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Essay On Addiction To Drugs

The Drug Overdose Problem Essay

What causes opioid addiction, and why is it so tough to combat? – Mike Davis

A big problem some people face each day is drug overdose. Many people have been addicted to drugs and in some cases it has lead to death. Drug overdose can cause a lot of effects of someones mind and body. Many lives are lost because of overdosing on drugs such as smoking, painkillers, and even alcohol. Overdosing has become more and more of a big problem over the years and could be very dangerous. Many people have been suffering with overdosing for many years. People in United States have died in a average of 44,000 every year.

Drug overdose can impact anyone for example, young hildren can accidentally put pills in their mouth without someone watching them. Another example would be when someone takes to many pills on medication and overdoses. This research paper will explain the history, what the effects and the solution of drug overdose. What is overdosing exactly? Overdosing is when someone use too much drugs on themselves from medication and or prescription. According to harmreduction. org on the what is an overdose? Overdose happens when a toxic amount of drugs overwhelm the body.

Paragraph On Drug Addiction

Any substance consumed by a person which is harmful to his health is called a drug. When one consume these dangerous substances regularly is called an addiction.

Users are mostly addicted in alcohol, cocaine, heroin, nicotine, opioid, painkillers etc. All these drugs are very harmful for physical and mental health. Drugs affect the mental cognition of a user, an addict canât take good decisions nor he can retain information.

Long Essay On Drug Addiction In English


Taking drugs in excess and dangerously is known as drug addiction or substance use disorder. As a result, the person develops many behavioral changes and their brain functions are also affected. In addition to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, painkillers, and nicotine, addicts may abuse alcohol, cocaine, heroin, painkillers, or nicotine.

A drug like this induces dopamine, the happiness hormone, and helps a person feel more positive about themselves. The brain increases dopamine levels the more they use the drug, so the user demands more.

Addiction to drugs has severe consequences. In addition to anxiety and paranoia, red eyes and an increase in heart rate are common symptoms. The impairment of coordination, memory and coordination ability is caused by drunkenness. Addicts are unable to function without them and cannot handle life without them. Personal and professional relationships are affected, as well as the brain.

Those suffering from this disease cant make wise choices, cant retain information, and cant make sound judgments due to mental impairment. Stealing or driving under the influence are some of the reckless behaviors they engage in. They also make sure that there is a constant supply and are willing to pay a lot of money even if they are unable to afford it. Their sleeping patterns are also erratic.

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Short Essay On Drug Addiction In English


The effects of intoxication can be short-term or long-term intoxication weakens the immune system mental and physical illnesses are caused by intoxication. Different health problems are caused by how much and for how long a person consumes medicine.

Effect on Physical Health:

The effects of drugs on a persons body can include irritation to the brain, throat, lungs, stomach, pancreas, liver, and heart. In addition to causing sickness and heart problems, it can also damage ones liver, lead to a stroke, lung disease, weight loss, and cause cancer.

Injecting drugs by drug addicts usually involves sharing needles, which increases the risk of contracting AIDS. It is more likely for an accident to occur for a person under the influence of drugs or walking on the road.

Effects on Mental Health:

Drugs negatively affect the brain of a person. Drunkenness affects psychosocial skills, which delays decision-making. Mental health problems caused by these substances can include depression, Alzheimers, insomnia, bipolar disorder, anxiety, conduct problems, and psychosocial dysfunction. Suicidal thoughts and attempts are common among drug users.

Effects on unborn babies:

Regular doses of medicines have a detrimental effect on a persons health they lose touch with reality and become confused as a result. It is very easy for him to get infected because of his nervous system and immune system.

How To Overcome Drug Addiction

Drug Addictions

Although it is impossible to fully recover from drug addiction without professional help, there are many ways to overcome it.

There is no simple cure for drug addiction. Recovery can be achieved through a combination of methods and time. The first and most important step is for the addict to stop using drugs.

While complete abstinence is not realistic, most people can do an abstinence program, meaning they can try to avoid all drugs but eventually give in and use something they cant go without.

These programs are available online and in person. If you cannot find a program that is available in your area, there are plenty of online tools that can help you. For example, there are several recovery communities such as addiction centers that offer resources.

Exercise is a great way to improve your mental health and decrease the craving for drugs. Exercise releases endorphins, a chemical in the brain that makes you feel better. It also increases the activity of neurotransmitters and helps to relieve stress, which is what is behind the desire for drugs.

After using drugs for a long time, most people will begin to feel the effects of addiction in their bodies. This is usually a physical ache or a feeling of impending doom or anxiety.

Taking a few days off from using drugs can give the body a chance to recover from the increased use, though it may take a while before the ache goes away.

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A Private Versus Publicly

As we examine the history of private healthcare services for preventing, diagnosing and treating drug addictions and substance use disorders, we see that traditionally, these services have been administered separately from general healthcare services and mental health treatments. It is pertinent to note that for decades, substance abuse or drug addictions have been regarded as a criminal act or a social problem, and individuals suffering from these problems had very few options and treatments. For a considerably long period of time, preventing or treating drug addictions was not a responsibility accepted by all healthcare facilities, and individuals combatting these problems had access to very few options for treatments and cure. Majority fo the insurance offerings also did not offer coverage for treatments focused on substance abuse or drug addictions.

Needle Exchange Programs Argumentative Essay

Education about overdose or providing referrals to medical and social services such as health screenings are offered. Also, incorporating harm reduction strategies into public health interventions for people who inject drugs may be helpful in resolving other health care . One argument against Needle Exchange programs is that by providing needles and syringes to addicts, the government is essentially condoning illicit and immoral behavior . Drug users are continuously given free access of clean utensil to shoot up. Instead of providing them access, the government should focus on punishing drug users, discourage drug-use, and provide more treatment for quitting

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Private Treatments & Interventions

Manuel et al., reveals that over the years, the private sector and private practitioners have introduced a strategy that has integrated the prevention, treatment and recovery models and allowed its availability across various healthcare facilities and systems. This integration has enhanced the quality of treatments offered to combat drug additions, alongside improving accessibility. Over the years, developing countries have introduced certain healthcare reforms and laws, which have facilitated the treatment and recovery processes offered by private practitioners and healthcare facilities. Over the years, private healthcare facilities and practitioners have worked to reduce the disparities and costs, allowing individuals to access a wide range of treatments and services.

Mild cases of drug addictions in private healthcare facilities have received a better response to short periods of counselling and therapies, while severe cases of drug addictions are often accompanied by severe chronic health ailments, which require intensive outpatient therapy or specialty resident treatments. There is need for a wide range of healthcare facilities and greater diversity across healthcare institutions to effectively address the needs of patients suffering from drug addictions.

Drug Dependence And Addiction : Drugs

Chasing Heroin (full documentary) | FRONTLINE

obvious assumption that drugs have an effect on the mind, but what exactly goes on and how do these substances affect your brain and change your state of consciousness? This is the question that interested me and brought me to want to write about this certain topic. Drugs alter the way people think, feel, and behave by disrupting neurotransmission, the process of communication between brain cells. Over the past few decades, studies have established that drug dependence and addiction are features of an

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Effects Of Drug Addiction On Youth

The addiction of drugs leave adverse effects on the mind and body of an addict. It is a type of brain disease, regular consumption of drugs disrupts the proper functioning of brain.

The uncontrollable desire to consume drugs become worse day by day ultimately an addict find it impossible to control the intake of drugs.

A regular user of drug loses the efficiency of working. One who is drug addict canât fulfill his or her responsibilities in good manner. The personal health of an individual is entirely lost when he or she become a drug addict. One who consumes more drugs often experiences anxiety, depression, fatigue, headache, sweating, insomnia etc.

The repeated and regular use of drugs leave psychological effects on an individual too. Many physical and mental disorders appear in an individual who uses drugs on regular basis.

Many respiratory diseases, heart attack, lung cancer, kidney failure, liver problems and brain damage are often caused of intake of drugs in excess. The immune system of man is badly affected because of drugs.

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Effects On Unborn Babies:

Drug addiction can put unborn children at high risk. Pregnant women addicted to alcohol can harm the fetus.

Unborn babies are more likely to develop inherited disabilities and abnormal mental and physical abnormalities.

Intoxication can also lead to premature birth some children also exhibit behavioural issues later in life.

Getting rid of drug addiction is highly recommended before planning a child.

A persons overall health becomes fragile due to regular doses of medicines such a person often loses touch with reality and becomes confused.

Due to a nervous, immune system, he can catch infection very fast.

Poverty And Drug Abuse Addiction

What Are Some Solutions to Drug Abuse?

Intro: One of the most popular stereotypes about drug use is that it is more prevalent among the poor. This is not completely true however as the lack of money itself does not seem to be associated with drug use. The relationship is complex and causation of poverty is multifaceted. Features of poverty include low-status and low-skilled jobs, unstable family and interpersonal relationships, illegitimacy, dropping out of school, high arrest rates, high incidence of mental disorders, poor physical health, and

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Romeo And Juliet Love Addiction Essay

When a person falls in love or gets addicted to drugs, their bodies behave in the same way. The warm and cozy feeling of being in love floods the brain with chemicals and hormones that produce feelings of pleasure, obsession and attachment. In Romeo and Juliet, Juliet did not just fall in love with Romeo. Lovers also feel a rush of exhilaration when thinking about him or her it is a form of intoxication. Both love and addiction engage the same regions of the brain, the rewards system.

Essay On Drug Addiction In English For Children And Students

Essay on Drug Addiction: Drugs impact the body and brain adversely. Different kinds of drugs have been created to render different effects. These are all addictive and hard to leave. Drug addiction is a serious problem. It is easy to get addicted to drugs but extremely difficult to get rid of this addiction. The health issues caused by drug addiction can continue even after a person stops taking drugs.

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Cognitive Behavioral Model Vs Social Learning Model

Some substance abusers life is dominated by drug related activates . The entire day is spent in the pursuit of their next fix . A person who uses drugs will immerse themselves in talking about drug and other people who use . When a person has no regard for personal harm to gain drugs they are completely out of control. There only purpose in life completely revolves around their drug use and theyll do anything to get it.

Drug Abuse In Tennessee

Inside Afghanistan’s booming opium trade | 60 Minutes Australia

Daphanie Confer ENG 102 Mrs. Hernandez 2, November 2013 Growing up in Tennessee drug abuse was not foreign at all to the community eye. Growing up personally witnessing a friend of mine 18 years old name, Detrick Knowles who was a typical sports dedicated, honors high school student who had just come to face with smoking marijuana his senior year, no one ever knew this innocent boy was starting to smoke because he never showed any visual signs of doing, he graduated high school and begin going

Words: 1392 – Pages: 6

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Long And Short Essay On Drug Addiction In English

Here are long and short essay on Drug Addiction of various lengths to help you with the topic in your exam.

These Drug Addiction essay have been written using very simple and easy language to convey the facts on Drug Addiction among people.

After going through these essays you would be able to know what Drug Addiction is, how Drug Addiction is harmful to health, what are ways to overcome Drug Addiction, impact of Drug Addiction on human behaviour, etc.

Cause And Effect Essay On Drug Addiction

Addiction is the reliance on a routine. There are many addictive stages. Addiction, as it comes along, becomes a way of life. The persistent use of the substance causes to the user serious physical or psychological problems and dysfunctions in major areas of his or her life. The drug user continues to use substances and the compulsive behavior despite the harmful consequences, and tries to systematically avoid responsibility and reality, while he or she tends to isolate himself/herself from others because of guilt and pain . All these characteristics led to the conclusion that drug addiction is a chronic, relapsing brain disease that is characterized by compulsive drug seeking and use. It is considered as a brain disease because drugs change the structure of the brain, and how it works. Every drug affects different systems of the brain. For example, in the case of cocaine, as the brain is adapted in the presence of the specific drug, brain regions responsible for judgment, decision-making, learning, and memory begin to physically change, making certain behaviors hard-wired. In some brain regions, connections between neurons are pruned back. In others, neurons form more connections. These brain changes can be long-lasting and can lead to the harmful behaviors seen in people who abuse drugs.

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Essay On Addiction 250 Words In English


Patrick Carnes once said that Addiction is a relationship, a pathological relationship in which obsession replaces people. With keeping this in mind, addiction is defined as a complex brain condition that may result from overindulgence in a particular habit or thing. Addiction is an obsession over something or anything- social media or internet, drugs, gaming, or even shopping and can cause fatal consequences. Addiction takes shape in various forms and takes a while for the addict to realise the type of addiction as it tends to affect the person emotionally or physically.

The Cost of Addiction

Addiction comes at a high cost, and we need to recognise the harmful consequences it holds. The high price of addiction is its dangerous health hazards, and the intake of any such threats will impact the physical and mental health of the addict and the people around him or her. For instance, if you are addicted to drugs or food, you will acquire multiple chronic diseases and illnesses. Similarly, people addicted to video games face severe mental health disorders, along with physical health problems.

Addicts also face monetary issues as they use the addiction products excessively and spend loads of money on the products. Moreover, addiction hampers a persons college or work life and affects their personal and professional relationships.

Persuasive Essay On Ecstasy Drinks

The Truth About Drugs

The temptation to pop an Ecstasy pill in the concert is high. Loud music, flashy lights, raving music, and the desire to fit in further to tempt young teenagers and adults to take the drug. The pill promises them a good night, as it releases large amounts of the chemicals serotonin and oxytocin in the brain, making the person relaxed and euphoric. The essence of the drug may trap the user for those few hours, but it is important to remember that pleasure is not the only thing that is being welcomed in their body. The physical pain comes slowly as the user gets drawn into the addiction. The pain is a complex experience that can affect the users thoughts, moods, and behaviors. Ecstasy

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