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Florida Center For Addictions And Dual Disorders

Mental Health And Substance Abuse:

Addiction and Eating Disorders Recovery at Fairwinds Treatment Center

A combined mental health and substance abuse rehab has the staff and resources available to handle individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems from , so mental health and substance abuse professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

Drug And Alcohol Detox

For many adults ready to recover from alcohol and drug addiction, detoxification is the first step in recovery. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida provides a comprehensive medical detox so you can safely stop the consumption of drugs and alcohol.

You may be tempted to detox at home. However, without medical support, withdrawal symptoms can be dangerous and even deadly. Moreover, stopping alcohol and drug use cold turkey isnt as effective as medically detoxing. Without the proper resources, intense withdrawal symptoms can become overwhelming and quickly lead to relapse. As a result, seeking help from an addiction treatment center such as The Willough at Naples will safely guide you through the process.

You may be afraid to seek substance abuse treatment. Maybe youre afraid of what your experience may look like, or youve been through withdrawal before. But youre never alone while undergoing detox in our center. Here, patients receive 24/7 support to ensure theyre safe and as comfortable as possible. In this way, your care team will be by your side through every phase of your treatment.

Ambrosia Treatment Center Multiple Locations

Dual diagnosis treatment services are available at the West Palm Beach and Jupiter, Florida locations.

Aspects of this dual diagnosis program include:

Treatment for addiction and mental health disorders here is backed by:

  • 4.6 stars on Google

West Palm Beach, FL 33407 492-1633

Get Started On The Road To Recovery.

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment For Drug Addiction And Mental Health Disorders

Studies have found that around one-third of people with mental illness experience substance abuse, and around one-third of people who misuse alcohol and more than one-half of people who misuse drugs have a mental illness. Having a dual diagnosis may increase the severity of both conditions. However, dual diagnosis treatment for drug addiction and mental health disorders is available and can be the first step in establishing a healthier lifestyle. If you or someone you love is struggling with a dual diagnosis, contact 1st Step today to find out more about how we can help you get on the road to recovery. Contact us today by calling or texting .

Reviewed for Medical & Clinical Accuracy by Brittany Polansky, MSW, LCSW

Brittany has been working in behavioral health since 2012 and is the Assistant Clinical Director at our facility. She is an LCSW and holds a masterâs degree in social work. She has great experience with chemical dependency and co-occurring mental health diagnoses as well as various therapeutic techniques. Brittany is passionate about treating all clients with dignity and respect, and providing a safe environment where clients can begin their healing journey in recovery.

Florida Center For Addictions And Dual Disorders

Transformations Treatment Center


Providing mentalhealth services services, this drug and alcohol rehabilitation in Avon Park, FL is headquartered in taking on patients who are searching for that light by the end of the tunnel. Florida Center for Addictions and Dual Disorders is devoted to helping addicts who require Mental health therapy.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment

Treating Female and Male within adults, moms and Seniors , this chemical abuse treatment centre offers their services utilizing effective treatment procedures which patients will benefit and trust that they are receiving the customized care and care required for a successful and full recovery. The following would be the treatment methods used:

  • Individual psychotherapy
  • Activity therapy
  • Psychotropic medication

The addiction treatment programs as of this facility are given within the effective settings of Residential. Patients may trust they are receiving the quality treatment for addiction in Avon Park, FL necessary for a lifelong healing.

There is a smoking policy also it really is Smoking not permitted.

Florida Center for Addictions and Dual Diseases supplies special language services that include Services for the deaf and hard of hearing.

Special programs and groups are all encouraged here which cater to each challenge someone could be fighting with. The Distinctive groups and applications in this drug and alcohol treatment facility are:

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Retreat Behavioral Health Palm Beach

Retreat at Palm Beach offers flexible treatment programs that are developed during an initial assessment phase where clients are able to work with their individually assigned treatment team to pinpoint underlying conditions and use services that address them simultaneously. This facility provides equal access to care for all individuals regardless of their unique differences. Programs may include family therapy, medication management, individual therapy, medication-assisted treatment, relapse prevention training, and holistic therapies. Depending on each clientâs interest and need, the holistic options available through Retreat may be culinary therapy, yoga, equine-assisted psychotherapy, gardening, massage therapy, art therapy, and music therapy. Retreat Behavioral accepts most health insurance providers.

What they treat:

How Our Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center In Florida Can Help

The dual diagnosis program at the Willough at Naples is designed to treat individuals struggling with addiction in addition to mental illnesses including:

  • Relapse prevention
  • Links to community-based services

Additionally, our dual diagnosis treatment center in Florida is run by a team of psychiatrists, mental health professionals, nurses, social workers, and more to help you improve your mental and physical health. Through the care provided in our dual diagnosis rehab center, you can achieve your goal of long-term mental and emotional health one day at a time.

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Insurance Accepted And Financial Assistance

More Insurance Information

Insurance Accepted

  • Private InsuranceThis facility accepts private insurance plans. Please check with the facility directly to see if your insurance plan is accepted.
  • State-Financed Health InsuranceThis facility accepts some state-financed health insurance plans. Please check with the facility for more details.

Financial Assistance

  • Sliding Scale Fee StructureSliding Fee Scales are based on income as well as other factors to allow easier payment. Call for details on eligibility.

We understand the high cost of health care.Pleasecall Florida Center for Addictions & Dual Disorders atto verify insurance accepted and financial assistance available to you before making an appointment.

Riverside Recovery Of Tampa

The Dual Diagnosis of Substance Use and Behavioral Health Conditions

âRiverside Recovery is located on the Hillsborough River and provides each of their clients with a treatment team that includes addiction specialists and trained professionals but is mostly made up of men and women who are also in recovery. They take a holistic approach to treating drug and alcohol addiction, focusing on comprehensive plans that work in the long term. Along with specific treatment programs, Riverside also offers family programs and alumni support. Different treatment options include yoga, meditation, individual therapy, group therapy, 12-step meetings, SMART Recovery, Celebrate Recovery, and other specialty programs depending on the needs of each individual.

What they treat:

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List Of Dual Diagnosis Rehab Centers In Florida

In Florida, many treatment facilities take into account the connection between mental health and substance misuse, offering dual diagnosis treatment.

To ensure you find the best program for yourself or your loved one, weve selected the top nine dual diagnosis treatment centers in the state based on several qualifications.

These qualifications include the following:

Why Do You Need Dual Diagnosis Treatment

If you suffer from a mental health disorder and a substance abuse problem, you need dual diagnosis treatment. Dual diagnosis treatment is designed to address both your mental health disorder and your substance abuse problem.

Dual diagnosis treatment can help you:

  • Understand your disorders
  • Learn how to cope with your disorders
  • Improve your overall mental health

Dual diagnosis treatment can also help you:

  • Quit using substances
  • Improve your overall physical health

Dual diagnosis treatment is important because it can help you address both your mental health disorder and your substance abuse problem. If you dont get dual diagnosis treatment, you may only receive treatment for one of your disorders. This can make your other disorder worse.

If youre struggling with a mental health disorder and a substance abuse problem, get help today. There are many dual diagnosis treatment programs available. Find a program thats right for you and start on the path to recovery.

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Beachway Therapy Center West Palm Beach Florida

Substance abuse treatment options here include detoxification, inpatient treatment, outpatient program , PHP, and aftercare.

Beachway Therapy Center provides specialized dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring depression, anxiety, and bipolar disorder.

Supporting features of this drug and alcohol rehab center include:

  • accreditation from the Better Business Bureau
  • certification from LegitScript
  • accreditation from the Joint Commission
  • verification from Psychology Today

West Palm Beach, FL 33407 978-1880

Military Service And Post

Dual Diagnosis Rehab Center In Florida

It can be tough for a veteran to seek help. Youve been trained to be bulletproof, so admitting you need treatment can feel like admitting defeat. Just remember that as strong as your mind is, your physical brain is prone to stress. PTSD is commonplace along soldiers because of the extreme situations they face and is as serious as a bullet wound or broken limb. The sooner you seek help, the sooner you can feel like yourself again.

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List Of Drug Rehab Centers In Avon Park Fl

Florida Center for Addictions and Dual Disorders is a rehab program providing services in and around Highlands County.

They provide a wide range of services, settings and treatment approaches such as:Psychotropic Medication, Inpatient Drug Rehab, Dual Diagnosis Drug Rehab.

They offer special programs that are tailored to unique individual needs such as: Supported Housing and Nicotine Replacement Therapy.

If you are interested in attending or using one of the services offered by Florida Center for Addictions and Dual Disorders, they accept the following payment types: Cash Or Self Payment, State Financed Health Insurance Plan Other Than Medicaid, Private Health Insurance, State Mental Health Agency Funds, Sliding Fee Scale

Organizations We Support

What To Expect In Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Dual diagnosis treatment usually includes medical support for drug or alcohol addiction along with comprehensive counseling for mental health conditions.

Whether a person experiences symptoms of a mental health condition first, or those of a substance use disorder first, the most important initial step in dual diagnosis treatment is establishing what the diagnoses are.

In an inpatient dual diagnosis treatment center, screening at the beginning of the process allows a person to be interviewed by treatment providers to establish the diagnoses.

If a dual diagnosis has already been established before the treatment phase begins, a physician at the recovery center may confirm the diagnoses before proceeding with treatment, and staff can create an individualized treatment plan. Such plans may include elements of rehab such as medical detox and group therapy that is performed with specific consideration of the impact of co-occurring disorders.

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Range Of Treatment Methods

The best dual diagnosis programs in Florida will employ various treatment methods and offer individualized treatment plans aimed at meeting the needs of each client.

Look for rehab programs that offer:

  • group, individual, and family therapy
  • behavioral therapy
  • spiritual counseling or guidance, if desired
  • medication assistance and management, if needed

Addiction And Mental Illness: Shared Causes

White Sands Treatment Center | Fort Myers, FL | Treatment Center

Even with recent advances in science, we dont fully understand how mental illness and substance use disorders interact. However, scientists understand that a complex mixture of genetic, environmental and social factors combine to cause both.

When it comes to the question of whether substance abuse causes mental illness or mental illness causes people to abuse drugs, one thing is clear: Its different for everyone. Peoples minds, experiences and bodies are so varied that what causes addiction in one person might have no impact on another.

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Florida Center For Recovery

Florida Center for Recovery is a drug and alcohol rehab center, providing treatment since 2002 for individuals struggling with substance addictions, process addictions, and related mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Florida Center for Recovery provides addiction detox with 24 hr. medical supervision.

A lot of meetings and rules and regulations to stay in this place. But everybody is super helpful and they really want you to succeed. If you don’t discharge AMA like do something stupid like fight or skip meetings and stay for the term you will be alright. I recommend these guys definately.Jack S

Behavioral Health And Substance Abuse Programs In Florida

Whether you have a substance use disorder or a mental health condition, we can help. According to the CDC, behavioral health concerns are on the rise. Adverse childhood experiences, easy access, social pressures and an increasingly productivity-obsessed culture are just a few reasons why.

Often, mental health problems and substance abuse disorders occur side by side. Unfortunately, while drugs and alcohol can offer short-term relief from the symptoms of mental illness, they also make them worse in the long term. Our bodies are governed by a complex network of chemicals, and to feel motivated, fulfilled, and calm, they must be balanced.

Both mental health issues and addiction are characterized by imbalances, and the chemicals in substances wreak further havoc. Inpatient rehab centers are the perfect place to heal and learn how to help your body rediscover balance or discover it for the first time.

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Treatment Options Without Money Or Insurance

While it can be difficult to find Mental Health/Substance Abuse treatment with no health insurance or a limited income, some facilities provide services and accommodations for such situations. When looking for treatment, check under the treatment center’s services category for payment assistance options or use our advanced search filter options search here. After youve found a facility, you can use our details page for more information. If you have health coverage, ask your insurance about coverage availability for mental health treatment and substance abuse treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab

The Centers

When it comes to insurance coverage, we work with most private health insurance providers. Fill out the online form to find out whether youre covered by insurance and our team will run a free private approval for your policy.

Typically, the next part of recovery is to combat the psychological aspect of addiction. Your tailored addiction treatment plan makes this possible with the help of our counselors and passionate staff.

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Need To File A Complaint

Each mental health treatment center or substance abuse treatment center listed has been approved, licensed or certified by their respective states mental health or substance abuse administration or agency. Facilities are not regulated by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration but rather regulations and approvals are handled at the state level. Contact your states substance abuse and mental health agency for more information or to file a complaint against a specific treatment center. State websites will usually end in .gov so for example Colorados substance abuse and mental health agency is located at .

Just Believe Recovery Center Jensen Beach

Just Believe Recovery Center is an inpatient treatment facility that emphasizes the importance of a therapeutic community as well as healthy and supportive relationships when it comes to addiction recovery. In addition to dual diagnosis treatment for substance abuse and mental health issues, Just Believe provides a range of holistic therapies including yoga, meditation, massage therapy, chiropractic care, and nutrition classes. Because each client is different and requires treatment programs specific to their needs, Just Believe offers various treatment lengths and levels of care. They prioritize overall wellness and lasting recovery through education, life skill development, relapse prevention, and aftercare planning.

What they treat:

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Near You

To find a rehab program near you that offers dual diagnosis treatment, you can use a behavioral health treatment locator tool.

The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health offers dual diagnosis treatment for substance abuse and mental health conditions in every program at our South Florida facility. We can also help you find dual diagnosis treatment centers near you. Our expertise in dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders helps us identify a proper treatment fit for you.

Whether you are in South Florida or another part of the country, The Recovery Village Palm Beach at Baptist Health can connect you with helpful resources, identify a dual diagnosis treatment facility that meets your unique needs and optimize your recovery journey for maximum success.

Is Dual Diagnosis Addiction Treatment Different When Substance Abuse And Mental Illness Are Both Present

HHCI Webinars â Facing Dual Diagnosis: Healing for Addiction and Mental Illness

When addiction and mental illness are both present, clients benefit most from a dual-diagnosis treatment program that addresses both conditions. It is important to find a rehab center that is trained in treating the specific mental illness present, as not all facilities handle all types of dual diagnosis cases. Treatment will vary depending on the type and severity of both the addiction and the mental illness. A comprehensive evaluation can enable staff to better understand the scope of the situation and how to more effectively plan treatment.

While mental health is often addressed in addiction treatment, in a dual diagnosis program, it is more intensive. Sometimes depression or anxiety are a result of substance use and may resolve themselves after detox and treatment. However, when a mental illness exists independently of substance use, it may require medication or more targeted therapies for proper management. It is important that clients understand how their mental illness and addiction impact one another so that they can develop an individualized plan for coping with these conditions simultaneously. Addiction and mental illness should be treated together instead of separately because of how closely they may be tied to one another. Treating one condition but not the other may increase risk of relapse.

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