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How To Get Help For Alcohol And Drug Problems

The Discovery House | Addiction Treatment Center | Los Angeles, CA

Is there a right way and a wrong way to seek help for an alcohol or drug problem?

It is best to avoid mistakes and problems down the road when deciding upon a course of action to find substance abuse treatment. Treatment should be there to resolve problems causing and caused by alcohol and drug misuse, not to care for the treatment providers needs.

What should I avoid when seeking help for substance abuse?

Unfortunately, there exist many unnecessarily expensive and burdensome programs and services which are primarily designed to create a profit for the provider. Some services confuse luxury accommodations, prestigious locations and charismatic personalities with quality, effective treatment. There are also unproven and ineffective services being sold as solutions for drug and alcohol problems. Finally, some solutions cause further problems after treatment has been rendered.

Who can I trust to give me advise on finding a program which provides effective, affordable and trustworthy treatment for alcohol and drug abuse?

Healthcare professionals and counselors you have learned to trust are some of the best resource people who can recommend treatment providers. People you may know who themselves or who have a loved one find their way through drug and alcohol abuse and addiction are also great resources. Since they have been there, they can help guide your search and support you through the process during and after treatment.

Alcohol Detox Program Los Angeles

Alcohol addiction services at Muse in Southern California. Our Los Angeles based alcohol rehab center is here to help you overcome alcohol addiction. While alcohol is generally an accepted part of many peoples social experience, its also a very dangerous substance. Get help through Muses addiction treatment services for alcohol addiction is essential. Our rehab centers are conveniently located across the greater Los Angeles County area to better service our patients. Once you become physically dependent on alcohol, it can be exceedingly difficult to just stop. Stopping alcohol suddenly when youre physically dependent on it can result in severe and even life-threatening consequences. Muses alcohol detox facilities are first class, as are the treatment options. Alcohol detox centers across the state view Muse as an industry leader. When you receive treatment at Muse, you receive treatment from the industry leader in recovery services. Stop looking for alcohol treatment centers, youve found the one to help you. Need an outpatient rehab center for alcohol treatment? Give us a call. Outpatient services are available across our network of centers.

What Other Terms Are Used For Heroin

Heroin goes under many names. Its chemical names are diacetylmorphine and diamorphine. However, users and drug dealers often use a variety of street terms to refer to the drug. They do so for a number of reasons. People engaged in a heroin sale often use code names to avoid detection by law enforcement authorities.

Users of recreational drugs are often part of a drug culture, where alternative names are a way of celebrating drug use. While the street names for heroin are ever-evolving and changing, weve listed a few of todays most common street names below:

  • Mexican black tar heroin

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Are Heroin Dependence And Heroin Addiction The Same Thing

It is important to recognize, however, that physical dependence on heroin is not the same thing as heroin addiction. In fact, it is possible for a person to withdraw completely from heroin and remain obsessed with the drug, despite experiencing no physical cravings.

Heroin addiction, which is a type of opioid use disorder, is a mental health disorder that makes it nearly impossible for a person to control their heroin use, no matter how strongly they desire to do so.

In contrast to physical dependence, addiction centers in the brain. This partly explains why so many people relapse even after conquering their physical dependence. To achieve lasting recovery, it is therefore essential for people to treat their underlying addiction while they withdraw from heroin, and long afterward.

Heroin addiction treatment programs can help people accomplish both goals.

How Long Is Detox

Los Angeles Drug Rehab Centers, Divinity Recovery San Fernando ...

At the start of your treatment program at Muse, you will likely undergo a medically managed detox program to help ease you through withdrawal symptoms that can set in a few hours to days after you last took a substance.

The length of detox is dependent on individual factors such as your health, the length of your substance abuse, how frequently you used the substance, and the type of substance that was abused. Generally speaking, drug and alcohol detox tends to last between 5 to 7 days.

A condition known as post-acute withdrawal syndrome may occur in some cases. While it may not be a condition in the DSM-V, the condition is reported among some people recovering from addiction. PAWS symptoms can include irritability, lethargy, insomnia, and pain and may continue for weeks or months.

In some cases, the cravings and other common symptoms during detox may lead to repeated relapse. In such a case, medication-assisted treatment may be required. MAT is a method of long-term treatment that, alongside behavioral therapies, can treat certain substance use disorders such as alcohol use disorder or opioid use disorder through the use of medication approved by the FDA. These medications help in several ways by curbing cravings, blocking the effects of drugs, and preventing overdose.

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Iop & Php Rehab Near Me

Looking for IOP and PHP in Los Angeles? Muse offers both intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs designed to treat drug and alcohol addiction. We offer clients a wide range of treatments and therapies to speed their recovery and help them build their lives in the context of sobriety.

If youre suffering from a drug or alcohol addiction in the Los Angeles area, you dont have to leave town or fly across the country to get the professional help you need to get welland stay well. We are a highly respected Los Angeles-based addiction treatment center that treats the mind, body, and spirit. Overcoming an addiction is different for everyone. Thats why Muse offers customized treatment and support for each client.

When you make the life-changing and life-affirming decision to quit drugs or alcohol and visit Muse, our addiction specialists will evaluate your condition in order to help you choose the ideal treatments and plan for your needs. Many clients will require medical detox. Some may need dual diagnosis treatment that targets both their addiction and any mental health conditions theyre suffering from such as anxiety or depression.

Laguna Treatment Hospital Aacs Rehab Near La

Laguna Treatment Hospital is a Joint Commission accredited and CDRH licensed facility offering medically supervised detox programs and 24/7 nursing care. Just minutes away from the beach, this Orange County rehab center offers destination treatment with comprehensive detox and inpatient drug rehab programs to suite your personal needs.

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Other Ways To Get Help & Los Angeles Rehab Resources

The following resources provide additional help and tools for those struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction in Los Angeles:

  • Take Our Substance Abuse Self Assessment: Take our free, 5-minute substance abuse self-assessment below if you are curious whether you or someone you love might be struggling with substance abuse issues. This self-evaluation consists of 11 yes-or-no questions that are intended to be used as an informational tool to assess the severity and probability of a substance use disorder. The test is free and confidential, and no personal information is needed to receive a result. Do beware that this test is not meant to substitute as medical advice or take the place of a trained and licensed medical doctor.
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Los Angeles, find an AA meeting in Los Angeles and nearby areas.
  • Greater Los Angeles Area Narcotics Anonymous, find an NA meeting in the Greater Los Angeles region.
  • A. County Substance Abuse Prevention and Control, access a wide range of resources on substance abuse and addiction, courtesy of L.A. County Public Health Department.
  • SHIELDS for Families, youth in Los Angeles with substance use disorders can contact SHIELDS for behavioral health and supportive services.
  • Los Angeles LGBT Center, access resources for people in the LGBT community who struggle with substance abuse and addiction.
  • Virtual Narcotics Anonymous, meet virtually, access resources, and find help.

How To Choose An Inpatient Drug Rehab

KLEAN Treatment Centers | Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Facility | Los Angeles, CA

One of the first steps in choosing an inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles is determining what your needs and goals are. The first official step will be deciding which behavior or substance you would like freedom from. After that step, itll be best to determine if there are any other underlying issues such as medical conditions or dual diagnoses that you would like to have treated simultaneously.

Once you determine your goals, the next step would be to consult with a treatment provider after you have found a facility that matches closely with those same goals. Since there are various options available to choose from, itll be challenging without the aid of a treatment provider to decide. They are extremely knowledgeable about several aspects of rehab.

After you have retrieved rehab options, itll be ideal to research them. Whether this is by way of a website or by giving them a call, investigating options is crucial. As you are searching for the most suitable inpatient drug rehab in Los Angeles, look further into the following areas:

  • Therapies and treatments
  • Solution-focused brief therapy or solution-focused therapy
  • 12 step facilitation
  • Virtual reality meditation

The inpatient drug rehab center in Los Angeles focuses on stabilization and assessment of your health to ensure you are readyphysically, psychologically, and emotionallyto learn about core recovery concepts and to begin practicing recovery principles.

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Drug Rehab In Los Angeles

Choosing to seek professional help for drug addiction can be a daunting idea. The truth is that our drug rehab in Los Angeles is a place where healing and support take priority. Muse is a place where you can find a community of people that truly understand what youre going through, the difficulties you face, and your desire to break the hold that addiction has over your life. Drug rehabs like Muse will get to know your first name and your history during the treatment admissions process. From the intake process to individual and group counselling, Muse is dedicated to being the #1 drug rehabs in Southern California

Whether you need help for an addiction to heroin, prescription drugs, cocaine, methamphetamine, MDMA, or any other drug that youve become addicted to, Muse can help you achieve recovery and build a sustainable life filled with loving and supportive people. Our fully accredited drug rehab in Los Angeles offers the best-known methods of treating various substance use disorders . We combine these proven methods of overcoming substance abuse with a holistic approach so that your wellbeing and life, in general, can improve.

Our outpatient treatment programs can be an ideal transitional form of care after participating in our inpatient programs at our drug rehab in Los Angeles. Outpatient rehab provides access to professional treatment and strong support while you adjust to a new life without substance use.

The 5 Most Common Topics In Group Addiction Treatment Therapy

Alcohol or substance addiction treatment centers often feature group therapy as part of their addiction treatment. As group therapy usually entails sharing deeply personal anecdotes and experiences of substance abuse with strangers, many initially go into it nervously and reluctantly. Expressing vulnerabilities is undoubtedly a challenge, and these are perfectly normal feelings.

Group therapy, however, can be especially beneficial for addiction recovery as it can help spur breakthroughs and encourage healing and development by discussing topics in a unique setting with patients of similar backgrounds.

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Best In Class Drug Rehab Alcohol Rehab & Recovery Experience In Los Angeles California

Close to everything, yet far from it all, our premier alcohol and drug treatment and rehab center in Los Angeles, California is an urban oasis that provides the best treatment to ensure our clients are set for lifelong recovery. We are in-network with several major insurance providers, including Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthem, MHN, ComPsych and Health Net. If you or a loved one are struggling with drug abuse, alcohol abuse, opiate abuse, opioid addiction, or another substance use disorder, contact our recovery center today to learn about treatment options.

Address: 422 N Commonwealth Ave, Los Angeles, California Admissions Center: 299-2744

Why Choose Muse For Substance Abuse Treatment In Los Angeles

Addiction treatment center Los Angeles

Muse Treatment Center in Los Angeles strives to be the motivation for positive change among our clients. Why choose Muse for addiction treatment? We are fully accredited by The Joint Commission, an independent non-profit organization that accredits healthcare services. The Gold Seal of Approval that weve received for our excellence in addiction treatment is a testament to our dedication to your wellbeing. Looking for the best Los Angles treatment centers for substance abuse treatment? Call Muse now for the most comfortable detox facilities in Los Angeles California to receive treatment from. Addiction centers in Los Angeles for alcohol and drug treatment options. Our patients perform above the national average for staying sober after treatment. People from other cities in CA come to Muse for rehab in Los Angeles. From long beach to Santa Monica, other cities are not too far to travel from consider our services offered are best in class.

Another important difference between Muse and other alcohol and drug rehabs is that we understand that addiction recovery is a long-term process. Therefore, we work to ensure you gain the coping skills and support you need to achieve sobriety and maintain it long term. Were here for you for the long run in this fight against addiction. Other Los Angeles treatment centers dont go the distance with you. This is addiction treatment done right. This is Muse Treatment.

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Where Is Treatment Located In Los Angeles

There are several rehab centers in Los Angeles, California. Some are in Central LA while others are in East LA. You can also find drug and alcohol rehab facilities right outside of the city. Laguna Treatment Hospital, located just south of LA, is conveniently accessible with proximity to highways, shopping, dining, and recreation.

Questions To Ask When Looking For A Rehab Center

Here are 10 questions to ask the intake specialist when you call:

  • Is your treatment center licensed and accredited?
  • What are your staffs qualifications?
  • Is the facility experienced in treating your condition
  • Is my insurance accepted here?
  • What type of treatment methods do your programs use?
  • What is the staff-to-patient ratio?
  • Who develops the treatment plan?
  • How long are your treatment programs?
  • Do you help set up continuing care services after the program?
  • Does your treatment program provide family support?
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    What Factors Make A Person More Likely To Develop Heroin Addiction

    Why do some people become addicted and others do not? What makes someone an addict? Is there such a thing as an addictive personality? Ultimately, the answers to these questions are always going to be a little fuzzy. Addiction can never be attributed to one single cause. Researchers are only beginning to understand the underlying causes of addiction, but current evidence points to a broad range of overlapping factors.

    Environment plays a crucial role as well. Having a family history of addiction affects far more than a persons genetic destiny it also determines their upbringing. Being exposed to unstable parents who abuse drugs and alcohol make people more likely to turn to substances later in life. This is partly because family members normalize substance abuse, but also because growing up in an unstable environment adversely affects the developing brains of children, predisposing them to impulsivity, mental illness, and low achievement.

    In fact, aside from genetics, adverse children experiences are often considered the other top factor that is predictive of later substance use disorders. Adverse childhood experiences is a clinical term used to refer to a broad range of traumatic or stressful events, including sexual abuse, neglect, witnessing household dysfunction of domestic violence, and growing up with a family member who has a substance use disorder.

    Other factors that can make a person more likely to develop a heroin addiction include:

    Alcohol Detox Los Angeles California

    The Hills Treatment Center

    Many clients know how unpleasant it can feel once alcohol withdrawal sets in. Many people addicted to alcohol will begin to experience withdrawal symptoms like headaches mere hours after the last drink. For that reason, many people are apprehensive about entering an alcohol detox program. However, its the only way to safely overcome a physical dependence on an addictive substance like alcohol.

    Alcohol withdrawal symptoms often involve:

    Some people may also experience a phenomenon known as delirium tremens or DTs. These symptoms may include hallucinations, confusion, vomiting, and even seizures. Because theres no way of knowing beforehand if withdrawal will trigger DTs or cause other severe symptoms, its always wise to undergo detox at a safe medical facility like Muse where we monitor each persons health and provide treatment to minimize withdrawal symptoms.

    Once individuals have completed detox, usually in about a week, we can begin the next phase of treatment. While its normal to experience some lingering withdrawal symptoms, including cravings, these symptoms do diminish over time, allowing clients to more fully focus on their therapy and learn how to manage their addiction.

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    Premier Drug Rehab & Alcohol Treatment Center In Southern California

    Our alcohol and drug rehab center is located in the residential neighborhood of Silver Lake near Hollywood, Californiajust minutes from Dodger Stadium and Griffith Park. We specialize in providing individualized treatment and personalized recovery programs for those suffering from drug addiction and alcohol addiction. At Recovery Corps, we strive to make our clients feel they are in the safest environment possible. We offer comfort, support, and respect. It is our mission to provide an intimate, family-style environment with all of the elements necessary for you or your loved one to make the transformation into recovery and a new life free from substance abuse. Our multi-disciplinary team provides an integrated, holistic approach to substance abuse treatment that creates long-term effective sobriety and helps address underlying mental health issues. During residential treatment, our clinicians employ a variety of therapeutic methodsincluding cognitive-behavioral therapy, group therapy, family therapy, support groups, and wellness programsto develop individualized treatment plans for sober living.

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