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Podcasts For Families Of Addicts

The Addiction Podcast The Point Of No Return

What Would You Steal From Your Ex? | Ep 231 | ShxtsnGigs Podcast

This one is a bit heavy but no less important. The Point of no Return is when the individual has come to a realization that they need and want help, the podcast shares. Each episode features a different guest sharing their experience in recovering from drug abuse and how they found the recovery they needed.

How Does Addiction Affect Family And Friends With Addictions To Other Substances And Behaviors

Of course, while opioids have been in the headlines for years now, they are not the only addictive substances. Alcohol addiction is another serious issue that can tear families apart.

And, in some regions, stimulant addiction, including meth or cocaine, is common. Each drug has unique characteristics that lead to unique issues for the family.

A drunk person is at risk for crashing their car, causing serious harm to others. Or, they may come home drunk, scaring their children, and causing a sense of instability in the house with their ongoing, routine alcohol intoxication.

A gambling addict tends to spend a lot of money and lose most or all of the money they spend on gambling. In extreme cases, they may spend all of their familys savings, and even go deep into debt.

Why do some addictions respond well to medical treatment and others do not? Most likely, it is because, while addictions share many traits in common, they are also different in how they manifest, based on the substance or behavior involved.

For example, a meth addict will tend to engage in self-harming behavior, persistently using their drug and staying awake for days and weeks, neglecting their hygiene and basic self-care. Yet, the meth addict may not cause financial ruin to their families, because meth is relatively cheap and long-lasting. And, many meth addicts are able to continue working, until their addiction pushes to an extent where they exhibit symptoms of serious mental illness.

Addiction Coping Strategies From The Verywell Mind Podcast

From behavioral addictions to substance use disorders, millions of people are affected by an addictioneither their own or that of a loved one. These can be some of the most dangerous and most difficult mental health conditions to deal with, but through the support of friends, family, and the right professional help, overcoming addiction is achievable.

On these episodes of The Verywell Mind Podcast with Amy Morin, LCSW, you’ll find expert strategies for overcoming addiction. Amy is joined by authors, mental health professionals, celebrities, and others who have faced addiction and come out the other side a stronger person.

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Podcast No : That Sober Guy

That Sober Guy is a podcast that serves as a mens guide on how to overcome alcoholism and drug addiction. It features the recovery stories of celebrities and ordinary people alike, as well as answers to listeners questions. Host and producer Shane Ramer has already recorded more than 350 episodes of this program. The program is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Podcasts.

Need Recovery Support While On The Go Here Are Eight Of The Best Addiction Recovery Podcasts Around

Families Navigating Addiction and Recovery Podcast

Recovery does not end with sobriety or even rehab, so its important to take advantage of resources that can help you maintain a substance-free future. For many, one incredibly helpful resource are podcasts. These radio-style chats are perfect for even the busiest lifestyle and can be listened to in the comfort of your own home or on the go.

Recovery podcasts are usually hosted by people who have experienced drug or alcohol addiction and decided to share their experiences and tips with others. Peer support is invaluable throughout recovery, so hearing the stories of others is always beneficial. If you dont know where to begin your listening experience, here are eight of the best addiction recovery podcasts weve found.

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Episode 1: Surviving The #$@* Storm: How To Learn From Adversity And Increase Resiliency Within Your Family System

Parenting is hard enough without Covid-19 and the additional stress added to a family. Along with the rapid changes in education, socializing, and family dynamics, our parenting has changed from the days when we were kids. Prevention is key today when raising a family. Learn what resiliency is, why it is important and ways to increase self-awareness for ourselves and families. It is important to teach healthy coping skills for your family so that they can divert larger obstacles in a confident manner.Presenter: Deanna Marincic MSW LCSW, Owner Gals Institute LLC, Founder/President Gals On The Go Project Foundation

Episode 2: Conversations With Counselors #2

12 step, acoa, addiction, adult children of alcoholics uplifting, al-anon, alanon, alcoholics anonymous, alcoholism, coda, families anonymous, family, hope, nar-anon, naranon, narcotics anonymous, recovery, self-help, smart recovery, uplifting

In this interview, counselor Paige Majko talks about her personal and professional relationship with addiction and recovery, including her work with families affected by addiction, and what recovery has done for her family.

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Episode : The Guardian Initiative For Veterans And First Responders Part One

Erika Unberhagen talks about The Guardian Initiative at Windmill Wellness Ranch, a program for first responders and veterans, and her own experiences in law enforcement and addiction that led her to do this work.Special Guest: Erika Unberhagen, LMSW.Support Addiction and the Family

Podcast No : A Sober Girls Guide

Garth Davis, MD On The Misplaced Obsession With Protein | Rich Roll Podcast | ROLLBACK

A Sober Girls Guide is a podcast targeted towards women who are undergoing recovery from drug and alcohol dependence. This podcast by Jessica Jeboult highlights open, honest discussions on fitness, mental health, wellness, spirituality, self-development, dating, relationships, and sober sex in relation to the recovery process. The program, which has over 100 episodes, is accessible via the PodBean app, Apple Podcasts, and Spotify.

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Featured Guest: Kim Humphrey

Todays guest is Kim Humphrey, who serves as chairman of the board for Parents of Addicted Loved Ones, a non-profit organization offering education, support, and hope at weekly meetings nationwide. Kim joined us via Skype from Phoenix, Arizona, to share how the PAL organization has helped families like his by teaching parents how to radically change themselves and the way they approach their addicted adult children.

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Asp0: What Is Emotional Sobriety

Emotional Sobriety With Dr. Robb Dean Emotional Sobriety is the ability to have a healthy relationship sith ones emotions. To be in touch. To be aware. To let yourself feel them and interpret them. Emotions are a fact of something going on inside of you. Emotional Sobriety is the ability to act on your emotions The post ASP041: What Is Emotional Sobriety? appeared first on Addiction Support Podcast.

Episode 2: Dianne: Living The Al

Addiction Support Podcast: Addiction Support for Family &  Friends, From ...
12 step, acoa, addiction, adult children of alcoholics uplifting, al-anon, alanon, alcoholics anonymous, alcoholism, coda, families anonymous, family, hope, nar-anon, naranon, narcotics anonymous, recovery, self-help, smart recovery, uplifting

We hear from Dianne, who learned how to live the principles of Al-Anon in her marriage, and how this helped her to have a long relationship full of recovery for both her and her husband.

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Episode : What Is Smart Recovery With Lisa Davidson

12 step, acoa, addiction, adult children of alcoholics uplifting, al-anon, alanon, alcoholics anonymous, alcoholism, coda, families anonymous, family, hope, nar-anon, naranon, narcotics anonymous, recovery, self-help, smart recovery, uplifting

Lisa Davidson, Clinical Director at Windmill Wellness Ranch, talks about her personal and professional journey around addiction using SMART Recovery, one of the major alternatives or adjuncts to 12 Step recovery.

Episode 2: Innovations In Addiction Treatment

May 28th, 2022 | 30 mins 58 secs
12 step, acoa, addiction, adult children of alcoholics uplifting, al-anon, alanon, alcoholics anonymous, alcoholism, coda, families anonymous, family, hope, nar-anon, naranon, narcotics anonymous, recovery, self-help, smart recovery, uplifting

We interview two innovators in addiction treatment: Dr. Heather Ingram and Shannon Malish, LCSW. Each talks about how she works directly with people’s brains to help them recover.

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Addiction And The Family Casey Arrillaga And Kira Arrillaga

  • Health & Fitness
  • 4.7 29 Ratings
  • Addiction and the Family is a podcast by and for family members of anyone with an addiction. We are working to bring experience, strength, and realistic hope so that you and your family can find recovery together. We do this through interviews with family members, people in recovery, and professionals who work with addiction every day. We also bring you research-backed information and practical ideas born of real-life experience. We are currently publishing on a monthly basis, with new episodes released near the end of each month.We are excited to present Casey’s book “Realistic Hope: The Family Survial Guide for Facing Alcoholism and Other Addictions” Help us carry the message by supporting Addiction and the Family on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/bePatron?u=31010526Thank you for listening!

    E18 Parent Peer Support: Oplm’s Casie Fariello


    Todays guest is the remarkable Ms. Casie Fariello, the Co-Founder and CEO of an exciting online parent support organization called Other Parents Like Me or OPLM. Well be talking about the impact of parenting a child with addiction and how Casie found her path to recovery from that impact. She credits Community Reinforcement and Family Training for her decision to welcome her son home, to recover as a family. This compelling story about peer family support provides hope that family addiction recovery is possible. You can find Casie and her virtual community of parents who get it at OPLM.com.

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    What Other Harm Reduction Methods Exist For Families

    You should not give a drug abuser money or drugs. Harm reduction does not mean enabling your loved ones addiction.

    However, this requires further explanation, because many family members have misunderstood and misinterpreted the concept of not enabling addictive behavior.

    When I say you should not give your loved one drugs, this means no street drugs. Street drugs are toxic, contaminated, unreliable, and highly dangerous substances sold by criminals. Purchasing street drugs is also illegal.

    You should also never give a drug abuser prescription medication that was not prescribed to them. This is also illegal and potentially dangerous.

    Yet, taking someone addicted to opioids to a Suboxone clinic or even a methadone clinic can be life-saving. While the drugs dispensed or prescribed at these facilities are opioids, they are relatively safe, and provided in the context of addiction treatment.

    While giving your family member in active addiction a handful of cash is almost always a bad idea, you may still pay to support them living safely in your home, if you are able to do so without jeopardizing your own safety and the safety of your family. If your addicted family member goes out and has a relapse, should you kick them out and change the locks?

    Episode 2: Youth Substance Abuse During Covid 19

    Sheltering-in-place has presented unusual challenges and stress for teens. Preventing substance use during these times presents a unique challenge for parents and professionals. This presentation provides information on how to recognize potential warnings signs for substance use while teens are stuck at home and practical tips for how to prevent it. It also touches on other topics such as vaping and Covid-19 and increased alcohol use among adults.

    Presenter: Matthew Quinn, MA, LCPC, CADC

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    Episode : A Sibling’s Perspective On Addiction

    From fighting to competition to built in best friends, siblings have unique and special relationships. We know that the whole family dynamic is affected when addiction enters the picture, but what is it like when your brother or sister is going down that path? Today on Prevent This, Ashleigh shares her story and talks about what addiction is like from a sibling’s perspective.

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    What Is The Best Next Step For A Family That Wants To Get Help For An Addicted Family Member


    It all depends on the urgency of the situation. Do you believe that your loved one is in imminent danger from their activities?

    There are legal routes to have a family member placed in rehab, even if it is against their will. While this is generally not the recommended way to go, since it may alienate your addicted family member and make it harder to offer them help in the future, in some cases, it is the best option.

    Otherwise, it depends on the substance or behavior that is at the center of their addiction. If it is a gambling addiction, psychological therapy with a doctor of psychology, experienced in treating gambling addiction may be the best next step.

    In the case of opioid addiction, seeing a concierge Suboxone doctor may be the best option, so that the patient may get the best possible treatment and have a doctor who is available to them at all times and is willing to listen carefully, with caring, compassion, and empathy. Medication-assisted treatment is the gold standard of care for opioid dependence and addiction.

    Alcohol addiction also responds well to medication-assisted treatment. There is the full abstinence route, which may require an inpatient medical detox, or there is The Sinclair Method, which uses medication to help a person reduce their alcohol intake.

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    Ep20 Addiction Impacts Friends Also

    While families are often in a position to encourage a loved one to get treatment, they are generally sidelined with inadequate inaccurate information, support and resources. Though many persons with addiction do not have healthy families to lean upon, the minimal support available is largely devoted to parents of young people with addiction. Close friends, partners, and chosen families can also serve as valuable recovery capital that can give people motivation to sustain the ongoing effort required to get better or to simply stay safe. Meet Alex Colyer and her Albertus Project, who learned the hard way about the many paths to recovery. Alex has used the deep grief from the loss of her bff to fuel her mission to help families and persons access treatment and get resources needed to reduce the risk of harm.

    This Parent Support Groupmeeting Explores The Interconnected Feelings Of Shame And Pride Inthe Journey Of Parenting A Child With A Substance Use Disorder Orother Mental Health Condition Longtime Clinician Eric Webberthe Senior Clinician For Specialty Services At Caron Treatmentcenters Joins The Mothers And

    About the Podcast

    My Child & Addiction – A Parent-to-Parent Podcast, was conceived and developed by three fathers whose children struggle with Substance Use Disorder. Joined by several other parent support group participants, their hope is that by sharing their stories other parents and family members are offered a little encouragement and heartfelt support as we all travel this most challenging journey together. You are not alone.

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    E19 Son And Father’s Recovery Journeys

    Guest Interviewer extraordinaire Amanda guides the conversation as son and father describe the pursuit of addiction recovery as a family. We hear many stories from persons recovering, and a few stories of families recovering from the impact of addiction. For the first time the two join together to describe their mutual struggles showing the power of compassion, kindness, and mutual support. Michael’s recovery journey has been anything but orthodox which fits his personality, and gives hope and meaning to the concept of multiple pathways. Many persons with addiction don’t benefit from traditional industry dogma, and need to find their own individualized way. Patients don’t fail treatment treatment fails patients.

    Episode : The Rise Of Cbd

    Ep 215 – The DUMBEST Thing Your Partner Has Said?! | SHXTSNGIGS PODCAST

    Cannabidiol has gone from an unheard of cannabinoid to a health supplement sensation that is now sold in a variety of retail outlets. CBD has helped the psychoactive cannabinoid, Delta 9 THC, gain even more mainstream acceptance as views toward cannabis prohibition diminish. This presentation will cover how CBD works in the body, CBD/THC testing, identification of CBD/THC products, and challenges ahead for those who work in the social welfare, prevention, and criminal justice fields.

    Guest: Nick Place, Drug Recognition Expert

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    Episode 2: Enabling Vs Helping

    12 step, acoa, addiction, adult children of alcoholics uplifting, al-anon, alanon, alcoholics anonymous, alcoholism, coda, enabling, families anonymous, family, helping, hope, nar-anon, naranon, narcotics anonymous, recovery, self-help, smart recovery, uplifting

    We explore underlying assumptions that lead to unhealthy enabling and how to challenge these, how Shakespeare can help you move from enabling to helping, and provide some questions you can ask yourself in order to see if you are about to enable someone or help them.

    Family Roles When Addiction Takes Hold

    Let’s Talk Addiction & Recovery Podcast

    With the best of intentions, families can fall into unhealthy roles when attempting to cope with a loved one’s alcohol or drug addiction. Enabling, denying, blaming and preoccupation are common coping behaviors. Listen in as host William C. Moyers talks with therapists Sarah Schwalbach and Julia Edelman about how addiction affects the family system, what it means to “detach with love” and why helping a loved one who has addiction starts with getting help for yourself.

    Addiction affects the family and the addict or alcoholic in many more similar ways than different ways.

    0:00:13 William MoyersHello and welcome to Let’s Talk, a series of podcasts produced by the Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation on substance use issues. Issues that matter to us, and issues that matter to you. Including prevention, research, addiction, treatment and recovery from substance use disorders. I’m your host, William Moyers and today I’m joined by two colleagues: Julia Edelman and Sarah Schwalbach. Welcome.

    0:00:40 Sarah SchwalbachThank you. Thank you for having us.

    0:00:41 William MoyersWell tell me a little bit about how it is that you all work in this field at our facility for youth in suburban Minneapolis.

    0:01:15 William MoyersWelcome, Sarah. And Julia.

    0:02:39 William MoyersSarah, does addiction affect the family equally or does it affect different members differently?

    0:04:01 William Moyersenmeshment?

    0:05:38 Julia EdelmanAbsolutely.


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