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Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center

What Is The Leading Rehab In Louisiana

Tips for Early Addiction Recovery (2020)

There is no single rehab facility in Louisiana that can be termed the best as they each come with their unique features, pros, and cons. For outpatient treatment, wed recommend a treatment provider with several outpatient campuses like the Lake Wellness Center.

Pecan Haven, Palmetto, and Woodlake Addiction Recovery are known for their individualized residential treatment programs, while Narconon makes a great pick if you want your loved one to receive non-medical detox to overcome drug abuse and addiction.

Opioid + Opiate Addiction Treatment In Monroe La

Opioid abuse has become a national epidemic in the last decade. The US has one of the worlds highest rates of opioid use and abuse, as well as opioid-related deaths. Opioids are classified as Schedule II-IV controlled substances in the US due to their high potential for abuse.

Oxycodone, hydrocodone, methadone, and fentanyl are the most common Opioids and are commonly prescribed to treat pain. Tolerance to opioids develops over time, making life difficult, if not impossible, without them. Opioid users often obtain the drugs illegally. They can be drug dealers, friends, or family members who do not have valid prescriptions.

The desire for a more intense high than prescription opioids can quickly lead to heroin use. Heroin users are more prone to illness and death due to the high risk of overdose.

Many opioid addicts who seek treatment believe that the only way to overcome their addiction is through medical detox and long-term drug addiction rehab. To help patients wean off their addiction and reduce the risk of overdose, medication-assisted therapy involves prescribing a replacement opioid. Doctors use MAT in conjunction with other anti-craving medications to help patients maintain recovery. Due to the high risk of relapse, MAT is often combined with individual and group counseling and social support programs.

Info About Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center

Drug And Alcohol Detox Centers

Drug and alcohol detoxification is one of the first steps in the treatment process toward recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. The goal of drug detox is minimize and manage drug or alcohol withdrawal symptoms in a medically safe setting. Keep in mind, drug detox is not designed to be the only treatment one receives when it comes to addiction recovery. It is solely intended to help the individual physically adjust to living without drugs. Attending a drug rehabilitation program is the next step in recovering from addiction.

Drug detoxification is the first step of all effective rehab and treatment programs. Until a person is mentally and physically stabilized, they are not prepared to participate in the treatement methods and counseling utilized by drug treatment centers. Most treatment centers have their own detox facilities on site while some others have affiliations with detox programs for their patients to use.

There are licensed drug and alcohol detox centers in most areas of the United States. Some are located in hospitals or clinics while others are privately run. Depending on the medications being abused, detox can sometimes be done on an outpatient basis under a doctor’s care. However, for most people detox is best accomplished on an inpatient basis. Never try to detox from alcohol or other drugs without professional medical assistance.

Outpatient Drug Rehab Programs
Short Term Drug Treatment Centers
Drug Treatment For Women

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Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center Monroe La 71203

Pecan Haven is a Christian addiction recovery facility that is dedicated to helping those struggling with addiction overcome their problem. The center is located in Monroe Louisiana, and the name of the center is Pecan Haven Rehabilitation Center. The mission of the center is to assist those who are suffering from addiction and all other forms of addiction with the tools they need for recovery such as in-patient treatment and out-patient treatment.

The Pecan Haven center offers several different types of programs. One of the most well known is their transitional living program. The transitional living program is designed to help those who have a drug or alcohol dependency issue move into a sober life through the use of sober living homes, residential treatment, and relapse prevention training. Another popular program offered by Pecan Haven is their one-hour outpatient program. This one hour program allows those who are not currently using drugs and alcohol to go through detox, receive counseling, and then get on a path to recovery.

Special Addiction Treatment Programs

Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center Review

Persons with co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders

Lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender clients

Military families

Clients referred from the court/judicial system


Persons with HIV or AIDS

Persons who have experienced trauma

Persons who have experienced sexual abuse

Transitional age young adults

Programs to treat gambling disorders

Programs to treat internet use disorders

Offers individual counseling

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Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center In Monroe La

Addiction Treatment Address

  • Drug and alcohol addiction treatment
  • No medication used for opioid addiction

Approaches For Addiction Treatment

  • Dialectical behavioral therapy – mindfulness, emotion regulation, distress tolerance, and interpersonal effectiveness
  • Counseling approach for addiction treatment
  • Counseling for trauma – post traumatic stress disorder
  • Contingency management incentivised behavioral therapy
  • Motivational interviewing – motivation to make positive changes
  • Anger management treatment
  • Prevention of substance abuse relapse

Smoking At The Facility – Policy

  • Smoking not allowed

How The Treatment Facility Operates

  • Organization is privately held
  • State Funded Addiction Treatment Agency
  • State Department Of Mental Health – Mental Health Services Division
  • State Department Of Health

Types Of Payment/Insurance Accepted For Treatment

  • Cash pay or private pay
  • Trauma – post traumatic stress disorder experienced by clients
  • Sexual abuse trauma treatment

Information Hub Substance Misuse Mental Health

Do Rehabs Allow Cell Phones?Does Private Insurance Cover Drug Rehab?Does Medicare Cover Rehab?U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Mental HealthState Department Of HealthU.S. Department of Veterans Affairs – Mental HealthRehabs That Allow Couples Black Men and Mental Health – Guide Rehabs That Allow Laptops Addiction And Homelessness Addiction And Cyberbullying The Fentanyl Crisis

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Pecan Haven Mission And Core Values

While all treatment facilities aim to help their clients achieve addiction-free lives, Pecan Haven works to touch lives and change them for the better. Their goal isnt to simply restore sobriety, but to improve the person as a whole. They hope to help individuals reach their highest potential so they can become functional members of society.

To achieve this goal, Pecan Haven invests the most in two distinct aspects of their Center. The first is their staff, and the second is their facilities. The Center only employs the expertise of experienced, competent doctors, nurses, counselors, and social workers. This helps guarantee smooth service delivery.

On top of that, they work round the clock to keep their facilities in top condition, ensuring that all areas and spaces are fit for use and provide a clean and comfortable atmosphere to support the healing process.

Some of their core values include:

Monroe La Outpatient Program

Wasted: Exposing the Family Effect of Addiction | Sam Fowler | TEDxFurmanU

An outpatient treatment program is set up to help with alcohol or drug addiction or a co-occurring disorder. The patient must attend the facility for their therapy and other programs but can return home each night.

The frequency of mandatory attendance decreases after much of Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Centers program is complete.Outpatient treatment is a recovery approach that allows recovering addicts to live at home while getting rehab for addiction

An outpatient can include day treatments which include attending group sessions one hour per week. A person living in an outpatient environment may be allowed the opportunity to work full time if they choose to and continue studies without interruption from drugs/alcohol.

Outpatient treatment is an option for people who want to maintain their careers and families. Outpatients live at home but attend treatment such as individual counseling, group counseling, or twelve-step meetings during the day.

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Experiential Therapy At Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center

Experiential Therapy is a different way of thinking about addiction treatment. It uses physical activities to help work through troubling emotions, memories, and trauma that are sources of psychological issues like addiction.

Experiential Therapy can be an effective option for those who have struggled with past traumas or challenges associated with life decisions such as drug use. The non-traditional approach helps people deal more effectively with these struggles. It also allows them to gain new perspectives on their behavior patterns by recreating experiences in healthy ways rather than continuing old habits that may no longer serve them.

Monroe Louisiana Addiction Information

Louisiana is one of the top ten states in the nation for opioid-related deaths. One in ten high school students admits to regularly using prescription opioids for non-medical purposes. More than 225,000 Louisiana residents admit to regular heavy drinking and around 6% of the Louisiana population abuses alcohol. Marijuana use in Louisiana is most common amongst teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 years old.

The drug addiction problem in Monroe, Louisiana is a serious one. 8.9% of adults in Monroe are current users of illicit drugs, while 6.6% use alcohol on a regular basis. There were over 100 hospitalizations related to drug abuse in 2019 alone. The use of synthetic marijuana and K-2 or Spice is also a major issue in the area. Common types of drug rehab programs include inpatient and outpatient programs.

Treatment in Nearby Cities

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Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center

Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center is a residential treatment center for adults. Pecan Haven main goal is focusing their treatment on substance abuse and co-occurring disorders. Pecan Haven facility is located on a secluded thirty-five acre pecan grove in Monroe, Louisiana.

This place is awesome for someone who truly wants the skills to succeed and stay sober. My counselor Riley was amazing and saw they my lies and did the one thing I needed most, she loves everyone! flag

It is a center with a very good staff, totally professional. They will always give you medicines corresponding to your situation. flag

I stayed at Pecan Haven for about a month and it was a crucial step in my recovery. The staff was friendly but serious with my recovery. The facility was really clean, and I enjoyed the extra amenities, like the pond that you could walk around. flag

Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center In Monroe Louisiana United States

Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center in Monroe, LA

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  • Outpatient day treatment or partial hospitalization
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Rational emotive behavioral therapy
  • Relapse prevention
  • Persons who have experienced sexual abuse
  • Acupuncture
  • Does not use medication for opioid addiction
  • Female
  • Male
  • Smoking permitted in designated area

We are standing by to help locate a drug rehab center that works for your situation. CALL:

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Leading Rehabs In Louisiana: Wrapping Up

Now that weve gone through some of the leading addiction treatment providers in Louisiana, you should be well-placed to choose one that meets your unique treatment needs.

For residential treatment, we recommend feature-rich rehab centers located in strategic, well-secluded locations like the Pecan Haven, Woodlake, and Palmetto Addiction Recovery Center.

The Lake Wellness Center is a great pick for outpatient treatment as it has over 7 outpatient branches in the state, while Victory Addiction Recovery Centers telehealth outpatient program can come in handy if you want to receive addiction treatment from home.

When choosing a rehab facility it is highly advisable to confirm the pricing policy and services offered as not all rehab centers offer the same services.

And although communication via email can work, we recommend contacting support via call to get immediate responses and learn more about admissions.

Online Telehealth Rehabs & Recovery Groups

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Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center Faq

Have questions about working at Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center? Read answers to frequently asked questions to help you make a choice before applying to a job or accepting a job offer.

Whether it’s about compensation and benefits, culture and diversity, or you’re curious to know more about the work environment, find out from employees what it’s like to work at Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center.

All answers shown come directly from Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center Reviews and are not edited or altered.

See questions about:

Family Counseling + Therapy

Recovery center in Asheville helps those struggling with addiction find community

Family therapy is a crucial part of drug treatment and getting sober. It is one of the most effective ways to help addicts stay on the path to long-term sobriety. An addicts family can play a vital part in helping them to avoid relapse. They can spot the warning signs and help them get back on track.

Drug Rehab, Dual-Diagnosis, Experiential Therapy, Family Therapy, Group Therapy, Individual Therapy, Inpatient Treatment, Intensive Outpatient , Outpatient Treatment , Sober-Living / Half-Way, Trauma Therapy

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Shields For Families Eden Dual Diagnosis

2620 Industry Way, Suite A, Lynwood, CA 90262

  • 2080 Acoma Boulevard West Suite A, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86403

    Substance abuse counseling approach,Trauma-related counseling,Rational emotive behavioral therapy,Brief intervention approach,Motivational interviewing,Anger management,Martix Model,Relapse prevention

  • Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Center Review

    Sitting on a 35-acre pecan grove in Monroe, Louisiana, Pecan Haven Addiction Recovery Centers picturesque facilities offer the perfect backdrop for the therapeutic experience they provide. The residential treatment center delivers a range of services and programs intended to help those suffering from substance use disorder to achieve a full recovery.

    Their 80-bed facility offers a comfortable stay for those wishing to escape the stresses of life and rewire their minds towards recovery and sobriety. The peaceful environment, tucked away from the hustle and bustle of city sounds, creates the ideal context for recovery that lasts.

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