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River Oaks American Addiction Center

Dr Michael Murphy Medical Director

Fellowships at River Oaks Treatment Center

With over 20 years of clinical experience in psychiatry, Dr. Michael Murphy is a valuable asset to the West Florida community and American Addiction Centers family. Prior to joining AAC in 2018, Dr. Murphy served as the national medical director at Hospital Corporation of America Behavioral Health Services and, over the course of 12 years, held several leadership positions for a number of psychiatric hospitals and medical centers in Tennessee.

Dr. Murphy is a renowned expert in the diagnosis and treatment of major mental illness and substance use disorders with extensive experience leading initiatives in patient safety, violence prevention, integrated care and medical comorbidity. Additionally, Dr. Murphy authored Blueprints in Psychiatry, a textbook for medical students. Dr. Murphy also served on the faculty of Harvard Medical Schools Consolidated Department of Psychiatry and as the medical director of the Appleton long-term treatment program at Mclean Hospital in Belmont, Massachusetts, for 8 years.

Dr. Murphys strong interest in trauma, mood disorders and substance use disorders is exemplified through his clinical care using a combination of sound psychiatric reasoning and a positive relational spirit.

Evolving Procedures And Policies

As information on the coronavirus continues to evolve, we are examining our procedures closely and updating our procedures and policies as necessary. We will remain open and look forward to continuing to provide critical addiction treatment and resources to the millions of people suffering from the disease of addiction.

American Addiction Centers is the leading provider for addiction treatment nationwide, specializing in evidence-based treatment and mental health care. Call us now for help .

Will I Be Safe At River Oaks

Yes. We understand your concerns about your health and were here to reassure you. The safest place you can be during a pandemic is under the care of medical professionals. Our approach to patient safety is the most stringent in the country, and during this time we are taking extra precautions to ensure youll remain safe while you get the help you need.

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Cost & Insurance Coverage

The cost of rehab may change based on a variety of factors. These may include:

  • Level of Care Needed
  • Insurance Benefits

Our admissions advisors are available 24/7 to hear your story and help you find the best treatment for you or your loved ones situation. If you would like to verify your insurance instantly, fill in our form below. Many of our treatment centers work with the VA as part of the Community Care Network and may accept TriCare or other Veteran specific insurances as well.

Treatment For Veterans Professionals And Lgbtq+

Melanie Haber

Specialized programs at River Oaks include their Veterans and First Responders program, their impaired professionals program, and an LGBTQ+ program. Each cater to the unique backgrounds and histories of clients in the program, molding their care around shared experiences. River Oaks addresses trauma, grief, loss, stress management, relapse management, and creating a work-life balance.

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About River Oaks Treatment Center

Located near Tampa, Florida, River Oaks Treatment Center provides a continuum of addiction care including both inpatient and outpatient options for people struggling with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health disorders.

A member of the American Addiction Centers family of facilities, River Oaks is committed to providing patients with high-quality care and carries several industry accreditations. The Tampa rehab facility also offers a 90-day guarantee that allows those who successfully completed 90 days of treatment to return for 30 days of care in case of relapse.

Utilizing a combination of evidence-based care and holistic practices, River Oaks Treatment Center provides patients with the support they need to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. The trained staff also includes a team of physicians, psychologists, therapists, and nurses to assist patients with every step in their journey to long-term recovery.

Open to those from near or far, River Oaks provides a safe and serene environment for those working toward recovery for addiction. is a third-party resource for consumers seeking addiction treatment.

Should I Wait Until The Pandemic Ends To Go Into Rehab

No. At home, you are still exposed to COVID-19 when you do things like pick up your mail, go to the grocery store, or refill a prescription at the pharmacy. All the while, your addiction could be getting worse. The stress and isolation of living in quarantine may only worsen your substance use and any mental health symptoms from which youre suffering. At River Oaks, we are taking rigorous measures to limit any exposure to the virus while providing the lifesaving treatment you need.

Now is a good time to go to treatment because a lot of the world is at a standstill. Take this time to get the help you need to recover from your addiction. When things resume as normal, youll be in a much better placeclean and sober.

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River Oaks Treatment Center Of American Addiction Centers

More Videos

If you or a loved one are struggling with addictions, there are a few things you need to know.

Angela Jubert MD, Medical Director at River Oaks Treatment Center of American Addiction Centers joins us live in studio to talk about the most common misconceptions people have about addictions and treatment.

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Member Of The National Association For Behavioral Healthcare

Meet Doctor Fahs River Oaks Treatment Center

River Oaks Treatment is committed to providing quality patient careas well as continuous improvement. Thats why this American Addiction Centers facility is a proud member of NABH, a leader in advocating high-quality mental health and substance abuse care delivery nearing on a century.

On top of quality patient care, NABH invites members who are committed to the delivery of responsive, accountable, and clinically effective prevention, treatment and care for children, adolescents, adults, and older adults with mental and substance use disorders.

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Fran Myers Routt Clinical Director

Fran Myers Routt has 25-plus years experience in the mental health and substance use field working with many populations, including military service members, families, children, and adults as a clinician, administrator, and clinical director.

She received her BS in psychology from Florida State University, and her masters of social work, clinical social from Florida International University. Myers Routt specializes in dialectical behavior therapy and trauma-informed care. She has presented on these topics as well as treatment for LGBTQ+ clients.

Trained Consultants Available To Help 24/7

General Info
Part of the American Addiction Centers family of rehab facilities throughout the United States, River Oaks Treatment Center is located on the western coast of Florida in Tampa. In a luxurious, relaxing treatment setting, River Oaks Treatment Center provides research-based clinical and support services for adults struggling with drug addiction and co-occurring mental health disorders. Our personalized treatment plans include highly-engaging and useful therapy sessions with groups or individually where our patients can gain valuable knowledge and skills to beat addiction once and for all and reduce the risk of relapse. For more information about our facility, amenities, and therapy plans, please visit our website or give us a call!

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River Oaks Treatment Center Taps Former Political Campaign Director As Director Of Community Affairs

RIVERVIEW, Fla., Oct. 19, 2020 — River Oaks Treatment Center, a leading provider of substance use treatment in Florida and American Addiction Centers facility, has welcomed Audrey Jackson as the facilitys director of community affairs.

For more than 10 years, Jackson honed her political acumen in her home state of Virginia. Some of her previous positions include acting as legislative director and campaign manager for a former member of the Virginia House of Delegates, and the legislative and government affairs director/Central Virginia field director for the office of former Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli. Because of her extensive experience, she was sought after as a fundraising, community engagement and political consultant for a number of entities, including Senate campaigns, Attorney General campaigns and other state and local efforts.

Ive often been involved in mental health and substance abuse issues from the public policy arena, and after losing a dear friend who struggled with these conditions, it opened my eyes to the great sadness of this illness thats often hidden until its too late, said Jackson. This position allows me to merge my abilities and drive to promote wellbeing for everyone.

As director of community affairs, Jackson plans to immerse herself into the community and increase the visibility of the facility among law enforcement, business leaders, community officials, city and state organizations, and other associations.


Telehealth Addiction Recovery Support

Alex Blatt

With more than 100,000 overdose deaths each year, our nation is still in the grip of an addiction crisis. The COVID-19 pandemic and uncertainty of what the future looks like has led to a marked increase in the number of people struggling with substance abuse. The need for accessible and effective treatment has never been more pronounced.

To address the growing need for alternative routes to care, River Oaks Treatment Center is proud to provide telehealth addiction treatment services, including a virtual intensive outpatient program . Sessions are held online MondayFriday from 9 a.m.noon.

These services make it easier for people to access the same high-quality range of treatment options from our Tampa Bay addiction treatment center, while maintaining health and safety.

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Family Support And Therapy

For patients who would like to integrate their family in their treatment plan, River Oaks offers a monthly family program and regular family therapy. Additional family programming is available every first and third Saturday of the month, and families can visit patients on Sundays from 10 a.m. to noon.

River Oaks Treatment Center Announces Expansion Of Mental Health Services With New Emotional Recovery Treatment Track

December 16, 2019 10:08 ET | Source:American Addiction Centers, Inc.American Addiction Centers, Inc.

Brentwood, Tennessee, UNITED STATES

RIVERVIEW, Fla., Dec. 16, 2019 — River Oaks Treatment Center, a leading substance use treatment provider in Florida, has developed and implemented the Emotional Recovery Track, dedicated to treating patients with chronic mental illness.

Substance use disorder is often accompanied by mental illness. In 2018, more than 9 million adults in the U.S. simultaneously experienced a substance use disorder and mental illness, and nearly half of those who have a severe mental illness self-medicate with substances. The Emotional Recovery Track is designed for patients who require more in-depth mental health care in addition to treatment for substance use.

With the use of Dialectic Behavior Therapy , among other modalities, the Emotional Recovery Track helps patients to cope with life and circumstances and personal vulnerabilities that can bring about painful emotions. Patients in this track often have mood disorders that accompany their mental health issues that can lead to unpredictable or self-sabotaging behavior, and traditional treatment settings may not have worked for them in the past. The Emotional Recovery Track helps patients develop greater insight into themselves, which allows them to develop more meaningful relationships with others and ultimately cultivate a higher quality of life.

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River Oaks Treatment Center

Servicing the greater Tampa area, River Oaks fully understands that each of our patients is an individual with individual needs. This is why we offer personalized treatment programs as well as a continuum of care with several different levels of treatment including medical detox, inpatient rehab, residential treatment, and more.

You can move through different levels of care as you progress in your recovery without having to leave River Oaks. We focus on offering you a customized care plan that ensures your needs are met and you have the best possible shot at long-term recovery.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, substance use disorders are primarily treated with counseling and behavioral therapies. Therapies are extremely effective for treating addiction.

We understand that different people respond better to different types of therapies based on a number of variables, such as time spent in treatment, presence of co-occurring disorders, and the types of drugs abused.

As such, we offer a full spectrum of therapies that allow our clients the privilege to receive the best care possible for their needs as well as the opportunity to refocus their lives in the way that is most effective for them.

Our facility offers a number of features and amenities that range from massage therapy to art and music therapyall of which have been found to be effective for individuals recovering from addiction and trauma.

Patient Types Served:

What Are You Doing To Protect Patient Health During The Pandemic

Meet Doctor Sina River Oaks Treatment Center
We are being extremely vigilant about protecting the safety of every patient who comes to our facility. This is our #1 priority.

Heres what were doing to ensure that we protect your physical health during this time:

  • Screening all patients on the initial intake, the day of travel, and upon arrival at River Oaks for any signs of illness.
  • Taking patient temperatures throughout the day and providing medical support to patients with doctors and nurses available 24/7.
  • Extensive deep cleaning of the facility multiple days per day.
  • Practicing all recommended social distancing measures.
  • Offering a sober escort service to transport incoming patients to limit exposure at airports.
  • Limiting who we allow into the facility .
  • Limiting daily admissions.

We know you may be feeling a lot of anxiety about the pandemic, and apart from taking every health precaution, we are running groups at the facility to address COVID-related anxiety.

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River Oaks Treatment Center Now Offering Addiction Track For First Responders

River Oaks Treatment Center, a leading provider of substance use treatment in the Tampa area, has announced the addition of a treatment track dedicated to the specific needs of current and former first responders. First responders can include active military, veterans, emergency medical technicians, firefighters, police officers or any other profession that may involve exposure to trauma on the job.

Providers of services that involve traumatic moments encounter scenarios that the general public may never experience, said Christine Hernando, a licensed mental health counselor. As a result, specialized treatment is in order to best lead the first responder to recovery.

Hernando is the lead therapist for this treatment track. She is the wife of a retired U.S. who sustained injuries and developed PTSD after two tours in Iraq. It was during the treatment for her husbands mental and physical issues that Hernando was inspired to provide care not only for marines, but other first responders and their families.

It was a privilege to create this track and provide treatment for our veterans and first responders that caters specifically to their needs, said Jeff Turiczek, CEO of River Oaks Treatment Center. Reaching out for help is a courageous choice, and were honored to provide an understanding space conducive to healing and recovery.

Will I Be Able To See My Family While Im At River Oaks

Generally, we allow family visits however, while COVID-19 is a concern, we are limiting in-person visits. However, you will be able to call your family members so youll know theyre safe and theyll know youre getting the help you need. We know youre concerned about missing your family while youre away, but your family life can only benefit from you getting sober.

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River Oaks Treatment Center Addiction Fellow Describes His Experience In Addiction And Recovery

Dr. Forrest Arthur, one of the addiction medicine fellows receiving training at River Oaks Treatment Center, was featured in MedPage Today after penning an op-ed on health professionals susceptibility to substance use and the choices to make when help is needed.

Prior to Dr. Arthurs time as a River Oaks fellow, he was the head of surgery at a major hospital, and had his own surgery practice, but pain from an old injury coupled with immense stress led him to self-medicate with opioids. Addiction is an indiscriminate disease, and no one, even successful surgeons, are spared.

In the piece, Dr. Arthur details the shame he felt fearing that his secret would be discovered and the deep concern of the inevitable disciplinary actions that could have resulted in the lost of his license. In the end, he found out that there was institutional support already in place to help healthcare professionals receive treatment but maintain their licensure.

To read Dr. Arthurs suggestions to healthcare professionals who may be struggling, but are far too hesitant to come forward, visit MedPage Today.

Visiting Your Loved One

AAC Chief Medical Officer Interviewed in Bustle

During your loved ones treatment, we will work with you to plan a visit. Your loved ones treatment team will provide you with all of the information you need to schedule your visit to River Oaks.

Once you complete the detox process, your typical day in treatment will revolve around groups and classes. Treatment will vary according to the patient and the day, but the following is a sample of a typical schedule:

  • 6:30 am7:50 am: Breakfast
  • 7 am7:45 am: Personal time, homework
  • 7:45 am9 am: Recreational time to attend yoga, meditation, work out, or relax.
  • 9 am11:40 am: Groups
  • 11:50 am1:30 pm: Lunch/free time
  • 1:30 pm5 pm: Groups or educational classes
  • 5 pm7 pm: Dinner/free or recreational time
  • 7 pm8pm: AA or NA
  • 8:30 pm9:30 pm: Big Book study
  • 10 pm11 pm: Reading, homework, reflection
  • 11 pm: Lights out

We regularly treat disorders related to the following substances:

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Insurance Plans Are Accepted So Treatment Is Affordable And Accessible

We are in-network with most major insurance providers so that our premium care is affordable and accessible. The insurance plans we accept vary by facility. If you dont see your insurance provider listed, it does not mean we dont accept it. Please call us to discuss what insurance you have and we can discuss options so you can achieve the expert care you need and deserve.

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