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Holistic Addiction Treatment Center California

Accommodation Amenities And Services

Affordable Holistic Palm Springs, CA Drug Rehab Treatment Ctr

As long as youre not going to sign up for inpatient treatment, you shouldnt stress about the amenities or accommodation much.

For patients requiring residential therapy, the quality of amenities and accommodation can play a fundamental role in their therapeutic process. When people feel relaxed, pampered, and well taken care of, they may focus on their healing a lot better. Fantastic location, great amenities, and accommodation are offered to all patients of the Holistic Sanctuary. Private rooms with private bathrooms, access to spa and gym, great food, and non-GMO meals are provided daily.

Lets not forget that a low staff-to-patient ratio makes a difference too. At the Holistic Sanctuary, every patient benefits from the attention and care of a high number of professionals 24/7. When theres always someone watching you, the chance for staying on track is undoubtedly higher.

Benefits Of Holistic Treatment Centers

Individuals in search of an addiction treatment program that helps them achieve optimal wellness by focusing on a unified mind-body-spirit would likely find many benefits to choosing a holistic rehab center. Other benefits may include:

  • Focus on the health of the mind and the body.
  • Complementary and alternative medicine practices.
  • Unique, alternative treatment approaches, different from traditional rehab centers.
  • Varied approaches for pain and healing, e.g. chiropractic care, massage etc.
  • Improved ways to manage stress.
  • Emphasis on treating the whole person.
  • A relaxed environment to work on healing and recovery.
  • Focus on physical activity and movement.

Holistic Approaches To Rehabilitation

According to the Academy of Integrative Health & Medicine , there are a number of holistic rehabilitation approaches that can be utilized for the treatment of any person.1 These include:

  • Ayurveda Ayurvedic medicine incorporates meditation, yoga, and specific dietary guidelines to nurture a singular mind-body-spirit.
  • Chiropractic care.
  • Guided imagery.
  • Herbal therapy Herbal supplementation can augment healthy nutrition and be strategically utilized to detoxify and diminish unhealthy cravings.
  • Homeopathy Many homeopathic remedies can be used to supplement more traditional pharmacotherapeutic management of the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal.
  • Massage Massage therapy can provide a relaxing adjunct to treatment, providing stress relief and soothing the aches and pains as the body adjusts to a drug-free state.
  • Naturopathic medicine.
  • Nutritional interventions.
  • Reiki The harnessing of universal life force energy to begin a process of physical healing and increase relaxation. It can be helpful in alleviating some of the physical symptoms of withdrawal.

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Reach Out To Clear Life Recovery For Holistic And Traditional Rehab

Dont let the fear of paying for rehab in Southern California keep you from getting the treatment you need. Consider seeking treatment at Clear Life Recovery in Costa Mesa, California. We provide affordable treatment plans to aid your quest to overcome addiction. Some of the programs and services that we offer include:

  • Outdoor therapy

What Do The Numbers Say On Dependency In The Californian State

The Holistic Sanctuary

There are many discoveries in the last couple of years, which only help the industry professionals think of better therapy methods for their patients.

For instance, alcohol abuse is more common than any other kind of substance misuse. With 6% of the Californians meeting the criteria for alcohol dependency, we can understand why the focus at dependency treatment centers moves on alcohol dependency. Only 3% of the Californians seem to be addicted to illegal drugs.

Another aspect setting California apart from the other states is the reality that dependency is most common among young adults aged 18 to 25. Californians begin using and abusing drugs and alcohol in adolescence, and more than 50% of them have been using alcohol by 11th grade. As for drugs, the numbers are scary, with 40% of these young people using marijuana by 11th grade.

People lose control when using illegal drugs and alcohol, but its alcohol the leading cause for the non-fatal emergency visits in the Californian state. Unfortunately, more and more people have been using heroin, with the numbers of emergency visits tripling because of it between 2006 and 2017.

Dependency has a different aspect for Californians, which means that therapy for substance use disorders has to be changed.

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What Is Holisticaddiction Treatment

Holistic treatment has become a bit of a buzzword in the addiction therapy community, but many people are unaware of what it actually is and entails. In short, holistic addiction treatment involves treating the whole body, as opposed to just one part of your body, during the treatment process.

With traditional addiction treatment, you receive medical help for physical addiction and therapy to help unlearn harmful behavior. The treatment stops there. Though medical intervention is an important part of addiction treatment, it does not help you to improve your mind, body, and spirit in other ways at the same time. That is where holistic treatment exceeds a purely medical approach to addiction recovery.

Holistic addiction treatment centers in California provide both medical care and comprehensive treatments for addiction. All holistic addiction treatment centers should be equipped with top medical professionals and nursing staff to ensure you get the medical help you need.

At the same time, you will be able to participate in a number of enriching activities that can heal you from the inside out. For example, yoga can improve your physical health while teaching you breathing techniques and determination. You will participate in these holistic activities while receiving the medical care you need.

The Objectives Of Holistic Therapies

Even if the purposes of non-traditional treatments differ from one center to another, here are the most common objectives:

  • Finding the leading causes of addiction
  • Improving ones will to handle cravings
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Teaching the patients healthier and new ways to manage stress and daily challenges

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What Is Holistic Treatment

During the 20th century, health care was medically divided. There was 1 type of treatment to fix several symptoms. Issues having to do with the mind were usually treated with talk therapy. Issues of the body were treated with drugs and surgeries. Therefore, the body and mind were viewed as separate systems.

The 1970s brought the realization that treating only one type of addiction symptoms really only managed some of the addiction issues. Thus, this method didnt always help people improve their overall quality of life. The first national conference on holistic healing began a movement for alternative forms of care in the field of medicine and among therapists. This was the beginning in the surge of holistic psychotherapy.

Holistic psychotherapy is an approach that focuses on the relationship between body, mind, and spirit. It attempts to understand and look at the way issues in one part of a persons life can lead to problems in another. Individuals who follow holistic therapy for addiction may become more tuned into their entire selves. This, in turn, can promote a greater acceptance of the self.

Benefits Of Holistic Treatment

Journey Malibu Treatment Center – Holistic Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

One of the clearest benefits of holistic treatment is that it can increase patient buy-in.

Many people seek addiction treatment because they believe its time for them to get the help they need. But not everyone in treatment necessarily sees a need for it. According to the National Institutes on Drug Addiction, treatment doesnt need to be voluntary to be effective.

That means courts can order people to attend treatment instead of serving jail time.

Other people may agree to go to treatment just to appease their parents. In both cases, treatment can be effective, but therapists might need to work on the persons readiness to change.

Buy-in refers to a persons belief that treatment is necessary, potentially effective, and worth doing. Therapies like yoga, art therapy, music therapy, and others may offer people with enjoyable, positive experiences in treatment.

Traditionally, spiritual needs are addressed through 12-step programs like Alcoholics Anonymous.

However, alternative therapies may provide other options in addition to this common approach. It may also help people that are fatigued by chronic relapse engage in new treatment approaches.

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How Holistic Treatment Is Different From A 12

The 12-step program is rooted in a book published in 1939 that was a road map many struggling addicts have followed for decades. New evidence has caused a shift in the way addiction treatment providers approach addictions and help people recover. Some of the key issues with a 12-step program include the following:

Talking About Total Transformation

Many luxury treatment centers exist, but none can seamlessly blend sacred plant medicine, true holistic healing with 5-star accommodations the way The Holistic Sanctuary does. This relaxing but invigorating program, offered at a world class resort, is second to none.

Johnny Tabaie is the founder, creator, and director of The Holistic Sanctuary. Johnny created The Holistic Sanctuary after he healed himself from 20 years of trauma, depression and addiction to drugs and alcohol.


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How It Helps People Recover From Addiction

The core idea behind holistic healing is that many addictions and negative behaviors have roots in childhood experiences and emotional trauma.

Holistic healers believe that a particular persons issues may have developed for a specific reason, and addressing them directly can help the individual overcome those problems.

Ways in which holistic treatment programs may help people recover from addiction include:

Identifying the source of a persons addiction: Holistic healing programs begin with a thorough assessment of the individual in order to identify the source of his or her problems. This can help the individual understand why they are suffering and what they can do to overcome their addiction.

Treating the whole person: Many conventional treatments focus on treating the addiction directly, which may leave other issues unresolved. A holistic program is more likely to treat the whole person, which may help an individual recover from addiction more fully than conventional approaches.

Teaching individuals how to manage their feelings and emotions: Many people who struggle with addiction have difficulty managing their emotions and feelings. This can be a major hurdle to recovery, but one that a holistic program can help an individual overcome.

Our Holistic Residential Treatment Program

Holistic Opiate Addiction Treatment Center In Northern California

Whether you stay with us for 30 days or longer, our residential drug and trauma treatment program combines the cutting-edge science of Western medicine with ancient wisdom and healing modalities. By integrating holistic healing with the latest psychotherapies, nutraceuticals, and prescribed medications as needed, we treat the whole person mind, body, spirit and soul. Instead of following a typical disease model that manages symptoms rather than treating them, we seek to heal the root cause or trauma lying behind addiction.

Along with our integrative approach, we continue evolving, adding new treatments and services we believe can help individuals break free from addiction and trauma. A recent addition to our holistic program is our IV drip clinic. Offerings include Ketamine Assisted Treatment , NAD+ Therapy and other IV drips that support brain repair, boost immunity, address nervous system regulation and improve sleep. We are the only treatment center to fully integrate this service into our clients individual treatment plans.

Here are just a few benefits youll experience at The Sanctuary at Sedona:

  • Science-Based Recovery Program
  • 160 Clinical Hours per 30 Days
  • 22 Acre Campus, Designed for Recovery
  • Private Luxury Accommodations
  • The Best Organic Gourmet Food Available
  • Custom Nutraceutical Protocol

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Why Do Patients Choose Holistic Treatment Centers In California

Its not an easy answer, as there are so many aspects that count for recovery and healing. If we take a look at alcohol addiction, we know that conventional therapies consider it to be a chronic disease. Therefore, the main aim is to help the patient manage the symptoms, while the chance for complete recovery never exists.

The simple addiction treatment approach is one of the causes of the high risk of relapse when following a popular rehab program.

On the other hand, addiction is seen as an imbalance in ones life, so healing the mind, body, and soul is the healing solution. Holistic facilities dont focus on the addiction, but on identifying the causes and solving all the problems from the mental, emotional, and physical level. An alternative recovery center focuses on healing the person, not treating the addiction, which is why you should call us today.

The Goal Of Our Holistic Treatment Center

To understand the purpose of a holistic drug rehab center, it is first important to understand the ultimate goal of addiction recovery. Recovery is not something that takes place overnight. Even after completing an inpatient treatment program, maintaining sobriety is a daily challenge. The goal of a recovery program, then, is not to fix or cure the disease but rather to equip clients with the tools they need to mitigate stress, resist temptation, and maintain their sobriety over the long term.

Thats what makes the concept of holistic alcohol rehab so significant. Because the focus isnt purely on the external symptoms of the disease, but on the overall health and wellness of the individual, a holistic treatment approach can provide clients with a truly clean slate on which to build their recoveryand all the strategies needed to preserve sobriety over the long haul.

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Aton Center Holistic Healing And Evidence

Authored by

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, the rate of illicit drug use in California for individuals 12 and above and 18-25 years old is 10.47 and 24.09, respectively. Additionally, aside from drugs, alcohol addiction is also dominant in this state.

The question is, can AToN California recovery center offer support to these individuals struggling with substance use disorder?

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Program Referrals

Welcome to Iris Healing | Holistic Drug Rehab Centers

We have carefully handpicked inpatient or residential addiction treatment programs and mental health programs across the country and can help guide you to a program that fits your needs. If you are struggling with addiction and/or alcoholism, and are unable to quit or having difficulty staying sober, then an inpatient treatment program may be the best solution. By making the commitment to live in a dedicated residential recovery setting, you are making a powerful step toward your recovery. Whether you are seeking 12-step programs, non-12-step programs, holistic addiction treatment, medical detox, faith-based treatment, or non-faith-based treatment, we will work with you to find the program that best suits your needs. Bodhi Addiction Treatment and Wellness never charge for this service.

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What Are Examples Of Holistic Addiction Treatment

When you choose holistic addiction treatment in Sacramento, you might find some programs you werent aware could be part of addiction treatment. Holistic treatment options vary widely depending on need, but there are some common overlapping treatment options.

Yoga/Meditation: Yoga is one of the most impactful types of holistic treatment available. As such, it is used widely to help improve physical fitness, promote wellness, mindfulness, inner peace, and healthy living. Many clients continue to do yoga long after treatment has ended for the many benefits it provides.

Art/Music Therapy: These types of therapies provide excellent stress relief and also a better connection to the world around you. It helps give clients a deeper appreciation for things that they used to enjoy and a creative outlet for channeling their energy, both things that addiction can take away from people.

Nutritional Counseling: One of the things that addiction takes away from people most harmfully is their health. Nutritional counseling works to rebuild the body and give it back the things that it lost during addiction by developing healthy eating habits, improving the way clients look at food and their personal wellness, and helping to develop lifestyle changes that are better for long-term health.

How Do Holistic Therapies Work For Addiction Treatment

Comprehensive programs include non-medical and customized therapies for treating the person with addictions. At a non-traditional treatment center like the Holistic Sanctuary, complementary medicine therapists look into the physical and mental symptoms of addiction, but also take a close approach to the emotional and nutritional conditions lying underneath.

Insomnia, poor diet and emotional stress are all difficulties that conventional therapies skip on addressing. Flexibility is fundamental for the comprehensive treatments that focus on the particular needs of every single patient.

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Addiction Treatment And Wellness

If you or a loved one are in need of help for addiction or alcoholism, we are here to help. Our compassionate, knowledgeable experts understand the challenges you are facing and are dedicated to getting you the support and services you need to recover. Whether you are looking for an inpatient treatment program, outpatient services, professional intervention, addiction counseling, recovery coaching, mentorship, or holistic rehab California programs, we can help you find a program that works for your specific needs and budget. We are also experts in how to use your insurance to pay for addiction treatment programs and can provide services, referrals, and advice that work with your insurance. No insurance? No problem! Get in touch with us and well find a solution together. Our consultations are confidential and always 100% free of charge. Learn More

Incorporating Holistic Techniques For Substance Abuse Treatment

Facts About Passages Addiction Treatment Centers

In some cases, holistic approaches are used to augment certain aspects of more standard recovery efforts. In doing so, these approaches may help with:

  • Certain withdrawal symptoms .
  • Stress or other emotional issues that may have supported the development of compulsive patterns of substance use.
  • A lack of spiritual grounding.
  • Unhealthy eating habits and resulting malnutrition in conjunction with chronic substance use.

Some techniques, such as Reiki, aim to correct a theoretical energetic imbalance through body-energy manipulation.

Adherents of CAM practices advocate that they can improve chances of lasting recovery from substance use disorders.2 However, it is generally recommended that holistic therapies be used in combination with standard treatment efforts, and not as a replacement for more traditional, evidence-based approaches.

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