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What To Tell An Addict

Is There A Test Or Self

Am I an Addict? How to tell if you have an addiction.

The most effective self-assessment that can be done is to examine the above list of symptoms associated with video game addiction. If you find that you or someone you care about exhibits any of these warnings signs, it may be a good time to cut back on the amount of time spent gaming. If you are unsure whether these symptoms apply to you, we can help. Call our toll-free number at to discuss your possible symptoms or to learn about treatment options.

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Bring Helpful Information To Your Meeting

Talking to someone about their substance abuse problem is difficult. One way to make it easier is to bring information about possible treatment options to your meeting.

  • You can find 12-step support group information online. The national Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous websites offer free information you can download and take with you. They also have meeting finders on their website to help you find a local support group meeting. Type in your zip code and the sites provide you with a list of meeting locations, dates and times. You can bring this information to your talk with someone you think is an addict, and offer to accompany them to their first meeting.
  • Bookmark sites like 12 Keys, so that you can pull them up on your phone and show them to your friend. Your friend may be surprised at how nice places for rehab can be, or how much help is actually available. Show them the information on insurances accepted, travel and other resources. Make the call together if you can.
  • Offer to go with them to a doctor for an evaluation if they arent convinced they really are an addict. Some people are fine with going to see their physician but may still balk at getting help for an addiction. They may agree to defer to their physicians opinion.

What To Know About How To Confront A Drug Addict

If youre at the point in your life where you cant stand by any longer and watch an addict destroy themselves, you may be wondering how to confront an addict. Its a difficult situation when youre confronting an addict because they may be in denial or they may become defensive and unwilling to have the conversation that needs to be had.

When youre confronting someone about drug use, they may see what youre saying as a criticism or an unnecessary concern, and they may lash out at you.

While learning how to confront a family member on drugs or another loved one is difficult, its also necessary.

The following are some specific things to keep in mind when youre confronting someone about drug use and addiction:

Other tips for how to confront a drug addict include:

For a lot of people, the best way to learn how to confront a drug addict is to stage an intervention with the help of a professional therapist or interventionist. This allows a group of loved ones to come together and plan what theyll say when confronting an addict. This can help alleviate some of the tendency to lose your temper or become overly emotional. The ultimate objective of an intervention is to motivate the addict to seek treatment for their addiction.

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Benefits Of Telling Someone You Have An Addiction

There is great power in telling someone youre struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Depending on who you tell and when you tell them about your substance abuse, you could be provided with the resources you need to reverse the effects of the addiction. Dr. Bryan E. Robinson, an author and psychotherapist, puts it this way:

Even sharing a mistake or failure with a close friend, support group or team reflects strength, honesty, and integrity, not weakness.

Not only will you gain a better understanding that addiction is a disease, but you also free yourself from trying to overcome your addiction with willpower alone. Not to mention, telling someone about your substance abuse problem has health benefits. You could be protecting yourself from mental disorders that sometimes accompany addiction, like anxiety or depression.

Ultimately, you get to win because you let go of shame and control, using the responsibility that follows guilt to get addiction treatment and live a life of long-term sobriety.

There is power in accepting responsibility and telling someone about a drug or alcohol addiction.

Most Encouraging Things You Can Say To An Addict

Discover 9 Warning Signs of a Gambling Addiction Now

Its not always easy to know what to say to encourage a recovering addict. Although most will appreciate your effort, there are some things that can make someone in recovery feel like they cant relate. In order to be a more helpful advisor, friend, or confidant, here are the 5 most encouraging things you can say to an addict to help them feel truly appreciated.

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Provide Alternatives To Gaming

Spend time with your children and introduce them to alternatives to video-gaming, which may include board games, joining a library, physical sports, learning a new hobby or going out with friends.

Seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist to help with strategies to cut down on usage or explore if there is an underlying condition like ADHD or social anxiety that makes them vulnerable to addiction.

, Mpower.)

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Material Signs Of Drug Addiction

Physical clues may be evident of substance misuse. Take note of any paraphernalia that you encounter, such as:

  • Pill bottles for someone elses prescriptions
  • Baggies or containers used to store or transport substances

If you have concerns, ask questions. Taking an open, curious, and compassionate approach to discuss your concerns can foster supportive conversation. Prioritize safety and set firm limits to protect yourself, your family, and any other people who may be affected by your loved ones substance use or addiction.

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Do: Seek Counseling Or Therapy

Addiction affects everyone, from the person in treatment to their loved ones. Its important to ensure youre well enough to manage the potential stress of helping someone dealing with addiction. Acknowledging that you may be in over your head and in need of professional help is normal and healthy. Its also necessary for you to help your loved one to the best of your abilities.

Im Under A Lot Of Stress Its Okay To Kick Back With This Stuff And Relax

Lessons a drug addict can teach you | Lauren Windle | TEDxSurreyUniversity

There are many ways you can relax and let go of stress without drugs or alcohol. Lies alcoholics tell, along with lies drug addicts tell, include excusing their behavior with stress, a single event, a memorial or anniversary, or anything to give themselves a reason for taking their substance.

If you find you cant relax and unwind except with drugs and alcohol, you have more problems than simple stress. Although substances such as alcohol can initially make you feel relaxed and sleepy, over time, the bounce-back effect from your neurotransmitters can make you feel even more uptight and wound up than before. Most drugs have a boomerang effect, causing even more stress as they wear off and the cravings for more begin.

Using drugs or alcohol as an excuse to unwind is a common lie addicts tell themselves. Learning new and healthier ways to relax is critical for recovery.

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Effects Of Orally Ingesting Cocaine

Some people take cocaine orally by rubbing it on the gums or mixing it in a drink. Others wrap powder cocaine in a small piece of toilet paper or tissue and swallow it. This method of use is sometimes called parachuting or bombing.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, consuming cocaine by mouth can cause severe bowel decay.

Cocaine smugglers and drug dealers sometimes swallow large amounts of cocaine in condoms or balloons to hide it from law enforcement. The packets can easily break open inside the body and cause a fatal cocaine overdose.

Understanding The Signs Of Addiction

A drug addiction or alcohol use disorder can be difficult to identify without understanding the signs of addiction. Substance use disorders can change the way people look, how they act and how they feel, and the symptoms of drug abuse can be physical, behavioral and psychological in nature.

Not everyone who uses drugs or alcohol has a substance abuse problem. However, about 10% of Americans struggle with substance abuse. Understanding the signs and symptoms of drug addiction is the first step towards getting help.

Fortunately for concerned family members and friends, many characteristics of addiction are easy to identify, and many types of drug addictions share similar signs and symptoms. If someone can recognize the symptoms of addiction, they may be able to help a friend or family member who struggles with this disease.

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Questions To Ask People Close To Your Loved One

You may see more or less of your loved ones struggle with addiction, depending on who they are to you. If you are worried about your spouse or another family member you live with, youll see them every day and have a clearer picture of what has been happening. If you are worried about a family member or friend you do not live with, it may be more difficult to see warning signs and decide how to talk about addiction.

You can speak to other people who care about your loved one. Be sure to talk to people who you can trust to have your family member or friends best interests at heart. These questions can help you get a better understanding of how to talk to your loved one, and they may get others thinking about how they can help, too.

Depression And Video Game Addiction

Lying Through Addiction: How To Tell When Someone Is On Drugs

Two recent studies concerning the ties between video game addiction and depression showed an alarming correlation between the two. If you suffer from both conditions, its important to seek help at a treatment facility that can address both issues. If you attempt to treat the video game addiction without treating the underlying depression, the addiction is more likely to recur.

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I Can Still Do What Ive Always Done

Like the lie about stopping anytime, addicts tell themselves they can still do the same activities theyve always done even when their substance abuse has hurt their health. They may not realize the toll that drinking and substance abuse have taken on their mental and physical health.

Substance abuse takes over a persons life to the point where they no longer exercise, get enough sleep or eat a healthy diet. All of this takes a toll on a persons ability to think clearly and participate in many activities they once loved.

Spouse Abusing Drugs Or Alcohol: The Physical Symptoms

  • Change in sleep patterns An addicted spouse is certainly going to affect you on a whole host of different levels. Your relationship will suffer, and often you wont even be sleeping with them. People who are abusing substances can sometimes sleep for long periods of time when not using, and then stay up for days on end when they are high. Lack of sleep can cause irritability, and an inability to work or function properly.Many medical studies have been conducted to research changes to normal sleep architecture and substance abuse. For example, it has been found that:
  • Cocaine will suppress REM sleep, and decrease the total length of time you sleep.
  • Amphetamines have a similarly detrimental effect.
  • The Sativa constituent of cannabis causes sedation, while cannabidiol will cause you to be more active.
  • Heroin both causes the user to wake and to fall asleep and results in a slower progression to the REM state.
  • Alcoholism causes major negative changes in sleep quality, but sleep patterns can also be affected by behavioral changes -for example, a clear sign of alcoholism is that your spouse will stay up well past everyone else so they can continue drinking.
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    Option 3 Talk To Your Boss

    Should you tell the boss? In some situations, you might have to. But its important, whatever size company you work for, to consider the most professional way to approach a coworkers drug problem and one that doesnt compromise anyones safety.

    Someone who is obviously impaired and operating dangerous machinery needs to be reported immediately, and so should any other situation where safety might be an issue. Many companies have protocols for reporting these kinds of concerns anonymously, if necessary.

    Drug addiction in the workplace can affect everyone, not just the addicted individual. Knowing how to tell if someone is addicted to drugs can save jobs, money and lives.

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    Find The Right Moment

    Rewriting The Story Of My Addiction | Jo Harvey Weatherford | TEDxUniversityofNevada

    When you have an addiction problem, it is important to act quickly. Medical experts rarely champion waiting. Your issue could worsen by the day. It is also not recommended to broach the topic in a busy restaurant or while attending a sporting event. Approach your family or friends in a comfortable, quiet location when everyone is calm and ready to talk. If they get angry or emotional a realistic possibility stay calm.

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    I Love Seeing You In Such Good Spirits

    When you see your loved one happy and feeling positive, acknowledge it and tell them this. It makes them realize how far theyve come and that their hard work is paying off. Now, they are learning that true happiness doesnt come from an external substance but, rather, from the inside.

    Are you or someone you love ready to get help? Browse our directory of rehab centers or call to inquire about addiction specialists in your area.

    She Promises To Stop Her Behavior But Never Can

  • Sex addicts often go through a cycle of addiction. She might realize that her preoccupation with sex is harming her, so she promises to herself that shell change. This might work for a little while, but eventually, she will most likely fall back into her obsessive ways.XResearch source
  • Maybe youve talked to her about how often you two have sex, and youve expressed that her constant need for it makes you uncomfortable. She might be able to hold off for a few weeks , but then she falls right back into pressuring you or coming onto you.
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    She Feels Guilty Or Remorseful After Having Sex

  • Feelings of shame often indicate an unhealthy relationship with sex. Theres nothing wrong with having sex, as long as both parties are consenting adults. However, you might notice that although she loves talking about sex and having it, she gets moody or sullen afterward.XTrustworthy SourceMayo ClinicEducational website from one of the world’s leading hospitalsGo to source
  • These feelings usually stem from being repressed or shamed for sexuality earlier in life. Try to encourage her to speak to a mental health professional to work through her emotions if you can.
  • Dont: Shame Or Criticize

    How To Identify Addiction

    Human nature sometimes forces us to shift the blame because its easier to understand a problem if we know its source. But the cause of addictions isnt so black and white, so theres never really just one thing to blame. Most importantly, the person with the addiction is not at fault for the disease.

    Avoid implying or outright stating that your loved one is to blame for their addiction. Shaming or criticizing a family member who is struggling with an Alcohol Addiction or an Opioid Addiction is often counterproductive to their Recovery. While tough love may have a small part in helping an alcoholic spouse, this is not the place for it.

    Part of practicing compassion for your loved one involves understanding that shaming your loved one may do them more harm than good. Instead, talk with positivity and encouragement, offering the idea of a future of successful long-term Recovery. Provide verbal and physical encouragement rather than lectures or nagging.

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    Don’t Act Like There Is An Easy Solution

    While the solution quitting sounds easy on paper, it is far from it. Some phrases to avoid include:

    • “Why can’t you just stop drinking”
    • “Pull it together”
    • “It’s not hard, just stop doing it”

    “Do not criticize, nag, or scold the person for their addiction,” says Brian Wind, MD, the chief clinical officer of Journey Pure and former co-chair of the American Psychological Association’s Advisory Committee for Employee Assistance. “It is often a coping mechanism, and the person may think you are trying to exert control over them. The frustration can lead them to turn to their addiction even more for relief.”

    Verbally acknowledge that this process will be challenging and that getting treatment for a substance use disorder is incredibly brave.

    How To Talk To An Addict In Denial

    How to talk to an addict all depends on where they are at in the stages of change. The first stage of change is called pre-contemplation. Most addicts and alcoholics are not at this stage. When you are faced with an addict in the precontemplation stage you will find they are in complete denial and see no need for change. To help an addict move out of the precontemplation stage they need to see the consequences of their addiction and behaviors. In clinical terms, this is called ambivalence. This occurs when the addict is able to recognize there are problems and starts to look at those problems and possible solutions to them.

    This brings us to the contemplation stage. At this stage, the addict will start to weigh the pros and cons of continued behavior and substance use. As professionals, we have found that just talking to them can be ineffective as the substance user will make decisions based on their maladaptive coping strategies. In other words, they often will choose the path of least resistance to solve those problems. Families are often able to change their behaviors of enabling and codependency. In doing so this can help the addict become accountable for their actions. What often occurs as a result of this strategy is the addict often makes changes much quicker and more effectively. Your loved one is more likely to see the problem and attempt to change when it is their problem and not yours. Consequences and accountability do help people look at things differently.

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