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App To Help With Addiction

What Does Teen Social Media Addiction Look Like

Apps to Stop Your Phone Addiction
  • Its known that teens and adults alike check their phones upwards of 150 times a day, and its been well-documented that our excessive access to social media and our obsession with our online appearance has had a significant impact on teens, including severe self-esteem issues and feelings of anxiety.
  • Social media not only promotes the decline in mental health for many teens, but it also becomes an easy outlet for online aggression and cyberbullying, further impacting a child emotionally.
  • An addiction to online media may lead a child to struggle to engage with others on a normal level, as well as affect their academic performance and chances for a future.
  • Addiction-levels of social media use can also negatively impact existing relationships, leading many teens to struggle to maintain a commitment to their partner or friends due to constant distractions and lack of attention.

Recovery Apps To Help You Stay Sober

Modern smartphones and apps have revolutionized how we communicate, and how we engage with sobriety and recovery. Just a decade ago things were very different for those in recovery. Days spent in sobriety would need to be counted with pen and paper, or a good memory. AA and 12-Step meetings would need to be done in person. Now, apps offer both of these features in digital form, and much more.

As technology continues to advance, so too will the ways we interact with sobriety and recovery on a daily basis. In that respect, here are 3 recovery apps to help you stay sober.

Best Addiction Recovery Apps For 2021

Dena Westphalen


Addiction recovery is a difficult process that is often stigmatized and isolating. Many apps, however, are available to help ease the process, whether youre looking for a like-minded sober community or more accountability. Some apps are meant to be used with a treatment program or can be used on their own.

Choosing Therapys reviews are the result of first-hand testing, thorough research, and transparent methodology. Our reviewers are editorially independent so you can trust their recommendations. Some companies reviewed may also be marketing partners. Learn more about our editorial standards, review process, and

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Treatment For Addiction In Southern California

Again, we want to emphasize that while a sobriety app or alcohol app can have benefits when youre in recovery, they dont replace the need for individualized, evidence-based treatment for addiction. For that, contact our team to learn more about available program options.

If youre interested in getting to the root cause of your long term drug or alcohol abuseCovenant Hills Treatment is here to help when youre ready, call us at .

What Can I Do To Prevent Social Media Addiction

BreakFree for Android Reveals Your Smartphone Addiction Levels

Social media, being now readily available to anyone with modern communicative technologies, has inherently made it possible for communication without limitations of distance, language, or even areas of cell phone service. Popular platforms, such as Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook provide billions of people worldwide with connection to anyone, with little intervention as to how much time or how the time is used on the platform.

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Choose The Right App To Help You Curb Smartphone Addiction

Nearly all of the apps on our list offer free versions with all of the basic features you need to track and manage your smartphone usage, meaning its up to you to test each app to find the one thats right for you. We recommend reading user reviews to learn more about how each of these apps helps users block out distractions and stay focused on their work.

This App Has So Many Awesome Things About It

This is a pretty cool app actually. Its awesome because you can track multiple addictions. Like for me Im in recovery for alcohol and drugs but I also quit smoking like a month into my recovery so now I can also track that. It lets you put in how much you think you spent a day on your addiction in both money and hours and its pretty cool to see how much Ive saved money wise. I had no idea how much I was spending a day on drugs and cigarettes. It blows my mind! It also sends you positive quotes and motivational quotes. You can buy extra packs of motivation for like a dollar and the one I got gives me exercises to try every once in a while. But I think the coolest part about it is it lets you review your day at the end of the day and you get to say whether or not you made your pledge how the day went from impossible to easy and then you put what activities youve done and then it gives you like a little text journal and you can journal a little bit about your day. Yesterday was a really hard day for me and after I submitted it it has a pop up that said its tough. Were rooting for you! And I thought that was pretty cool. Little things like that make me happy. It also calculates milestones and shows you how many other people are teaching that milestone with you. I mean this app has so many awesome things about it! Just download the app and try it out and youll see just how awesome it is!! (:

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Finding A Therapist Who Can Help You With Addiction

There are a variety of professionals who can help you overcome your addiction, including counselors, caseworkers, and therapists. If your addiction is interfering with your ability to complete work or life obligations, you may want to find a therapist who can help. Search for one in your area using an online directory.

Instagrams Impact On Young People

Hold app helps students tackle tech addiction | ITV News

In October of this year, a former employee of Meta supplied a series of internal documents to journalists. Known as The Facebook Papers, these documents revealed that the tech conglomerate had conducted research on how Instagram can impact the teens who use their app. Metas data showed that 1/3rd of teenage girls reported that Instagram made them feel worse about their bodies.

One of the insider documents, released by France Haugen, reads, Comparisons on Instagram can change how young women view and describe themselves.

Even with the knowledge of the potential damage to mental health and body image, the company had not made any changes to their services or engagement techniques. In response to the whistle blowers claims, a bipartisan group of state attorney generals initiated an investigation into Meta. The 11 states involved in this investigation intend on examining how Instagram works to increase frequency and engagement specifically for young people.

Meta claims that the initial reporting of their data lacked context and did not include important information. They insist that the survey of young girls included 12 issues total and that using Instagram made them feel better in all of the 11 other categories.

The company has also halted the development of a previously announced version of Instagram intended for only children to use.

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Benefits Of Addiction Recovery Apps

Apps for addiction recovery come with a number of benefits including:

  • They provide you with support instantaneously. You typically take your smartphone wherever you go, which means you have constant and immediate access to this recovery resource. Whether youre experiencing feelings of vulnerability or cravings that seem to come out of nowhere, mobile applications for addiction recovery are a great resource to have right at your fingertips.
  • They are anonymous. You can access the apps discreetly. This allows you to benefit in your recovery even in public places without having to worry about what other people think.
  • They offer you a multitude of recovery resources. You get a great deal of resources from just one recovery app. No matter where you go, you can have instant access to written or audio material right in immediate reach.
  • They are inexpensive. Many apps are free to download and use, and the paid apps are very affordable.

Most people today use their smartphones and other electronic devices to connect with others, make purchases, manage their schedules, gain information, and navigate their way around. Now, you can also get help with your recovery by using your smartphone.

Taking accountability and setting yourself up with goals is important and a crucial part of maintaining long-term addiction recovery. Any of these apps can help you, after you have completed your treatment program here at 12 Keys Rehab, to achieve your goals no matter if they are short or long-term.

Best Iphone & Android Apps To Help Beat P**n Addiction

As an Amazon Associate & Affiliate Partners of several other brands we earn from qualifying purchases.

We cant deny that p**n and adult entertainment videos are a guilty pleasure for most people. If you are one of those who have had a bad experience with this addiction, it is time you work on getting rid of it for good. While old school people try to exchange p**n in discrete ways, things have changed with the internets growing popularity.

P**n has become a part of every users life now, and some people inadvertently get addicted to it. There could be several reasons behind the addiction. From an unsatisfied sex life to a mere addiction to watching people in action, the list goes on. Then again, the reasons you are addicted to p**n are the reasons you need to give up on it for good.

While its okay to explore new kinks, fetishes, and sexualities, it is never okay to get addicted to anything that could take a toll on your health in the long run. If you have problems with this addiction, we have put together a list of the best applications for Android and iOS platforms that can help you get rid of the addiction for good.

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I Became A Sober Believer

Cost: $0.99

This Addiction Recovery app, developed by recovering addicts, has incredible features that can help people transition and take the first steps toward recovery. Because its GUI is enjoyable and user-friendly, it is suitable for users of all ages.

It has a long list of features, including:

  • Checking in on your emotional state regularly
  • Write daily exercises and gratitude lists
  • Set reminders to get a service from mentors
  • The big book is open for quick reference.
  • The email feature allows users to share what they have achieved with their family, friends or even colleagues.

Daily Reflections On Step Meditation

Addiction Treatment in Dayton Through an App

Cost: Free

This Addiction Recovery app features hundreds of insight meditation that are simple to follow, and also calming music, blessings, and 12-step counselling audio. This application features a meditation clock, soothing sounds, everyday inspiration, and the ability to layer sounds and create your sound mixes to help you make meditation a habit while recovering. You can create your own relaxation playlist using the app. To gain access to all of the content, you must sign up for a subscription. Then you can decide how much youd like to pay. Whether youll be distracted and wont become able to attend meetings, this is a perfect way to keep up with the measures.

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How Apps Can Help

Dr. Jaimee Heffner, PhD, and an assistant member of the Cancer Prevention Program at the Public Health Sciences Division at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center in Washington, helped develop a smartphone app called Smart Quit.

The app uses ACT to help people be more cognitive of their urges and their desire to smoke. The app also utilizes therapeutic techniques to help people overcome their desire to smoke.

Heffner said there are a number of ways that apps can help people with addiction issues, such as those addicted to nicotine.

Theyre low cost, and theyre available at any time and place, she told Healthline. Thats generally not true for any type of treatment that is delivered by a person.

She pointed out that it can be difficult and time consuming to make appointments with a medical provider and get transportation or child care with traditional addiction treatment.

Theres also a stigma around seeking help for substance use or any other type of mental health issue, which adds another layer of difficulty to getting assistance, she said. Apps cant fully replace what a healthcare provider can offer, but they can be a great starting point or a tool to use alongside other types of assistance.

Using Apps To Cope With Addiction

Just be sure to keep it all in perspective. While apps can be an excellent tool during your recovery treatment, they certainly cannot replace attending 12-step meetings or consulting with your healthcare provider. This article highlights 10 apps that were chosen for their affordability, accessibility, and evidence-based principles that can supplement your treatment and journey to recovery.

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Overcome P**n: 40 Days Challenge

Just the name of the platform should be enough to make you understand the motto behind the app. Sometimes, the best results are achieved when individuals push through their boundaries and overcome the shortcomings for good. With this app, you get 40 days to overcome this p**n addiction without any hassle at all.

It includes articles, podcasts, or blogs that you can read to enrich your knowledge about p**nography and how wrong some things are in the industry. Once you complete a days challenge, you move onto the next stage of the challenge. You are notified of the things you need to do next and thereby completely overcome the addiction in 40 days, provided you follow everything.

Apps To Help Fix Your Phone Addiction Once And For All

Researchers testing app to help with alcohol addiction


How many times a day do you idly pick up your phone and start scrolling?

Whether youre committed to dozens of WhatsApp group chats, cant stop checking Instagram, or couldnt possibly get through 24 hours without checking Donald Trumps latest tirade on Twitter youre certainly not alone.

Our own Ryan Tubridy went on his own digital detox last year, and sang its praises.

It seems more and more of us are cottoning on to the damaging effects of being too smartphone dependent and app developers are responding, with tech that can monitor and help limit usage.

Need some of this in your life? Here are six apps designed to help slash the amount of time you waste staring into the palm of your hand

1. Forest

Getting into a state of hyper-focus isnt always easy, but if deadlines wont force you to put down your phone, being responsible for the destruction of a virtual forest might just do it.

This quirky app is specifically designed to keep you productive. You set a timer for up to two hours at a time, and the app plants a digital seed into the ground when youre ready to knuckle down to some hard graft. In the time that your phone is left untouched, the seed grows into a lush leafy tree a visual representation of your phone-free progress. If you leave the app to answer a text though, your trees will wither away and die, forcing you to start all over again. Trust us, its not a pretty sight. Theres also a library of relaxing music and natural sounds.

2. Flipd

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For Those Who Like Setting Their Own Rules: Appdetox

If you prefer an app thats a bit more customizable, consider AppDetox. You can set your own rules on which apps you want to detox from, and then set them aside with an applocker. Plus, every time you break a rule, youll get a notification, and be pushed to keep track of your violations in a log the log of shame.

Social Media: Mental Health Effects And Side Effects

A causal link is generally difficult to prove, but at least in one study among 143 students at the University of Pennsylvania, social media were proven to have a causative effect on depression and feelings of loneliness.

  • Find a more extensive summary of research findings here.

We can all but equate smartphone addiction to social media addiction most of our usage of our smartphones comes from the usage of social media, as mentioned before, and most of that usage goes to the five major ones being , Whatsapp,

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How To Detox From Your Social Media Addiction

All New Net Nanny® Toms Guide #1 Rated Parental Control App

Instant Search Reports, Alerts for App Usage, & Blocking of Inappropriate Content.

How many times have you found yourself in the dark, scrolling through or feeds until its past your bedtime? Do you find yourself checking into your favorite social media platform multiple times throughout the day, or better still, insisting on taking a photo for before taking a bite, every time you eat out?

Do these questions describe you or a member of your family? You might not realize it, but social media addiction may have crept into your familys life. If youre looking for a solution for yourself or your family, try using a Social Media Contract to help regulate internet use on phones and tablets.

Reply From Notifications Instead Of Opening The App To Reply


This trick helps you to stay away from distractions within the apps while still replying quickly. You can pull down or long press a notification to show the reply sheet. Not only Messaging apps are supported, also Instagram for example. This helps you to stay away from other distractions that might pop up once you open the app itself: Because Instagram and Twitter know exactly what you like and how to capture your attention within seconds.

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