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Patron Saint For Alcohol Addiction

St Ephraim Of Nea Makri

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The relics of St. Ephraim of Nea Makri, Greece, were discovered through a divine revelation in 1950. This miracle worker and Holy New Martyr was born in Greece on September 14, 1384. His mother, who was a single mother, was left to raise seven children alone. The Holy Spirit led Ephraim to a monastery on the mountain of Amoman near Nea Makri, where he took the Cross of Christ and was martyred for his faith in Jesus Christ.

As an orthodox Christian, St. Ephraim of Nea Macri is known as a patron saint of those suffering from addiction. His intercession for people suffering from addiction has been attributed to the power of prayer.

Grocers Farmers Dairy Workers And Beekeepers: Saint Michael The Archangel Saint Isidore The Farmer Saint Brigid Of Kildare And Saint Ambrose

Before you get down to cooking, you probably want make sure that your local grocery store has all the ingredients you need. For that, you can appeal to Michael the Archangel, one of the stars of the Old Testament. Some claim that grocers adopted Michael as their patron saint because he was also the patron saint of law enforcement officials, who protected the grocersâ business. But how about the people who grow the food that turned up at market? For that, youâll want Saint Isidore the Farmer who was, well, a farmer and whose plowing was often accomplished with the help of three angels. If youâre on the look out for some really good cheese to pair with a fine wine , have a quick chat with 5th century Saint Brigid of Kildare, one of Irelandâs big three: Before giving her life over to virginity and Christian piety, sheâd made a success of the dairy owned by the Druid landowner whoâd bought her from her mother. And finally, offer a prayer of thanks to Saint Ambrose, patron saint of bee-keepers, for keeping the natural world buzzing, because without bees, life would lack sweetness . Ambrose, who lived in Rome and Milan in the 4th century, earned his patronage from his nickname, the Honey Tongued Doctor, owing to his eloquent speaking and preaching.

Patron Saint Of Alcoholics

Okay, so he isnt exactly a saint. At least not for the time being. Why? Because the evidence of a bodily miracle is required for canonization. That is the reason. No certain, the Vaticans top brass were not present to witness any of the numerous miracles that occur at an AA meeting. Because they would have no reason not to designate him as the Patron Saint of Alcoholics otherwise. Were talking about Matt Talbot, the Dublin-born alcoholic who went on to live one of the most sober lives imaginable after overcoming his drinking problem.

  • And, like the majority of Irishmen at the time, drinking was not a huge deal.
  • Talbot dropped out of school at the age of 12 and began working for a wine merchant.
  • His next position was with the Port and Docks Board, where he was in charge of the whiskey warehouses.
  • The fact that he and his coworkers enjoyed going to the bar on a regular basis also played a role.
  • When he ran out of money for booze, he would borrow from others.
  • And if he couldnt acquire credit, hed steal to make up for it.
  • Talbot had had enough of hard drinking by the time he was 28 years old, after 15 years of it.

He couldnt pay his bills.

He was also dissatisfied with his own appearance.

Father Matthew was a tee-totaling priest and the founder of the Cork Total Temperance Society, which by this time had expanded over the whole country of Ireland, including the United Kingdom.

As a result, its reasonable to claim that the TTS was quite similar to A.A.



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How Does Someone Become A Patron Saint

Patron saints are typically chosen because they have some connection to a particular region, profession or family. Christians also can choose to adopt a saint as their patron saint if they bear the name, or if they took the saints name during the sacrament of confirmation. Examples of patron saints apart from St.

What Does Matthias Mean In The Bible

Patron Saint Those with Addictions Substance by FindYourFeeling

The name Matthias is a boys name of Greek origin meaning gift of God. With Matthew sounding somewhat exhausted, and ancient endings sounding new again, this New Testament apostolic name makes an appealing and recommended choice. In the Bible, Matthias is the apostle chosen to replace Judas Iscariot.

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Holy Playing Cards: Saints Edition Save $2

In December of that year I got into a drunk driving accident, as I attempted to out-run the police. I was arrested, and my drinking days, I decided, were over for good. I was mandated to therapy, drunk driver school, and Alcoholics Anonymous for almost 2 years. All of this “therapy” reinforced how I would forever be under the watchful eye of King Alcohol, and that I needed to be ever watchful of my latent, in-remission disease. All this banter made me hate myself, but deep inside my love for God and the truth of His love for me kept me asking why all this talk of relapse and disease was not making sense. I knew I chose to get high. I knew that I was not diseased. I searched and searched for an answer. I needed to find a path that would help pull me out of my depressions, panic attacks and suicidal thoughts.

That was January 1992. We said our first novena. We asked, “St. Jude, if you will help us get this message out to the public, we will honor your work by christening the project with your name.” It was decided between Jerry and me that we would not put St. Jude’s name on the project until we knew we were doing the right things and our program had stood the test of time.

Who Is The Patron Saint Of Alcoholics

Matt Talbot was an ordinary man with an ordinary problem. How did he overcome it?

Born in 1856 in Dublin, Matt was one of twelve children born to a poor family. His father and several brothers were alcoholics. He didnt attend school for long, and got a job around the age of twelve with a wine seller.

Thats where his own drinking began.

For years he cared about nothing but obtaining alcohol. Its where all his money and time went. He borrowed or stole money when he ran outeven pilfering a violin from a blind beggar to pawn for drinking cash.

But when he was twenty-eight years old, something changed in Matt. He realized that drinking was a path that led to nothing good and decided to do something about it. He took a pledge to avoid alcohol for three months, went to confession, and began attending daily Mass.

He completed his three months successfully. Then he pledged six months. Actually, he never touched alcohol again.

One of the only known photos of Matt Talbot

Matt worked as a laborer and wisely avoided carrying around money so that he wouldnt be tempted to spend it on drink. His wages were used for better things: he gave generously to the poor, to friends in need, and to the Church. He strove to pay back all those from whom he had borrowed or stolen.

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Is Mary Of Magdala The Patron Saint Of Alcoholics

The Rev. Dr. Jean McCurdy Meade contributed to this article. M After another Mary, Mary Magdalene is the most well-known of the women mentioned in the Gospels. She is also one of the most misunderstood of all the ardent followers of Jesus who are described in the four Gospels, which makes her even more tragic. For some reason, perhaps as a result of the emphasis placed on Mary of Nazareths virginity when she agreed to give birth to His son, the other Mary, of Magdala, became associated with the polar opposite she became known as a fallen, scarlet woman of the streets who, despite her sins, was not beyond the grace of God.

People who indulge in excess, on the other hand, may discover that they have been taken over by something demonic rather than gladsome they may discover that something greater than their own will power has taken possession of them and is killing them as well as the lives of others around them.

Is there a tale in the Bible that relates to their predicament and that they may learn from?

Traditionally, Monica of Hippo, mother of St.

When she was assigned to fill the wine jugs for dinner, she began tippling a little, then a little more, until an old servant reprimanded her for being a wine-bibber, and she was able to put the habit behind her.

The Rev.

Jean McCurdy Meade is a retired priest from the Diocese of Louisiana who has worked in the field of education.

St Monica: Patron Saint Of Alcoholics

Patrón Silver Tequila | The Making Of

This information comes mostly from the writings of Saint Augustine of Hippo, who was the mother of Saint Monica and whose writings about her are the major source of our information. She was born a Christian, but she was forced into marriage to Patricius, a hot-tempered pagan with a nasty temper. She prayed daily for the conversion of her husband , as well as for the conversion of her son . She was a spiritual disciple of Saint Ambrose of Milan, and she was also a rehabilitated alcoholic, which explains why she is known as the patron saint of alcoholics.

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Patron Saint Of The Day: For Those Battling Addictions Steem


Matt Talbot was an illiterate Irish dock worker who was an “hopeless alcoholic” by the age of 13.

Growing up in a poor alcoholic family on the outskirts of Dublin, Matt starting working in a wine shop at an early age and developed alcohol addiction by the age of 13. He move to working in the docks loading Irish whisky onto ships for export, at times skimming the wares for personal consumption. He spent all his wages, pawned his clothes and boots and ran up debts in order to feed his alcoholism. At one point, he even stole the fiddle of a street performer and sold it for alcohol.

Eventually penniless, one night while standing outside a pub and seeing many of his friends go by without offering to take him in for a drink, he went home to his mother and promised to “take the pledge” of abstinence. He went to Holy Cross College and took the pledge for three months, then afterwards for six months, then for life.

With the help of the prayer, fasting, and daily Mass, he endured the trials of alcohol withdrawal and taught himself to read. He also scrupulously repaid his debts and practiced self mortification through the use of chains and cinctures. He even sought out the fiddle player to repay him for his lost fiddle. When he could find him, he donated the money to the Church.

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A Patron Saint For Alcoholism

Venerable Matt Talbot, whose feast day is June 19*, is considered the patron of men and women struggling with alcoholism.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, Matt was one of thirteen children. His father, who worked on the docks, was an alcoholic. Matt was thirteen years old and had received only a few years of schooling when he obtained work as a messenger for some liquor merchants. It was there that he began to drink excessively. For fifteen yearsuntil he was almost thirty years oldMatt was an active alcoholic.

Although he was known to work hard on the job, he also “drank hard” and often returned home late after being out with friends after work. He would sometimes borrow money to keep up his daily habit of drinking, even stealing money once from a friend. In speaking about his early life, Matt once said that he would occasionally think about the Mother of God, and every once in a while even pray the rosary. Perhaps these prayers to the Blessed Mother had something to do with his recovery from alcoholism.

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Hangovers And Alcoholics: Saints Bibiana And Monica

If, unlike Augustine, youâre not quite ready to give up your inebriate ways, then you may want to keep a prayer to Saint Bibiana, patron saint of hangovers, on your lips. Little is known about the 4th century virgin and martyr, except that she was reportedly both a virgin and a martyrâshe was, according to legend, tied to a pillar on the orders of the Governor of Rome and beaten to death after she refused to convert or be seduced. Why sheâs the patron saint of hangovers, as well as headaches, the mentally ill, and single women, is totally unclear. Tired of having hangovers all the time? The first step might be to admit you have a problem . The second step might be to reach out to Saint Monica. She was the mother of wild, drunken St. Augustine and she earned her saintly status by spending 17 years praying for him. Sheâs the patron saint of alcoholics.

Patrons And Saints To Pray To For Addiction Recovery

Patron St of Addictions Alcoholism St Matt Talbot Necklace St

We Catholics appear to have a patron saint for just about everything, it seems. But, have you ever wondered whether there is a patron saint that is specifically dedicated to addiction? Several were discovered throughout my investigation. Hopefully, at least one of these will strike a chord with you. Saint Maximillian Mary Kolbe is perhaps the most well-known patron saint of those suffering from addiction . Max, as he is lovingly known in my family, was a Franciscan Friar who lived in Poland during the Middle Ages.

He wrote publications and had a radio program, utilizing the most cutting-edge modes of communication available at the time .

Maximillian was sent to Auschwitz in 1941 after being entangled in the Nazi regimes ethnic cleansing of Poland.

The deputy camp commander picked 10 detainees to be killed in order to deter future escapes after a prisoner managed to get out of his cell.

He became hopelessly hooked as a result of this.

He eventually received absolution from his confessor, who declined to do so due to his continuous usage of drugs .

Even though he was never able to break free from his addiction, Ji continued to develop in faith and purity.

During the Boxer Rebellion in China in 1900, Ji and the majority of his family were apprehended and slaughtered.

The feast day of Saint Mark Ji, who had his request for martyrdom fulfilled, is celebrated on the 7th of July.

It was the first seven years of his recovery that were the most difficult.

Monica, and her prayers).

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What Is Matthias Real Name

Matthew Fredrick ), better known online as Matthias, is American YouTuber best known for his series DOPE or NOPE, where he and his office mates review products comedically. He participated in and won Internet Icon Season 2. He is also the founder of Team Edge.

We Ask You Humbly To Help

America not only believes in this non-truth, but has built an entire industry around it. The rehabilitation industry uses this belief as one of the fundamental tenets to bring the person back to health. What a contradiction. It certainly sounds good, “Surrender to the disease and freedom will follow,” the modern therapist will say. But freedom does not come to those who believe in giving up to substances.

What has happened to common sense? What happened to the belief that people must have responsibility for their actions, and the consequences of those actions? What happened to our fellow Christian brethren who have always had faith that God did, indeed, make us in his image, figuratively and literally, and that that belief gives us power to rebuild our lives no matter how far down the scale we have descended? What happened to the belief in the power of God, in and through, each of us in the community we call the Church?! Why do we find it so hard to believe that people really can beat alcohol, or cocaine, or methamphetamine, or heroin, with the powerful human will that God has placed within each of us? Free will and life, the two most important God given gifts, do not allow for addiction. Addiction is a belief, and with enough adherences to it, it becomes a manifestation of itself. It becomes something, and that something states just how powerless you are to it.

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What Was St Matthias The Apostle The Patron Of

Saint Matthias the Apostle is a patron saint of alcoholics and alcoholics-in-recovery. He was also the man chosen by early Christians to replace Judas Iscariot, one of Jesus Christs first apostles who betrayed him and committed suicide following the death of Judas Iscariot. As well as carpenters and tailors, St. Matthias is the patron saint of persons who are struggling with any form of addiction , as well as caretakers for those who are addicted to something.

Bacon: Saint Anthony The Abbott

The Patron Saint of the Internet

Saint Anthony the Abbott is technically a patron saint of butchers, but since there are so many patron saints of butchersâincluding the apostles John, Bartholomew, Andrew, and PeterâAnthony can afford to specialize in bacon. He was a 4th century ascetic who lived for 20 years in an abandoned fort, only occasionally performing miracles and healing people who broke in on his solitude. He is frequently depicted with pigs, possibly owing to his use of pig fat in his healing concoctions, so he was adopted by pig butchers as their patron saintâmeaning that if youâre craving the crispy, smoky flavor of good bacon, Anthony is the man you want to talk to.

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