives from people in recovery. Students receive support from a Field Placement Liaison through individual coaching sessions while completing on-site placement.

Pre-requisites: SSC1010 All theory courses successfully completed. AND SSC1020 AND SSC1030 AND SSC1040 AND SSC1050 AND SSC1060 AND SSC1070 AND SSC2010 AND SSC2020 AND SSC2030 AND SSC2040 AND SSC2050 AND SSC2060 AND SSC2070

This course is part of a complete program of study, individual course registration is not available.

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Why Study This Course

Gain the tools needed to understand the intersections between addictive behaviours and mental health, in relation to life. Learn how mental health issues and addictive behaviours can be understood and are culturally framed.

This masters degree will allow you to pursue or advance a career in a range of fields including addiction and substance use, mental health and medical disciplines. Our multi-disciplinary approach will give you a rounded, holistic understanding of the complexities of addiction within a mental health context.

Why Study Mental Health And Addictions At Dalhousie

Pin on CAMH

Dalhousie’s Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions:

  • Helps you achieve better outcomes for individuals, families and communities
  • Gives you the knowledge to make positive change
  • Challenges your beliefs and assumptions
  • Prepares you to work collaboratively
  • Opens new career opportunities in your field
  • Expands your professional network
  • Is one of the only graduate programs on this topic offered in Canada
  • Allows you to study online, when it suits your busy schedule.

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Well Help You Succeed

With Camosun’s Mental Health and Addictions Certificate, you have the necessary grounding to begin your employment in the field. Working through this ten-month, full-time equivalent program, you’ll acquire the competencies required for entry-level community mental health and addictions employment.

Your studies combine class and practicum experiences as you learn about the principles of psychosocial rehabilitation and prepare for subsequent work assisting those who face various challenges.

Join A Large And Growing Workforce In New Zealand

Support workers represent over 30% of the mental health and addiction workforce. They have been a primary driver of its growth over the past five years. Leadership for this growing and evolving workforce is needed.

As a leader in the mental health and addiction field, youll promote and sustain the mental health and wellbeing of individuals, whnau and communities. Youll work to reduce inequities and to improve the social, cultural, environmental and political determinants of mental health and addiction.

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The Science Of Happiness

Pass the Introductory Course & earn 20% off the Certificate Course!

  • What Happened to Happiness?
  • Introduction Quiz
  • 0% Off the Certificate Course

“I love The Science of Happiness: Theory and Practice! The Mini-Course is an excellent introduction to the topic with well written, easy to follow content on an easy to use electronic format. I appreciated the background data on depression, diabetes as much as I enjoyed learning about the pioneers of happiness psychology. The current recommendations for a happy life are thoughtful, as is the suggestion to concoct ones own particular happiness soup. Thank you for such a user-friendly, info-packed introductory course thats effortless to access online any time, anywhere!”

What Is Online Learning

Mental Health and Mental Illness Basics Part 2: Treatment Strategies and Recovery Concept

Online learning or e-learning is an electronic means of study or study submission. For this NVQ course you will use a specially designed easy to use online platform, which allows you to upload your NVQ evidence and other documents.

SHEilds NVQ assessors use this same platform to critique your work and provide feedback.

Easy to use NVQ Platform

  • A benefit of joining a world leading health and safety training company are our world-renowned eLearning platforms

Tried and Tested

  • SHEilds have been delivering world class eLearning courses since 2002, giving us plenty of time and experience to improve and hone our systems

Simple is best

  • All of the complex technical requirements are smoothly placed behind our user-friendly interface. Keeping our portal as simple as possible

Tech support

  • Our eLearning platform is supported by our UK based Tech Team. We have many options for you to contact us and speak to a member of our team.

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Working In Mental Health & Addiction Support

Mental health and addiction support workers engage with some of New Zealands most vulnerable people. Its vital that this workforce has the tools they need to provide quality support.

Careerforce offers a range of qualification pathways to upskill mental health & addiction support workers with nationally recognised qualifications via on-the-job training. These qualifications provide this workforce with the necessary tools to support others.

How Can My Students Benefit From This Course

76% of students who practice only one of the habits of happy people described in the course, report feeling happier. Numerous scientific studies show that student mental health and well-being directly affect student performance. This Toolkit includes free access to the Proficiency Course for up to 50 students.

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Ssc1060f Counselling Gender And Diversity

Students enhance their capacity in working with members of non-dominant populations. Students facilitate development of self-awareness, theoretical knowledge, and skill acquisition. Assignments entail a strong component of personal reflection and self assessment. Students develop knowledge and skills necessary to inform work with multicultural and diverse individuals and groups identified by age, ability, gender, sexual orientation, race and ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. Students critically examine the concept of diversity, stigmatized social identities, and the impact on services and supports.

Mental Health And Addiction Employment Opportunities

10 tips for great mental health check

Our graduates work in front line positions supporting individuals with mental health and/or addiction challenges in residential and community programs. A graduate is often in a position to guide people to be as independent as possible and help them in areas of day-to-day functioning as they move through recovery. This may include activities of daily living and life management skills. Roles often involve individual or small group activities and working with a team.

Island Health is a major employer of our graduates as they recognize the MHA certificate as the primary credential for hiring. A majority of our practicum placements are in Island Health or partner agency settings this facilitates a transition to work in the field. Our graduates have also been hired by a variety of agencies, including Victoria Cool Aid Society, Beacon Services, and Island Community Mental Health

Indigenous Limited Priority Admissions

The School of Health & Human Services offers Priority Seating for Indigenous students in all Health related programs.

Current students wanting information about your program, go to student planning in myCamosun.

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Ssc1040f Community Services And Supports In Addictions And Mental Health

Access to mental health and addictions services can be challenging due to the complexity of the system of service, funding sources, and issues relating to stigma and barriers. In this course, students learn about the current issues, trends and developments in the integration of services in order to promote coordinated, efficient access to services while focusing on early intervention, treatment and community supports. Students explore a range of services for children, youth, adults, older adults, and individuals with special needs. Workplace issues and supports are discussed.

What People Are Saying

I am a Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur in the college admission counseling business. I enrolled in the Science of Happiness in January 2021. I was drawn in by the simplicity and logic of the course, which provided me with a clear, big picture of happiness. What I need is a better understanding of happiness so I can strive toward it in the right direction. Thats what sets the course apart from the others. Before taking the course, I was immersed in a wide variety of happiness research and knowledge. The course enabled me to build up a systemic structure.

I love The Science of Happiness: Theory and Practice! The Mini-Course is an excellent introduction to the topic with well written, easy to follow content on an easy to use electronic format. I appreciated the background data on depression, diabetes as much as I enjoyed learning about the pioneers of happiness psychology. The current recommendations for a happy life are thoughtful, as is the suggestion to concoct ones own particular happiness soup. Thank you for such a user-friendly, info-packed introductory course thats effortless to access online any time, anywhere!

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Join The Mental Health Revolution

One in five Canadians will experience a mental illness or substance abuse problem during their lifetime. The impacts are felt not just by the individuals facing mental health and addictions challenges but also their families, relationships, workplaces and the community. It’s an issue that touches us all. Our government, health systems and other organizations are taking up the call and integrating mental health and substance abuse interventions into the way we live and work everyday and you can be a part of it.

By expanding on your current skills, knowledge and education, the Graduate Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions will prepare you to effectively address the needs of those individuals with mental health and addictions challenges you encounter in your daily working life.

The next application deadline is November 15, 2022 . Questions? Contact

Registration Step : Pay Below

Biopsychosocial Impact of Addiction & Mental Health Issues | Addiction Counselor Certification

NOTE: If you have trouble with paying online, you have 2 simple options:

A) Go to and send the payment for $169 per person to .. or

B) Call Tiffany at 686-7696 or call the main office 686-0894 and ask them to process a charge directly to your credit card through our regular in-house billing system.

Training is approved by the Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia for 6 Core Continuing Education Hours. APPROVAL #2022-05-15-985MLW

This presentation is made possible by the joint partnership of Psychoneuroeducational Institute, LLC and Orchard Human Services, Inc.

NOTE: This training is slated to be offered nationally in 2022-2023.

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Ssc1030f Chemical Dependency And Substance Use And Abuse

This course educates students about drug and alcohol use and the abuse of various substances in the body and how it affects ones behaviour. An introduction to the science of Pharmacology is included and students will study a number of drugs such as: alcohol, nicotine, prescription drugs, hallucinogens, cocaine, narcotics, and marijuana, inhalants, and steroids. They will also examine concepts of clinical practice and program design and learn how and when to apply them.

Graduate Diploma In Addiction And Mental Health

Investigate pathways to wellbeing

Addiction and mental illness are two of the biggest concerns in todays world. Both are rampant and taking enormous tolls on individuals and society.

Our Graduate Diploma in Addiction and Mental Health provides a broad understanding of these issues and their treatment. What are the underlying causes of addiction and mental ill health? How can we mitigate harm, support recovery and treat more than just symptoms?

What will you do?

  • Study the scientific bases of addiction, mental illness and related comorbidities.
  • Investigate evidence-based treatments and interventions.
  • Compare and analyse mental health and addiction data.
  • Explore relevant national policy.
  • Build advanced research skills.

Where could it take you?

This diploma will be beneficial to a range of professions that interact with addiction and mental health. These might include medical practitioners, nurses, psychologists, social workers, pharmacists, educators, law enforcement officers and counsellors. You could also take on senior roles in a drug and alcohol organisations. You might design and implement educational campaigns and programs. Perhaps youll advise on policy or work in public health research.

  • 16% industry growth predicted by 2025^
  • 1 in 5 Australians has mental health issues*
  • Discover the science behind addiction and mental health

^ Occupation projection*The National Health Survey 2017-18

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Who Is This Course Forwho Is This Course For

This Addiction and Mental Health Dual Diagnosis Course is an in-depth mental health training programme, ideal for those who are struggling with alcohol or drug abuse for a long time. It is also perfect for healthcare professionals, advanced practitioners and those who would want to help their patients or loved one quit substance use or addiction. There are no learning requirements or formal degrees necessary to begin this course, and it can be studied on a full-time or part-time basis.

Earn A Dual Diploma In The Helping Professions

Level 1 Core Training â Academy for Addiction and Mental Health Nutrition

Students now have the opportunity to complete two college diplomas – Mental Health and Addiction and Social Service Worker – within a two-year period. This pathway includes two field placement opportunities where students acquire additional hands-on experience to further prepare them for career success. Students have the option of entering into either program, and after completing their first semester can declare their intention to complete either one diploma in Social Service Work, one diploma in Mental Health and Addiction, or both diplomas.

The dual diploma pathway is available to students who enter in the fall or winter semester only. Students must attend school for six consecutive semesters to complete both diplomas. Students who start in the Mental Health and Addiction Worker program in first semester will complete their Social Service Worker field placement first in fifth semester and complete their Mental Health and Addictions Worker field placement in the sixth semester.

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Ssc1010f Mental Health And Addiction Foundations

This course provides an introduction to addictions, mental health and concurrent disorders, the unique features of each and the integration of services and supports in addictions and mental health. Students explore the prevention and treatment continuum in Canada, historical and cultural perspectives and frameworks and models. A bio-psycho-social-spiritual framework is addressed, and current practices are reviewed, including research and best practice guidelines.

Specialise In Mental Health And Addiction For Your Bachelor Of Health Science At Massey

Note: Students who enrol in courses 147204 Whakamahi: Introduction to Mental Health and Addiction Placement and 250320 Work Integrated Learning in Health Scienceswill be covered by the COVID-19 Public Health Response Amendment Order 2021. Students are required to be fully vaccinated including a booster dose, as they will have frequent contact/engagement with those providing health services and is considered tied to a role within a healthcare setting. Students will need to provide details of their vaccination status including a booster dose on enrolment.

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Ssc2060f Community Capacity Building

Building the capacity in individuals, families and the community in early identification and intervention in addictions and mental health, is essential in providing integrated service and supports. Students examine theory and practice of knowledge exchange and capacity building including current research, networks, and effective and efficient processes to bring theory to practice. Students design and develop a product that may be used in education and capacity building.

More About This Course

Mental Wellness and Addictions Worker program at St. Lawrence College

On this Addiction and Mental Health MSc youll develop a broad scientific knowledge base, learning how to critically approach addictive behaviours, mental health conditions and understand how the two interact.

At the core of this course are theoretical models and critical approaches around addictive behaviours and mental health conditions. Knowing how to intervene in an addiction and mental health context is key and complex. This masters course allows you to build your understanding of intervention and learn about neuroscience and pharmacotherapy in relation to addiction.

In order to develop a broad knowledge base, well guide you through the legal framework, relevant policies and ethical arguments to give you a complete, holistic understanding from a societal perspective.By engaging with evidence, youll learn to determine for yourself what counts as robust and forward-thinking in the field.

We focus on your career development and giving you the knowledge and skills to work in areas across the addiction sector. You’ll be taught by practitioners and researchers in the addiction and mental health fields about the assessment, management and treatment of addiction.

Well also show you how to become a member of the Society for the Study of Addiction so that you can become an active participant in the creation of knowledge.

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What To Expect From A Career In Addictions And Mental Health Therapy

Addictions and mental health issues affect a growing number of Canadians each year. Students in addictions and mental health programs at Ontario colleges learn the necessary skills to provide support, understand behaviours and provide treatment. Using theory and firsthand experience, graduates have a full understanding of how mental health and addiction problems affect different populations.

If you are patient, mature and passionate about helping people and are interested in a career in the addictions and mental health field, heres what you need to know.

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