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How To Get Over My Food Addiction

Generate A New Behavior

How To Stop Fast Food Addiction (My Experience)

Having gone through the self-evaluation process, you are now ready to create a new empowering behavior that replaces your addiction. And this is of course of paramount importance.

Your addiction is nothing more but a habit you have developed over time. Habits are of course deeply ingrained into our psyche, which makes them very difficult to change.

To eliminate a habit, you need to replace it with something else that satisfies the same needs you were craving while indulging in your addiction.

With this in mind, think back to the previous step where you questioned the benefits you derived from your addiction. These benefits are in essence the needs you seek to satisfy while indulging in your addiction. Your new behavior must fundamentally address these same needs. In other words, it must fulfill the same desires of your addiction, but in healthy and beneficial ways.

If for instance, you have a cigarette addiction, then going cold-turkey will rarely work in the long-run. Your brain needs a new empowering habit that replaces the old pattern of behavior .

With this in mind, some people develop the habit of chewing gum or chewing on a toothpick to interrupt their cigarette craving. This works quite well for a certain percentage of individuals who satisfy their cigarette cravings with this new habit. However, it doesnt work for all people because chewing gum doesnt quite meet the needs they get from smoking cigarettes.

Treat Yourself Like Youre In Detox

The first week of sugar abstinence can be uncomfortable, when the cravings are at their most powerful. Be kind to yourself: this is not the time to tackle a large project, to implement lots of changes, or to work overtime. Why do people go to a spa when theyre detoxing? Because they need extra support. Likewise, give yourself extra support.

Go to bed earlier. Take naps. Cook simple meals Use exercise to support you walking, yoga, and more. Call on others for support and encouragement.

Mental Hack #: Become Your Own Coach

Anyone with a chronic health problem has quickly learned that they need to become their own expert.

Beyond just learning everything on the subject, you need to understand your own vulnerabilities, and start experimenting.

Its almost impossible to really come up with a perfect diet for every person, or a perfect system for every person which is why experimentation is so important.

For example, if you know that certain foods make you over eat every time you know you have a personal kryptonite and you should stay away from them.

So how specifically do you experiment and become your own expert?

Use something that I call definitive documents.

Ive unfortunately had a number of various health problems in my life that were chronic and very difficult to solve by western doctors. Usually there were many pieces to the puzzle, and I was left experimenting on my own.

For many of you this will be the same case. Over the years, I found myself creating these word documents called definitive documents where I could document every piece of the puzzle I was trying to solve:

Sample definitive document when I had sleep issues

What do you write in them? Everything you know.

For emotional eaters and people that are addicted to food, keep track of the following things:

We all need to become our own expert, particularly if we have a long-standing chronic problem often there are many, many interconnected pieces that one person cannot give you.

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S To Take Control Of Food Addiction

Addiction does not always have to involve an addictive substance or drug. It can involve excessive behavior such as compulsive eating too. While scientific studies in the area of food addiction is still in the beginning stages, many experts believe that addiction to food really isnt about the food.

To elaborate further, foods do not have addictive properties that make someone depend on them, unlike chemical substances. Food addiction has more to do with how a person behaves around food, what they think about food, and the way habits are formed with food. The habits are the real source of the addiction.

Throw Junk Food From The House

The food we get served at my boarding school which costs ...

Can a heroin addict overcome his addiction if he keeps heroin in the house? Of course, he cant! Its the same thing with food addiction. You will overindulge if you keep junk food in the house.

Throw all the foods youre addicted to out of the house. Making junk food less accessible will reduce chances of overindulging. Chances are you wont drive to the supermarket in the middle of the night to buy a cookie or chocolate bar.

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How To Overcome Food Addiction In 10 Steps

Overcome food addiction the food addiction, like other addictions , relates to the difficulty in preventing or controlling the behavior, in this case, food intake.

Overcome food addiction If you tried to start making several diets without success, because you consider yourself a / addict / aa food, you should continue reading this article.

How To Beat It

Theres no quick fix or magic pill to make you stop wanting sugar or foods that you crave. Ultimately, you crave what you regularly feed yourself. So the only way to reduce your cravings is to take a break. If you regularly have something sweet to eat after dinner, its very natural for you to always feel like eating something sweet after dinner. Youre in a bad habit, thats all. Research has shown that fasting particular foods doesnt increase the cravings like it does with true drug addiction, it actually reduces them.

Changing your habits and behaviour is hard work. So you need to get prepared. Here are are few tips to help you beat the sugar high and get in control of your eating.

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Dangers Of Food Addiction

You may not consider food addiction a serious condition it is nonetheless. Food addiction does not necessarily have the same kinds of immediate impacts associated with alcohol and drug addiction, but the danger is every bit as real. Food addiction and binge eating disorder can lead to a whole host of problems, including:

There is no doubt that food addiction is a serious problem that can lead to physical and mental issues. Not treating the addiction only makes matters worse. A person who is struggling with food to any extent, whether through binging or compulsive eating, needs to seek out treatment right away.

A Six Step Process For Overcoming Addictions

How to OVERCOME Food Addiction for a HEALTHY LIFESTYLE

Overcoming an addiction is never an easy or straightforward process. It requires conscious work, effort and time. There are however six steps you can follow that can help you overcome just about any addiction you may face.

Working through these six steps, however, doesnt replace the value you will gain from seeking professional help. Therefore, if in doubt, always seek guidance from a counselor or therapist.

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I Was A Junk Food Junkie Hiding My Addiction From My Parents

I discovered other ways to get my junk food fix without my parents knowledge. We could afford penny candies from the nearby convenience store by pooling my allowance money with my sister’s. If we were low on coins, we scoured the neighborhood for empty soda bottles that we could recycle for cash. One bottle was worth a nickel, the equivalent of five pieces of bubble gum back in the mid-1960s. If we earned a dollar or two between us, we would splurge on a box of Little Debbie cakes or a handful of candy bars, which we carefully hid in our sock drawer. Then, when the timing was right, we snuck our contraband to the nearby park and devoured chocolate bars behind a thick hedge next to the baseball diamond. The adrenaline rush of sneaking forbidden, pre-packaged treats and eating them in secret made the sugary candy on my tongue taste even more delicious than the fancy desserts my mother made.

At the time, I didn’t realize the disturbing pattern developing food had become the focal point of my life. Everything revolved around what I was going to eat and when I was going to eat it. I had developed a mindset about food where it was either “good” or “bad.” If I was having a particularly rough day, fried junk food was my drug of choice I turned to for a euphoric high. Comfort food was bad food, and comfort food was the equivalent of love.

Why Is Sexual Addiction So Difficult To Overcome

Sexual addiction is one of the most challenging addictions to overcome.

With substance addictions, like alcoholism or drug addiction, it is possible to simply discontinue the use of the substance entirely. But with process addictions like sexual addiction and eating disorders, its impossible to just give up food or sex for life. They are interwoven into the fabric of our being and so the goal is to integrate them into our lives in a healthier way.

But because sexual addiction and compulsive sexual behaviour is just the mechanism that numbs out the difficult emotions that addicts are unwilling to face and heal their way through, the most sustainable way that a sex addict can overcome their addiction is to work through their underlying emotional turmoil that keeps them stuck.

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The Best Solutions On How To Overcome Food Addiction

We all know how delicious junk foods, ice cream, or processed foods are. They are called comfort foods for a reason, and you can easily get addicted to them. But did you know that these comfort food have certain effects on the brain that make it hard for other people to avoid them? Or let just say that eating can be addicting in general.

Do you know the scary part? Food addiction is similar to substance abuse disorders or drug addiction. It is real, and its a hard habit to break, no matter how hard other people try. For some people, like individuals diagnosed with eating disorders, when stress is felt, relapse happens. This causes the person to start having bad eating habits again. Food addiction, is one of the bad eating habits people have.

In this article, youll learn what food addiction is and how to overcome it.

Ask For Support From Friends And Family

How Common Is Food Addiction?

Support from friends and family can help you overcome all sorts of addictions. Ask a loved one to remind you to make better food choices.

You should also spend time with people who maintain healthy eating habits. Its highly unlikely youll eat junk food if everyone around you is eating healthy foods.

At the same time, its hard to overcome junk food addiction if your friend or partner eats it all the time.

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Drink Water Before Your Meals

This may sound silly. It sounded a bit silly to me when I first heard this, too! But drinking water before your meals is a very important thing to do in order to avoid overeating.

This is because thirst can actually easily be confused with hunger. And if you start eating when youre thirsty, youre very likely to just eat and eat Until you realize youve eaten too much.

So just have a glass of water before every meal to make sure youre eating because youre hungry and not because youre thirsty. This way youll be much less likely to overeat!

And make sure youre having enough water throughout the whole day. Everyone has their own personal water intake needs, and you can calculate your own

Eat A Well Balanced Diet

Fad dieting, severe restriction and skipping meals will predispose you to binge eating and overconsumption at your next meal time. Dont do it. Follow a healthy, well-balanced meal plan with protein, high fibre carbohydrate, healthy fats and lots of fruit and vegetables.

The most important thing to remember is to not give up. You want to change your eating habits and lifestyle forever, so give yourself a break if you have a relapse into old habits and try again tomorrow. The great thing about life is that its never too late.

Here at The Healthy Eating Hub we are keen to help you kick your food addiction.

If youd like further help with your nutrition please click below:

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A Food Addiction Has Defined My Entire Life And It Is Slowly Killing Me

Food is the great love of my life. Ive forsaken everything else for it. Ive chosen it over lovers, over experiences, over family, over my career

A food addiction is able to flourish, unjudged, when you live on your own. Its the chocolate thickshake spilled on the back seat of the car getting into every crevice revealing itself to still be there, somehow, when you think its all cleaned up six months later.

Astonishingly, the jury is still out on food addiction. The DSM 5 only includes alcohol, drugs, cigarettes and caffeine as the types of substance-use disorders. Twelve-step programs say an addiction is a physical compulsion, coupled with a mental obsession.

Whatever addiction is, an addiction to food has defined my entire life.

Memories are rarely about people and places. Theyre about food.

High school is apple muffins from the canteen, stolen Twisties and Milo bars from my parents grocery store, packets of Vita-Weat sandwiches made with butter and Kraft Singles.

University is a weird obsession with sweet potato and balsamic dressing, coupled with trip after trip to what I called Wollongongs Fat Land a restaurant and petrol strip populated with McDonalds, KFC and Chilis.

Ninety per cent of this food has been bought at great cost and sneakily brought home into my bedroom

I live in Hobart, Tasmania now and my time there has been about artisan donuts and roasted sweet potatoes with almonds and yoghurt from a local restaurant.

Best Practices: How To Train Your Brain To Crave Healthily

How to overcome FOOD ADDICTION


  • Train Your Brain to Crave Healthily
  • Recipe Tags

    Why Is Junk Food so Dangerous for Human Being?

    Excessive passion for processed food and snacks belongs to the top reasons for obesity and high disease rates in different countries all over the world, but Americans are the undisputed leaders. They spend more $60 billion a year on snack foods, and this figure is very frightening. Unprocessed foods are created by nature, thats why human body easily digests them taste and consistency of such food easily satiate hunger. In contrast to that, junk food and other processed foods contain a big amount of salt, sugar, and flavour enhancers that are very addictive.

    Effective Tips How to Train the Brain to Be Healthy Food Addicted

    1. Take a clear look at your cravings. Our brain consumes a lot of energy, for that reason it constantly needs nutrients. On the one hand, foods rich in fats and carbs give a powerful boost of energy and activate the production of dopamine that makes us feel happy. On the other hand, they cause addiction circuits in the way described above in order to anticipate their eating by people. To prevent cravings before they begin is the best solution to break the addiction cycle. You should consume more healthy good-tasting foods rich in carbs, as their digestion takes more time and abates the link between the taste of foods and the hyperactivation of the addiction centers.

    Final Word

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    How Can You Tell If You Have A Problem

    Typically, food addiction occurs with foods that are highly palatable, processed, and high in combinations of energy, fat, salt and/or sugar while being low in nutritional value. This might include chocolates, confectionery, takeaway foods, and baked products.

    These foods may be associated with high levels of reward and may therefore preoccupy your thoughts. They might elevate your mood or provide a distraction from anxious or traumatic thoughts, and over time, you may need to eat more to get the same feelings of reward.

    However, for others, it could be an addiction to feelings of fullness or a sense of reward or satisfaction.

    There is ongoing debate about whether it is components of food that are addictive or the behaviour of eating itself that is addictive, or a combination of the two.

    Given people consume foods for a wide range of reasons, and people can form habits around particular foods, it could be different for different people.

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    Arguments Against Food Addiction

    I am asked by the learned doctor the cause and reason why opium causes sleep. To which I reply: because it has a dormitive property , whose nature is to lull the senses to sleep.

    Moliere, La malade imaginaire

    Applying diagnoses to make sense of collections of symptoms and behaviors has advantages in sharpening communication and clarifying thought. It may carry benefits for the patient, too, offering a model that seems to make sense of what is otherwise baffling. But the hope, if we are simply to avoid the circularity alluded to in the quote above or, as Jaspers put, it pseudo-insight through terminology , is to go beyond simple naming and to reach an understanding of processes and mechanisms. The application of the term food addiction in humans is based on a set of features, held to resemble substance addictions. It carries the claim that this resemblance occurs because certain foods have effects on the brain comparable to those of addictive drugs. I suggest that there are problems with both of these claims. The first is questionable as the central features of substance addiction do not plausibly translate to food and consumption. The second because the assertion that foods have pharmacological effects on the brain demands strong and convincing evidence, which has not been found.

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