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My Son Is Addicted To Video Games

Determine If You Need More Support

Mom Says 12-Year-Old Son Is ‘Addicted And Obsessed With Violent Video Games’

If most of the above examples sound like your child, or if your child becomes destructive, aggressive, threatening or violent when you try to enforce or set limits on their gaming, it might be helpful for you to talk to someone in your area who can work directly with you and your child as you make changes. This might mean talking to your childs pediatrician or working with a local therapist to determine what kinds of changes are appropriate, how to respond to negative behavior, and how to effectively enforce your limits with your child.

What Parents Can Do:

If an adult child is living at home, parents are still in charge and make the rules. Typically parents try to get their adult child to limit their gaming time but that rarely works. Another strategy often employed is to use parental control programs but these are easily hacked by a video gamer. If a person is truly addicted to gaming, it is incredibly difficult, if not impossible, to reduce the amount spent playing video games.

Experts in the field of video game addiction suggest that if parents truly want to try to get their adult child to reduce their game time, then a contract should be created that clearly states how much time will be allowed, what must be done to earn the gaming time, and the specific consequences for exceeding the limits. The first time the contract is broken should be the last time your adult child plays video games in your home period. No arguing, no excuses.What parents need to do to remove gaming entirely:

  • Remover the computer and internet connection from the adult childs room. Install the main internet connection in the parents bedroom and lock the door when you are not home. Remember, it is the parents home and parents make the rules.
  • Game Addiction Scale For Children

    The 21-item Gaming Addiction Scale is an instrument based on DSM criteria to assess gaming addiction. The seven items in the GAS are rated using a five-point Likert scale ranging from 1 to 5 . A higher score on the GAS indicates more problematic use of online gaming. The scale measures 7 criteria of computer addiction: salience, tolerance, mood modification, withdrawal, relapse, conflict and problems . In this study, the Cronbach alpha values for the GAS was 0.948.

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    Not Everyone Agrees This Is A Disorder

    While it feels like this classification is a fait accompli, the designation of gaming disorder as an addiction remains hotly debated.

    The American Psychiatric Association is still not convinced. Two things are holding it back.

    The first is that problem gaming often occurs alongside other factors such as loneliness, or mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression. The APA argues problematic gaming may be a symptom of these, rather than a unique condition in its own right.

    Read more:Could playing Fortnite lead to video game addiction? The World Health Organisation says yes, but others disagree

    The second issue for the APA is the lack of strong evidence and research to support gaming disorder as an addiction in its own right.

    Other experts have also weighed into this debate suggesting the classification is simply a response to the huge community concern and moral panic about video games.

    What Is Addiction Anyway

    Gaming Addiction Treatment In Michigan

    There is still a major divide between the public understanding of addiction and the expert view. Its common to hear people casually call an activity addictive just because its fun. Some people continue to see addiction not as a medical condition but as a moral failure, contrary to what major public health and medical organizations have said for decades now. There are still misconceptions that addiction requires some sort of physical component for example, physical dependence that causes withdrawal or that physical dependence is conclusive proof of addiction.

    Experts, however, have long moved away from these old views of addiction, if they ever held such beliefs at all. Under the expert view, addiction doesnt even require a physical dependence component.

    We long ago moved away from thinking about addiction as a physical or physiological need for a drug, Robert West, editor in chief for the scientific journal Addiction, told me. In most cases, its not the physiological thats causing the problem, because you can quite easily get people over that through, say, supervised detoxification. Its a behavioral problem. Where the problem lies is that certain drugs and behaviors in certain people lead to such powerful motivation to engage in the behavior that its damaging or could be damaging.

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    Professional Help For Your Childs Gaming Addiction

    If you feel that your child is struggling with a gaming addiction, you are not alone. The team at Gateway Foundation is here with life-changing addiction treatment. We have been serving the Illinois area for over 50 years, and were proud to offer individualized programs to meet your childs unique needs. If youd like to learn more, please contact us today. We want to see your family heal from the pain of gaming addiction.

    Healthy Gamer Parent Coaching

    Healthy Gamer Parent Coaching is a 12-week virtual coaching solution created by Dr. Alok Kanojia, known as Dr. K, the world expert on video game psychology. It covers the most frustrating, difficult, and common dynamics around excessive gaming.

    • 12 Weeks of Parent Coaching: Work with your Healthy Gamer Coach in a group format with up to 5 other families to develop strategies and reflect on progress and setbacks in a supportive environment.
    • 12 Learning Modules: Cover key concepts of gamer psychology, parent-child communication, and boundary-setting to create an alliance with your child.
    • Approach your childâs unique circumstances and psychology in weekly 90-minute Parent Coaching Sessions with a Healthy Gamer Coach.

    For 12 consecutive weeks, participants get access to a workshop and Q& A with Dr. K and weekly support groups led by Healthy Gamer Coaches. The dual support structure helps parents get started and follow-through in helping their children combat excessive gaming.

    to learn more. Program starts on November 11th, 2021 with limited spots.

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    Mistake #: Using Video Games As A Reward

    While the benefit of motivating kids to complete school assignments and other tasks may seem like a positive aspect to video-game obsession, the long-term consequences far outweigh any short-term gain. Using video games to motivate kids reinforces the notion that working, reading and learning are necessary evils rather than rewards in themselves. Other motivational rewards such as an ice-cream date with Dad or an outing with Mom are more effective and avoid feeding video-game obsession.

    Video Game Addiction In Kids: How To Stop Excessive Playing

    My Son is Addicted to Video Games (Dr. Phil)

    With kids spending more and more time online, unhealthy gaming habits are prevalent. The World Health Organization recognizes gaming addiction as a disorder.

    The warning signs of gaming addiction include:

    • Inability to limit screen time or stop gaming
    • Withdrawal symptoms, even for brief periods of time
    • Lack of personal care, insomnia, disrupted eating patterns
    • No interest in other activities or social life

    To deal with excessive gaming or gaming addiction effectively, its important that you talk to your child about whats going on, model healthy behavior, find out the underlying causes of the addictive behavior, and take small steps towards healthier habits.

    Do you know or suspect that your child is developing a video game addiction? This article provides you with resources and advice on how to break it.

    Children were glued to TV sets in the 1950s and Nintendo Game Boys in the 1990s. Technology has an allure for children, and the idea of kids getting addicted to technology is so persistent that its almost a stereotype.

    But beneath the pop culture image of teenagers locking themselves in their bedrooms all day to play video games lies a sinister reality: In 2022, excessive gaming is more common than ever before.

    While playing video games can be fun and educational, excessive gaming or internet gaming disorder can have severely damaging effects on a childs mental and physical health. As a result, many parents are worried about their kids gaming habits.

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    Mistakes To Avoid When Your Child Is Addicted To Video Games

    • Pointless battle?
    • Avoiding common mistakes

    Emily awoke at 2 a.m. after hearing a noise downstairs. Nervously pulling back the blanket, she slipped quietly out of her room toward the mysterious sound. Anxiety turned into anger as she approached the faint but distinct music of her sons favourite video game the same game they had been ordered to stop playing hours earlier in order to go to bed.

    At that moment Emily couldnt decide whether to scream or cry whether she was losing her mind or coming to her senses. Emily unplugged the video-game system, gathered up cords and devices, walked onto her second-storey deck and pitched hundreds of dollars worth of equipment over the railing. With a great sense of relief, she listened for the sweet sound of crashing electronics below. “There!” she assured herself. “That should take care of the problem.”

    Emilys reaction may seem extreme, but those who live with a child addicted to video games understand. Years later, Emily said her decision to jettison video games from her home had lasting significance protecting her sons from an addiction that is stealing countless children away from real life.

    How To Help Your Child Addicted To Videogames: Stop Playing Vs Start Something

    Having goals in mind helps. A common mistake that can set parents up for a long struggle is focusing on stopping the gaming addiction. Perhaps surprisingly, that isnt a helpful goal or purpose.

    Thinking in positive terms is much more likely to lead to success. Instead of stopping gaming, a more effective goal is to help your child replace gaming with other activities. Taking him on a journey of discovery is important. What, other than online gaming, does he want in his life?

    As your child is starting something and he gradually turns his time and attention to other things, you can let him play some videogames. Once of the ways to end an addiction is to find balance. Video gaming doesnt have to be an all-or-nothing experience. If he knows this, he will be more likely to cooperate .

    The process of replacing videogames can be slow. It also involves doing things to wean your child from gaming . The following dos and donts are tips to help your child addicted to videogames.

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    Child Video Game Addiction

    Looking for clear information about teen and child video game addiction? You just found it. In this articleâ¦

    • What percentage of teens and children are addicted to video games?

    • Why are video games so addictive to children and teenagers?

    • What are the most addictive types of video games for children and teenagers?

    • How many hours per day should parents allow children to play computer games?

    • How many hours of video games per week indicates that a child is addicted?

    • How does child video game addiction affect school grades?

    • How should parents handle homework and video games?

    • What psychological and social problems are associated with teen and child video game addiction?

    • What are the risk factors for child and teenager video game addiction?

    • If a child or a teen is addicted to video games, is this just a symptom of a larger âunderlying issueâ?

    • What are the warning signs for children addicted to video games?

    • How important is it that parents are âon the same pageâ when helping a child who is addicted to video games?

    • Is it possible for parents to âenableâ a child or teenager who is addicted to computer games?

    • How can parents get help for teenagers and children who are addicted to video games?

    • âLevelling-upâ reinforcement .

    Signs That Your Child Is Addicted To Video Games And How To Curb It

    Mom Says 12
    Beachwood clinical psychologist shares warning signs and approaches to kicking the habit

    CLEVELAND, OH – Does your child spend hours playing Fortnite? Do they obsess over Minecraft? Do you worry that this hobby is more like an addiction?

    Dr. Jay Berk, a Beachwood clinical psychologist — who specializes in electronic gaming addiction and treatment — said its smart to be concerned, and smart to get ahead of a much bigger problem, if a childs habit is morphing into an addiction.

    Here are nine signs your child is addicted to video games:

    1. The child has an explosive, extreme reaction to having games taken away.

    2. They are losing friends.

    3. They stop participating in sports.

    4. They no longer participate in things they used to like.

    6. The child is stealing money to gain advantages in games.

    7. Grades are dropping in school.

    8. The child is falling asleep in class.

    9. They continue to game, even increasing their hours, despite negative consequences.

    To start addressing the problem, take away all games and phones at night, said Berk. And be sure to know the pass codes, and passwords for all their accounts.

    Weve had kids violently attack their parents over video games. That would be in the extreme, of course, but I think mood swings, ripping up the place, things like that. So I think parents need to be prepared for that, said Berk.

    But Berk warns, dont react in an extreme way yourself.

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    Mistake #: Starting Young

    The earlier a child begins playing electronic games, the sooner he or she is exposed to the patterns that lead to addiction. Children who become accustomed to junk food lose their appetite for healthy eating.

    Similarly, kids also acquire a “taste” for certain kinds of recreation. Those who develop patterns of natural play rather than virtual play are more likely to become well-rounded, happy adolescents. Those who are introduced to the dopamine-inducing high of prolonged video-game play often become bored with any other recreation.

    What Does It All Mean

    As noted above, you dont have to suffer from a video game addiction to have a problem. So whats important about identifying pathological game habits?

    I havent found any scientific research on the subject, but clinicians advise that pathological gaming should be taken more seriously. It isnt just a phase that will get better on its own.

    Your child might benefit from the same treatment therapies that work for pathological gamblers or substance abuserstherapies like cognitive behavioral counseling, peer support groups, and 12 step programs .

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    Eight Signs Of Gaming Addiction In Children:

    1.A preoccupation with video games

    As video games are a popular pastime for children and adults alike, it can be hard to know what constitutes playing them for too long. The DSM-5 suggests children with Internet Gaming Addiction can spend up to eight to ten hours per day and up to 30 hours per week playing video games.

    2.Giving up other activities such as hobbies or responsibilities

    An important question to ask is: is my child giving up other hobbies or responsibilities in order to play video games? If your child has stopped completing their homework, seeing their friends, or engaging in other hobbies such as sports, they may be playing video games too much.

    3.Needing to spend more time gaming to satisfy the urge

    Another thing to keep in mind is whether your child is displaying the need to play an increasing amount of time playing video games in order to feel satisfied. This is known as tolerance, a sign of addiction in other addictive disorders .

    4.Becoming emotional when video games are removed

    A sign of an unhealthy relationship with video games is if your child becomes hostile, anxious, or sad when you take away access. If you have noticed video games having a negative impact on your child as described above, yet they still become emotional when they are removed, this may be a warning sign. In the DSM-5, this emotional response is considered to be a sign of withdrawal from video games.

    5.An inability to reduce playing time

    6. Continuing to game despite problems

    Video Game Addiction Versus Gaming Disorder Additional Facts

    Dr Phil vs 14 Year Old Video Game Addict | React Couch

    Parents should be aware of the current medical consensus on video game addiction. While the World Health Organization recognizes gaming disorder as a condition, the American Psychiatric Association maintains that insufficient evidence is available to classify this condition as a unique disorder.

    Addiction to gaming is described in the American Psychiatric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders , which is used by mental health professionals to diagnose mental disorders. There was not sufficient evidence to determine whether the condition is a unique mental disorder or the best criteria to classify it at the time the DSM-5 was published in 2013. However, it recognized internet gaming disorder in the section recommending conditions for further research, along with caffeine use disorder and other conditions.

    American Psychiatric Association

    Unlike other addictions, an over-reliance on gaming can go away on its own without treatment. Gamers tend to experience short bursts of obsessive interest that fade away and addiction affects less than 1 percent of the population. For this small percentage, however, video game addiction poses a serious problem.

    Parents and families struggling with teens who they believe are addicted to video games should start by taking these five measures. If these methods do not help,make an appointment with a therapist. Quick and decisive intervention is necessary to address the underlying conditions that cause addiction.

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    How To Get Your Child To Stop Playing Video Games

    One of the biggest obstacles that parents run into when trying to get their child to stop playing video games is when they say, âNo gaming for a week. Read this book insteadâ or something along those lines.

    Nobody in that relationship understands that the child cannot enjoy and engage with that book â they just donât have the capacity to do that, not in the way that we do.

    As a parent, you have to understand that when you give your child a small alternative to gaming, they will not be able to enjoy it. You have to pull them away from video games in a significant manner to get them to have a healthy dopamine-functioning brain.

    The good news is that you donât need to shut down their gaming habit completely. It is enough to engage your child in a way that they find enjoyable.

    For example, some people go whitewater rafting for a vacation. Whitewater rafting is a high adrenaline activity and that is why gamers tend to love it. It gives their brain a similar dopamine response as gaming. It is engaging, healthy, and something you can do as a family.

    To break a childâs video game addiction, you need to give them a hard but engaging task. That is due to how video games affect the triumph circuit in our minds. Triumph requires adversity, so your child will be the most responsive to activities that are challenging, yet fun.

    Dr. Kanojia talks about the problems parents face when trying to regulate their childâs gaming habit:

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