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Drug Addiction Rehab Center New Hampshire

How To Find & Choose A Drug Rehab Center In New Hampshire

Cold Turkey: New Hampshire’s Prison Detox

In the state of New Hampshire, addiction treatment falls under the responsibilities of the New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services.

This department, along with the Bureau of Drug and Alcohol Services, is responsible for providing oversight, as well as certifying specific treatment facilities.

Patients interested in enrolling in substance abuse treatment programs in New Hampshire can use a variety of different resources to find the appropriate care:

To select the best drug treatment program for your needs in New Hampshire, look for a recovery program that:

  • is certified by the state, which means it meets specific standards of quality
  • is staffed by licensed treatment professionals who hold a valid license from the New Hampshire Board of Licensing for Alcohol and Other Drug Use Professionals.
  • offers treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders, such as depression or PTSD, that often complicates addiction
  • offers evidence-based treatment options backed by research studies
  • customizes treatment plans to meet the needs of each individual patient

As you compare different treatment programs, you may also need to consider other factors, such as your personal goals for treatment and the cost of each substance abuse program.

Choose a city below to find a rehab center near you:

  • residential withdrawal management services
  • recovery support services

Serving New Hampshire Massachusetts And Southern Maine

With our convenient Seacoast locations in Greenland, New Hampshire, we are accessible to people in both Northern Massachusetts and even Southern Maine. No matter if you are coming from Massachusetts Southern Maine , or New Hampshire if you can make it here safely and regularly for IOP meetings we can accommodate.

ARS has also been offering services via telehealth throughout the pandemic. We will continue to give people the choice to be in person or on telehealth as long as there is a need.

Also we are happy to discuss out-of-state insurance plans and how they work. Please contact us for more information.

Support And Healingfor Loved Ones

Love is a strong ally for recovery. Whether youre looking to start your own journey to recovery from addiction or are an individual worried about your loved one, we are dedicated to offering support for all. We are proud to offer numerous services designed to help family and friends understand addiction and recovery, allowing loved ones to heal and grow together.

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Your Recovery Is Our Goal

We help adults who wish to reclaim their lives from addiction to alcohol and other drugs. We offer several levels of treatment, including detox , residential, medication assisted treatment, telehealth, and outpatient clinical services so you can receive the treatment thats appropriate for your addiction recovery needs.

There are many roads to recovery.

Farnum offers individualized care in a treatment program that will best support you.

At Farnum, our goal is your goal: a life free from addiction. We know there are many paths to recovery. Let us help you find the one thats right for you.

Drug Rehab In New Hampshire

10 Best Detox And Drug Rehab Centers In New Hampshire

Dealing with Drug addiction can be too tiring, especially if it has consumed your well-being. Drug rehab in New Hampshire will help you figure out yourself and even live a better lifestyle. New Hampshire drug rehab takes pride in assisting individuals who struggle with substance abuse. It is a haven you can get comfortable with and even discover people who share the same struggles. Dare to be different and live a life away from addiction with a drug rehab near New Hampshire. Live a life away from toxicity with Drug rehab for New Hampshire.

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Using Insurance For Addiction Treatment In New Hampshire

Addiction treatment in New Hampshire may be funded by public insurance , private insurance, and/or state resources. If you have private insurance, you can begin the process of enrolling in addiction treatment by:

  • speaking with your primary healthcare provider about a referral for addiction treatment
  • checking with your insurance company or local addiction treatment programs to find out which ones will be covered by your policy
  • Contacting the NH Insurance Department Consumer Hotline at 1-800-852-3416 for assistance

Drug And Alcohol Addiction Rehab New Hampshire

Some of the first steps of How To Find Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab New Hampshire:

To find a rehab center near you, you can start your search with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Use their Directory of Single State Agencies for Substance Abuse Services to find the local resource to contact in your state. Be prepared to verify your income, whether you have any insurance and any need for financial support before you can enroll.

For some individuals, any monetary cost of alcohol or drug addiction rehab is too much. For people living in poverty and those who are unemployed, even homeless, and struggling with the physical, emotional, and financial cost of addiction, the idea of entering a treatment program seems impossible because there is simply no money available. Because many treatment programs are beyond the ability of these individuals or their families to afford, some of them attempt a potentially dangerous cold-turkey or at-home detox, or other treatment methods that are not evidence-based. Some of these individuals, even though they want to move past their addictions, give up on the idea of rehab altogether simply based on the inability to pay.

Some of the first steps of How To Find Drug and Alcohol Addiction Rehab New Hampshire:

Joint Commission Accredited Facility. Most major insurance companies accepted.

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Common Objections To Residential Treatment

NFA Behavioral Health is a residential treatment center in NH. Our facility is a quiet and peaceful setting, which is excellent for healing from substance abuse.

However, some people still hesitate to enter treatment. They dont want to spend a few weeks away from home. They wonder if its necessary to choose a residential drug rehab center in the first place. NFA Behavioral Healths residential drug rehab center in New Hampshire is ideal for clients with severe addictions. If youve tried quitting on your own on numerous occasions only to relapse, then we can help.

Maybe you have a difficult time drumming up the motivation to keep going. For some, the home environment has too many triggers. Life with your family could also be stressful. Similarly, going to work every day while fighting addiction isnt realistic.

Of course, some clients live with others with drug abuse issues. Its virtually impossible to get sober this way. Maybe youre in a codependent relationship and need space to heal. Living at the residential drug rehab center makes this possible.

Besides that, its a safe place that shields you from these and other problems.

Latitudes Treatment Center St Paul Minnesota

NH has gap in youth addiction services with closure of treatment center

Latitudes is a LGBTQ inpatient treatment program for alcohol addiction and drug use that is available through Meridian Behavioral Health.

This drug rehab center in St. Paul, MN serves LGBTQ people over the age of 18. They provide a secure environment where healing can occur without judgment.

Latitudes is a Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities accredited treatment facility.

Their recovery program specializes in evidence-based treatment approaches that have proven successful with substance use disorders and co-occurring disorders.

Treatment plans include 24 hour medical services, mental health treatment, trauma-informed therapy, and dual diagnosis treatment.

Location and contact information:

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New Hampshire Drug Rehab Treatments & Withdrawals

New Hampshire drug rehab aims to treat drug addicts who struggle with substance abuse. Change your ways and choose to live a better life with Drug rehab in New Hampshire. Feel the sense of hope and fulfillment youll endure through different treatments and procedures at a drug rehab in New Hampshire. Get treatment and care from Drug rehab for New Hampshire to achieve sobriety.

Seek assistance and help in New Hampshire drug rehab. New Hampshire drug rehab has the best experts to guide you to a road to recovery. Drug rehab in New Hampshire will help you regain your willingness to live and treat your addiction and withdrawal issues. New Hampshire drug rehab is your go-to place to beat addiction.

  • Opioid treatment and withdrawals are offered at a drug rehab in New Hampshire. In NH drug rehab, find a better life.

New Hampshire Addiction And Treatment

  • As per the updated reports the substance abuse and Mental Health Services Administrations, the consumption of alcohol and drug had declined with the help of rehab centers from 64 to 57 in the year 1992 to 2006. In spite of the reality, the number of individuals was admitted for addiction treatment. The addition of alcohol and drug increased to 6,234 in 2010
  • The national epidemic of the country was drug abuse and the numbers were continuously raising. The cheapest replacement was Heroin when compared to opiates and it cracks down as pills, cost of opiates become too expensive
  • In the year 2010, about 424 individuals were admitted for drug rehab and cocaine addiction by smoking and injecting the drug in the body
  • According to the 2010 report, the total number of people who had entered drug rehab centers in New Hampshire for heroin consumption reached 907. Out of these numbers, 57.9% were men and 42.1% were women. The age group who had got treated with this was between the 21-25
  • Since there was more frequent consumption of Marijuana in New Hampshire, were found 22% of THC content in it which was extremely powerful. During the year 2009, residents reported that using marijuana at least once a month with the percent of 26
  • The leading treatment in New Hampshire was the prescribed drugs including opiates, along with heroin and marijuana. According to the prescription report in the year 2010, there were 1,146 people admitted to prescription drugs

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New Hampshire Treatment Facts

Lets also take a look at some treatment facts and statistics for the state:

  • 2013 to 2017: enrollment in treatment programs increased by nearly 30%.
  • 2016 to 2017: 31,000 residents needed but did not receive treatment for drug addiction. Additionally, 69,000 residents needed but did not receive treatment for alcohol addiction.
  • 2017: 75.0% of patients received treatment for a drug problem only, 8.1% for an alcohol problem only, and 16.9% for both.
  • 2019: 84% of treatment admissions involved opioids.

The state has also developed an innovative method for dealing with its addiction epidemic: the Safe Station program. This program designates any fire station as a safe haven for addicts seeking treatment. They can simply walk into the fire station and ask for help. From there, they surrender any drugs or paraphernalia, undergo a medical assessment, and are then directed to a treatment facility.

What Is Outpatient Treatment

10 Best Detox And Drug Rehab Centers In New Hampshire

This is a form of addiction treatment that does not require you to live at the actual treatment facility. In other words, you can continue with your regular lifegoing to work or schoolwhile still getting treatment. Northeast Addictions Treatment Center offers Intensive Outpatient Programs . This is an intensive form of outpatient treatment that fulfills much of what inpatient rehab does at a fraction of the cost.

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Green Mountain Drug Rehab Center In Effingham Nh

Green Mountain Treatment Center is part of a decade long legacy of providing fantastic, high-quality addiction treatment to the New England area. Our drug rehab center in Effingham, NH is a picturesque location in which to recover from substance abuse issues. From detox to therapy to aftercare options, we provide multiple levels of care for every step of your recovery. Green Mountain Treatments unique blend of evidence-based and holistic therapies allows every client to find a balance in their recovery that fulfills their exact needs.

List Of Lgbtq+ Drug Rehab Centers In Minnesota

A successful addiction treatment program relies on a number of factors. Your own sense of security is one of the most important.

In order to help you find LGBTQ+ friendly addiction treatment, our team has put together a list of facilities and resources. Each facility is chosen for its accreditations, ratings, and additional programs.

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Recovering Hope Treatment Center Minneapolis Minnesota

Recovering Hope Treatment Center is a drug and alcohol rehab center north of Minneapolis in Mora, MN.

They offer services to the general population without specialized programming for LGBTQ+ people.

Even so, they aim to create an inclusive environment that makes space for everyone regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.

This rehab center offers inpatient residential services as well as outpatient treatment. High-intensity and medium-intensity options are available for residential treatment.

In addition to therapy and support groups, Recovering Hope offers medication management as well as eye movement and desensitization reprocessing .

Location and contact information:

  • dysphoria
  • internalized homophobia

All of these factors have the potential to increase the risk of a multitude of mental health disorders, especially anxiety and depression.

Mental health disorders are a known risk factor for substance abuse, as alcohol and illicit drugs are common forms of self-medication when mental health issues are not properly treated.

Nh Alcohol And Drug Treatment Locator

The First Week of Drug Rehab at Green Mountain Treatment Center

Treatment for problems with alcohol and/or other drugs is available.

  • Pregnant or Parenting Women Specialty
  • Military and Veterans Specialty
  • Gender-Specific Men or Women Specialty
  • Payer/Payment Type Accepted

  • Medicaid/Medicare/Expanded Medicaid
  • Private Insurers
  • TriCare
  • Self Pay
  • This website lists treatment agencies and individual practitioners offering substance use disorder services, including evaluation , withdrawal management , outpatient counseling, residential treatment, recovery supports and other types of services.

    If this is your first time using the locator, please start by visiting the How To Use page to find appropriate treatment services.

    If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call 911 or if you or someone you know is experiencing a substance use or addiction-related crisis, call 2-1-1.

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    Other Treatment Options At Nfa Behavioral Health

    Of course, NFA Behavioral Health is not just a residential drug rehab center. We also work with clients who are part of our intensive outpatient program. Frequently, these are program participants who stepped down from inpatient care. Its a great way to return to independent living gradually.

    Eventually, you might participate in our basic outpatient care setup, which is a part-time approach to therapy. Youre still participating in 12 Step groups. Moreover, theres the opportunity to enter a sober living home. However, the part-time rehab setting encourages you to return to work.

    It eases reintegration and prevents the sudden stop to the treatment that you came to rely on. All along, therapists prepare you for this step. They teach you how to avoid a relapse. They also help you ground yourself in the present to cut down on anxiety and stress.

    Our Approach To Addiction Treatment

    GateHouses treatment facilities offer a unique mix of alcohol and drug abuse treatment programs. Our devoted, enthusiastic staff provides the life skills and development needed to help you get clean and sober. We also offer access to a variety of support groups for clients and family members. Whether youre addicted to prescription opioids, meth or alcohol, we have many types of treatment options for you.

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    Understanding Your Treatment Options

    People suffering from substance abuse and addiction disorder in New Hampshire have a choice of several treatment options. However, some people are not aware of the treatment options that are available to them, and usually just go with the one they are offered at the rehab facility. Unfortunately, given that addiction is a complex disorder, and that it does not have a universal treatment, this means that there is a risk that the offered treatment might not work.

    It is for this reason why it is important to understand all of the available treatment options that are available for you at a New Hampshire drug rehab center. Once you understand all the options, you can be able to choose the most suitable treatment for your or your loved one. Below is a look at some of the top treatment options that are offered by drug rehab centers in New Hampshire.

    Inpatient Drug Rehab Programs

    10 Best Detox And Drug Rehab Centers In New Hampshire

    Inpatient or residential drug rehab programs in New Hampshire take several forms with different levels of intensity.

    In high-intensity programs, you will experience high levels of structure and support, as well as more intensive treatment services. Low-intensity residential treatment programs, on the other hand, provide less structure and are designed to help you prepare for your return to society.

    Many patients with alcohol or drug addiction will begin with a high-intensity program and transition to a low-intensity program after they have progressed to a certain point.

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    Do Lbgtq+ Rehab Centers Offer Hormone Replacement Therapy For Transgender Individuals

    If your LGBTQ+ drug rehab center offers medication management, they may be able to manage your hormone replacement therapy during inpatient treatment.

    When this is not possible, you may have to work out a system with your primary care provider to ensure that your treatment is managed throughout your recovery.

    Addiction By The Numbers

    • Drug overdose deaths in New Hampshire have almost tripled since 2010, going from 13.45 per 100,000 that year to 36.53 per 100,000 in 2016.1
    • New Hampshire has the 8th-highest rate of drug use as a percent of the population among states.3
    • Past-year marijuana use among those 12 and older in New Hampshire was 17.35% in 2015, compared to the 13.36% national average.7
    • Past-year alcohol use disorder for people age 12 and older in 2014-2015 was 7.2%, compared to a national average of 6.1%.6
    • Past-month marijuana use among youth age 12-17 was 9.4% in 2014-2015, compared to 7.2% nationwide, while past-month alcohol use among youth was 13.1% in 2014-2015, compared to 10.6% nationwide.6
    • The number of people enrolled in substance abuse treatment in New Hampshire, according to single-day counts, increased from 6,702 in 2013 to 8,164 in 2015.6
    • In 2015, 59.5% of people in rehab programs in New Hampshire sought help for a drug problem only, 26.1% sought help for both a drug and an alcohol problem, and 14.5% sought help for an alcohol problem only.6

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