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South Carolina Addiction Treatment Detox & Residential

How To Find Bcbs Of South Carolina Covered Inpatient Drug Treatment Centers In Sc

Greenville residential rehab center that allows children to come with mothers battling addiction,

AAC can verify your insurance coverage for you. If you decide to reach out by phone, one of our helpline representatives can check your benefits right when youre on the line. You can also chat with an agent online for more information. Every year, hundreds of people are financed for rehab treatment through BCBS South Carolina.

AAC is home to some of the best rehab facilities in the nation. With a variety of treatment options and specialized programs like inpatient rehab, medical detox, outpatient therapy, partial hospitalization programs, intensive outpatient programs, co-occurring disorder treatment, addiction-focused care, and telehealth, you can personalize your recovery journey and ensure the treatment you choose is the best option for you.

Many of our facilities offer alternative therapeutic services like art therapy, yoga, and premier amenities. Youll be able to dedicate all your energy to recovering and focus on yourself while improving your health holistically. Our facilities covered by Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina include:

What To Expect During Long

The first step upon entering a long-term rehab program is usually a one- or two-week detoxification program.

This will clear your system of any substance metabolites left over since the last instance of drug or alcohol use.

Once you have completed detox, you will likely enter an inpatient program or a partial hospitalization program , depending on your current health status.

Over time, you will transition through different counseling and therapy programs and may be selected to receive medication-assisted treatment .

Other treatment services at long-term recovery centers include:

  • behavioral health services
  • state health insurance, such as Medicare, TriCare, and South
  • Carolina Medicaid coverage

Types Of Drug Rehab In South Carolina

There are 5 kinds of drug addiction treatment facilities that can help people with a drug problem in South Carolina:

  • Traditional residential drug rehabilitation. These treatment centers use traditional drug addiction treatment methods that should cure drug addiction for most patients. Their treatment options include medication assisted residential drug rehab and other therapies. A health insurance plan typically may provide coverage for inpatient drug rehab centers in South Carolina, so you can be cured and wonât have to incur out of pocket costs.
  • Holistic in-patient drug rehabilitation centers in South Carolina. In holistic drug rehabilitation centers, holistic drug treatment methods are employed to help with treatment of drug dependency. South Carolina not traditional in-patient drug rehab centers can also be successful, but they are not for everyone.
  • Faith based in-patient drug rehabilitation centers in South Carolina. A number of residential drug rehabilitation centers put focus on using faith in order to help in eliminating drug addiction. South Carolina rehabilitation facilities may cater to Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Presbyterian in addition to other religions.
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    Waypoint Recovery Center North Charleston South Carolina

    This residential treatment center in North Charleston, SC offers a range of levels of care for substance abuse issues.

    Treatment programs and addiction services include:

    • residential rehab
    • support programs for family members

    Substance abuse treatment here is backed by:

    • Joint Commission accreditation
    • membership in the National Association of Addiction Treatment Providers

    Location and contact information:


    Addiction Treatment Laws In South Carolina

    Home » Blogs » What Is Inpatient Rehab Like in South Carolina?

    South Carolina has enacted a wide range of harm reduction laws over the past several decades. Harm reduction laws, including methadone clinics, prescription drug monitoring programs and other substance abuse services help individuals who use drugs. Each program offers information about addiction and treatment and encourages a healthy lifestyle.

    South Carolina Methadone Clinics

    With an increase in the number of pain reliever addictions in South Carolina, more residents are turning to methadone clinics for help. Methadone is used to lessen withdrawal symptoms and pain for those with a heroin or opioid addiction.

    Having access to methadone helps reduce the cravings and urges caused by an opioid addiction. In order to keep obtaining methadone, a person must show they are abusing opioids. This can be determined by a urine sample and other medical examinations.

    Its important to note that methadone is just one part of a comprehensive treatment plan. You will have the greatest chance of success when methadone is used in combination with other recovery services.

    Prescription Drug Monitoring Program

    Additional benefits of the South Carolina PDMP include:

    • Identifying potential drug abuse.
    • Providing better overall care to patients.
    • Detecting potential drug shoppers.

    Department Of Corrections Division Of Behavioral Health And Substance Abuse Services

    Many programs generally cover topics such as:

    • Substance abuse education.
    • Health and wellness.

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    Addiction Treatment Center Options In Greenville

    Voted as the #1 Friendliest City in the US, Greenville is home to just over 70,000 people. Located in the foothills of the Green Ridge Mountains, there is a wide range of adrenaline-fuelled activities available. Greenville’s beauty and its lively nature make it a popular destination for all ages. Despite its relaxed image, Greenville County has concerning levels of substance abuse. The South Caroline Department of Health and Environmental Control reported in 2019 that it had one of the highest rates of overdose death in the state.

    If you are looking for treatment services for an adolescent male, Phoenix Center – White Horse Academy in Greenville is designed to address the needs of their young target group. This substance abuse treatment center specializes in alternative methods not necessarily found elsewhere. Treatment plans available include animal therapy. Particularly useful for those who have suffered abuse by humans, it allows patients to bond with animals who give unconditional love. Experiential therapy is also undertaken to allow participants to express themselves physically and emotionally through activities and movement. Support groups and peer engagement are another integral part of the treatment plans on offer.

    Inpatient Drug Rehab Serving Greenville South Carolina

    Our inpatient drug and alcohol rehab program provides patients will 24/7 health care, support, and extensive addiction therapy. Additionally, residential programs allow individuals to connect with their peers in a beneficial, and mutually supportive way. Overall, the combination of addiction therapy, medical health care, peer support, and learning healthy coping mechanisms provides patients with the best possible foundation of sobriety. As a result, patients will be prepared for sobriety in the real world, allowing them to properly manage and control their emotions and stress responses.

    Inpatient drug rehabs serving the cities of Simpsonville, Greenville, and surrounding areas can provide individuals with the addiction help they need. If you or a loved one are in need of inpatient drug rehab, South Carolina Addiction Treatment Center is here for you. Call one of our addiction treatment specialists to learn more about our treatment programs.

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    How Do I Pay For Rehab

    Many people want to seek addiction treatment, but they cant afford to pay for rehab costs. Rehab prices vary because of location, your needed services, and the length of your addiction treatment.

    If you cant pay out of pocket for the treatment, you should get either public or private insurance to help cover some of the rehab costs. Public insurance plans like Medicare and Medicaid are available in South Carolina.

    There are also state-funded treatment facilities that offer free or no-cost care to individuals who need the care but are unable to pay in full.

    Outpatient Rehabs In South Carolina

    How Alex Murdaugh Case Shines Light On Opioid Addiction In South Carolina

    While some levels of care will have patients live at the facility throughout their treatment program, outpatient drug treatment programs offer more flexible treatment schedules. Patients will come for treatment during the day or in the evening and return to where they are staying at night.

    Some outpatient levels of care will involve several hours a week of individual and group therapy. Other less intensive programs may only take place an hour or two a week. Each of these programs can last several weeks, and patients may transition from a more intensive program to a more flexible one as they make progress in their recovery journey.

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    Britelife Recovery South Carolina Hilton Head Island South Carolina

    This long-term rehab facility in Hilton Head Island, SC, provides multiple levels of care to treat people with drug or alcohol use disorders.

    Residential programs at this facility can last anywhere from one to six months, and certain requests can be accommodated for longer-duration stays on a case-by-case basis.

    Treatment options available at BRSC include:


    Find Treatment For Trauma Ptsd And Addiction In South Carolina

    Overcoming PTSD and addiction can be extremely difficultespecially without professional help. At South Carolina Addiction Treatment, we are dedicated to providing each patient with an individually-tailored treatment plan that addresses their unique needs. Once you overcome PTSD and other root causes of your addiction, you can truly begin to heal and embrace a life in recovery.

    Dont wait any longer to get the help you deserve. Call now to speak with a qualified team member.


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    About Drug Rehab For South Carolina

    Experts at South Carolina drug rehab can provide support and advice to anyone suffering from addiction. Trying to overcome addiction alone may prove difficult thats why youll have all the support you need at a South Carolina drug rehab. You can be free from addiction and find peace by seeking help from trained professionals in a South Carolina drug rehab.

    Which Rehab Centers Take Blue Cross Blue Shield Of South Carolina

    Home » Blogs » What is a Day in Rehab like in South Carolina?

    Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina has a network of more than 10,000 providers, which means there are likely several rehab centers near you that will take your plan. American Addiction Centers is also an in-network provider with BCBS. This means that your BCBS of South Carolina plan may fully or partially cover treatment at an AAC facility. You can use our rehab directory and filter by insurance to locate in-network facilities near you.

    AAC has facilities throughout the U.S., including the following that accept BCBS:

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    Does Blue Cross Blue Shield Of South Carolina Cover Mental Health & Dual Diagnosis Treatment

    Yes, your Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina insurance should cover some, if not all, of mental health and dual diagnosis treatment.

    Dual diagnosis is a term used to describe someone who has a substance use disorder and a mental illness at the same time.12 About 9.2 million Americans have a co-occurring disorder, such as alcohol addiction and depression.12 Research strongly suggests that treating both conditions at once provides the best outcomes.12

    The ACAs mandate on covering mental and behavioral health services in some capacity ensures that members of BCBS of South Carolina can receive the treatment they need for a dual diagnosis.7

    Find Free Drug And Alcohol Treatment In South Carolina

    Rehab can be costly, but help is available. Some rehab facilities will assist individuals in getting the right treatment plan at the right cost. Help is often provided at discounted rates or for free.

    If you or a loved one are struggling with alcohol addiction or drug abuse, reach out for help. Let us help you find the right resources and give you a referral. Contact our helpline today.

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    Drug Abuse Statistics In South Carolina

    SC continues to fight the war against addiction and substance abuse just like the rest of the nation. Each year, hundreds and thousands of individuals fall prey to substance abuse that includes adolescents as well as adults. The SC Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services contracts with 32 local alcohol and drug abuse authorities to ensure that prevention and treatment services are available across all of the states 46 counties. Some drug abuse statistics in the state of South Carolina are listed below:

    According to the 2020 SC County-Level Profiles on Substance Use-Related Indicators by DAODAS, 12.8% of adults reported Binge drinking in 2019 in the Anderson County of the state.

    According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse Report of 2018, about 17.1% of the drug overdose deaths in SC resulted from the use of opioids.

    According to the SC Department of Health and Environmental Control Report of 2017, there were 924 unintentional drug overdose deaths in SC in 2017.

    Learning Tools For Sustaining Long

    BrainsWay Smoking Addiction Treatment: Medical University of South Carolina – Patient Overview

    While attending an inpatient addiction treatment program patients learn about addiction, including what triggers are and how to control them. Drug rehab patients receive psychotherapy that promotes healthy and effective coping mechanisms, allowing them to control their urges to use drugs. Additionally, individuals will learn about what may have caused their addiction, allowing them to prevent it from reoccurring in the future.

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    Traits Of A Good Substance Abuse Counselor

    Counselors must create a safe place for their clients to share, learn, and be vulnerable. Every person is unique, and you may need to meet with several counselors before finding the one who feels like the right fit. In general, you can look for specific traits, including:

    • Accepting and non-judgmentalyou should feel safe being honest and open
    • Organized and on-timeyour counselor should respect your time and schedule
    • Protects confidentialityyou should know that your counselor respects your privacy
    • Develops a rapport quicklyyour counselor should be interested in forming a relationship with you
    • Uses constructive therapy practicesthey use evidence-based methods that are proven to be successful and safe
    • In active recovery for five years or longerif your counselor is in recovery, they should have a long period of successful sobriety

    A drug and alcohol counselor should offer empathy, experience, compassion, and safety to the people in their care. When you are with your counselor, you should feel cared for and heard.

    Pros And Cons Of Going To A Drug And Alcohol Rehab Center Near You

    Home » Blogs » Pros and Cons of Going to a Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center Near You

    There are many factors that contribute to the success of your recovery, like how dedicated you are and what kind of treatment program you attend. Most programs utilize the same evidence-based practices that have been proven effective time and time again. However, the location of your rehab might play a part in how successful you are in sobriety.

    When it comes to the location of your rehab, you have two choices: go to a drug and alcohol rehab near you or travel out of state. Making this decision can be difficult because there are pros and cons to consider for each option.

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    Can I Speak With Or Visit My Loved One While They Are In Treatment

    Yes. You will be able to speak to your loved one while they are in treatment. Once they have completed our detox level of their care, they will be able to start making calls to family members. They will also have Family Day every Saturday as part of their programming, which includes therapeutic activities for families to participate in together, lunch, and visitation time.

    Recovery Renewal Inpatient Program

    A.G. Rhodes Health and Rehab Cobb

    Addiction recovery is often not a “one and done” process. Sometimes, individuals with previous treatment experience or significant amounts of clean time can relapse, and that’s where our Recovery Renewal Residential Inpatient Program can help. Through intense therapeutic work, it addresses the reasons those individuals have been unable to stay clean and helps them find healthy coping skills.

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    Drug Triggers And Distractions

    If you go to rehab close to home, that means that you will also be near the people, places, and things related to your drug abuse. While this may not be an issue for some people, sometimes being near triggers can cause you to relapse or at least fantasize about relapsing. For example, if your rehab is right near a corner you used to buy drugs at, that may prove to become a problem for your recovery process.

    Where To Find The Best Alcohol And Drug Rehab Treatment Centers In South Carolina

    South Carolina may be a suitable place for drug and alcohol addiction treatment for struggling individuals. There are many rehab facilities in the state, and most of them offer different treatment options to choose from. South Carolina also has a strong recovery community.1

    There are many support groups and 12-step programs available in the state, and these groups may provide treatment-seeking individuals with invaluable support during their recovery and the resources needed to treat their disorder. There are private and state-funded centers in the state, so treatment-seeking individuals may look for help in:1

    • 44 private non-profit facilities
    • 21 local, county, or community government facilities
    • 14 state government facilities
    • 5 federal government facilities

    Some of the rehab centers in South Carolina are located on beaches and ranches. The natural environment that these facilities are in may be helpful because it may provide plenty of space and privacy for patients. The fresh air and natural surroundings may also help to improve the overall healing process in some patients and reduce cravings.5

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    How To Find Free Alcohol And Drug Rehabs In South Carolina

    Some struggling individuals may have difficulty finding a private treatment center suitable for them, despite the possibilities of flexible payment options that some of them offer. In these cases, it may be useful to search for a free rehab center near them through the government.9

    The treatment-seeking individual may call the SAMHSA at 1-800-662-4357 for a list of free or low-cost treatment programs.The struggling individual can also use SAMHSAs search tool with the same list if they prefer searching for information this way.9

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