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Addiction Treatment Centers In Arkansas

Find Dual Diagnosis Treatment In Arkansas By City Or County:

New treatment centers offer hope to addicts

In Arkansas, substance abuse has slowly but surely transformed into a problem of epidemic proportions. Another important aspect of treatment often overlooked is co-occurring disorders. Often, those who are struggling with addiction also suffer from various undiagnosed mental disorders. Patients struggling with addiction in addition to having a mental health condition are recognized as having a co-occurring disorder.

Spotting a mental health condition is not always easy, but a trained professional can not only identify mental illness, but they can also diagnose exactly what disorder a person suffers from. Some drugs can actually trigger mental illness while others may be used to self-medicate by people who are already struggling with a disorder. It is normal for substance abusers to be diagnosed with a mental health problem during treatment, though it is not always to their benefit. Thankfully, in Arkansas co-occurring disorders can be treated with both in-patient treatment or out-patient treatment programs effectively.

How To Get Free Addiction Treatment In Arkansas

You can obtain free substance abuse treatment services in Arkansas with Medicaid, grant funding, and free non-profit organizations.

Organizations that provide free addiction treatment include:

  • Medicaid: If you earn a low income, you should look into getting Medicaid. This can be used to cover the full cost of treatment, plus some small copays.
  • grants: Rehab centers may be funded by grants to offer payment assistance, or you may be able to get an individual grant from the government to cover addiction services.
  • donation-based treatment centers: charitable, non-profit, and faith-based organizations typically get outside financial support, which can be used to fund your treatment.

Does Insurance Cover Rehab In Arkansas

Yes, rehab programs in Arkansas will often accept various insurance coverage as payment. Around 83% of treatment facilities accept some form of health insurance.2 If you have Medicaid, around 70% of rehab facilities accept Medicaid.2 In fact, the Affordable Care Act made mental health and substance use disorder services one of the essential health benefits, so many insurance plans are legally obligated to cover rehab.3

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Best Drug Rehab Centers In Arkansas


  • 10 Best Drug Rehab Centers In Arkansas

The search for the best rehab centers across the nation now brings us to Arkansas. These drug rehab centers in Arkansas incorporate a variety of methods of substance abuse treatment, including programs for teens, Christian and Bible-focused programs, and programs which use suboxone to ease the painful withdrawal process from addiction to many drugs. Again, we took into account criteria like staff, food and nutrition, overall experience, and effectiveness and, after ranking and filtering the list, found the best rehabs in Arkansas.

More Questions About Arkansas Detox Centers

Alcohol &  Drug Rehab Centers In (AR) Arkansas (116)

A common question people have about going to detox or rehab in Arkansas is, how do I pay for treatment? People also ask, what kind of treatment do I need? While some answers you should get from a medical professional, we recommend you Search our articles for useful facts about the detox process. Searching for the best detox around Arkansas can seem daunting, but we’re here to help. Here at Detox.net we will help you contact the best AR detoxification services to get you started in recovery. Abstinence is the start to treatment, so check out our directory and find your recovery today.

  • Resources about addiction and recovery
  • Information about our treatment process

Detox.net is operated by Recovery Brands LLC, a subsidiary ofAmerican Addiction Centers, Inc.

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Recommended Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Arkansas

Behavioral Health Group of Hot Springs â Hot Springs, AR â 4.8-Stars â 20 Reviews â For those that are fighting an addiction in their loved ones, there is often this nagging question about why. This drug rehab center starts with a very clear statement that this is a medical condition like any other, rather than some personal failure to make good choices. Once the guilt is removed from the equation, drug rehab, particularly related to opioid dependency, is more effective and patients are less likely to suffer a relapse.

Address: 1 Mercy Lane Suite 403 CHI St. Vincent Medical Office Building, Hot Springs, AR 71913

Phone #: 501-319-7963

Capstone Treatment Center â Judsonia, AR â 4.5-Stars â 54 Reviews â This drug rehab program is Christ based and provides drug and alcohol rehab exclusively for minors. The rehab programs employ a wide range of drug rehab therapies that include canine therapy, adventure therapy, exercise therapy and family therapy. They also focus on co-occurring disorders that can contribute to the development of addictive behaviors and that can negatively impact the success of any drug rehab program.

Address: 16286 S Sunland Gin Rd, Arkansas City, AR 85123

Phone #: 866-286-0356

Address: 19778 Boys Home Rd, Morrow, AR 72749

Phone #: 888-289-6818

Address: 1201 River Rd, North Little Rock, AR 72114

Phone #: 501-246-8198

Address: 3600 Cantrell Rd #303, Little Rock, AR 72202

Phone #: 501-319-7074

Address: 3127 W 2nd Ct STE A, Russellville, AR 72801

Laws Of Arkansas Drug Use

Drug-related crimes are harshly punished in Arkansas. To determine the severity of legal penalties, substances are organized into six schedules. Schedules I and II include highly addictive and dangerous drugs such as opiates, hallucinogenic substances and narcotic drugs. Schedules V and VI are made up of substances that have a low risk of dependency and are often used for medical purposes. The drugs in schedules V and VI encompass depressants, some stimulants and narcotic drugs that contain nonnarcotic active medicinal ingredients.

Criminal charges involving drugs are classified as either a misdemeanor or felony. Misdemeanors are broken into three classes: A, B and C. Class A misdemeanor penalties are the toughest, and entail longer jail time and higher fines. Felonies are more serious crimes that can be classified in five ways: Class Y, A, B, C and D. Class Y involves the most dangerous crimes, whereas class D is the least serious of the felonies.


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Are There Limits To Rehab Coverage Under Arkansas Medicaid

Rehab programs do not have unlimited coverage with Arkansas Medicaid.

Expect the following limits for different services:

  • group counseling: 12 counseling sessions
  • diagnosis: one per year
  • assessment: one per year
  • crisis intervention: one encounter per month
  • detoxification: one encounter per month, six encounters per year

Misti Lira Lcsw West Memphis

â7 Days: The Opioid Crisis in Arkansasâ?

Misti Lira, LCSW is a private mental health center that treats children, adolescents and adults in many parts of Tennessee and Arkansas. Misi Lira is a psychotherapist who specializes in treating substance abuse disorders, among other mental health illnesses. Those without insurance can pay based on a sliding scale.

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Selecting A Free Arkansas Rehab Center

When it comes time to choose a rehab program for yourself or your loved one, look for aspects of a good recovery program.

First, you should make sure that the treatment center has financial assistance or accepts Medicaid. If you can get free or low-cost treatment, you can proceed to the next steps.

The treatment program should offer the type of service you need at the level of intensity you need to meet your recovery goals.

For example, some treatment centers offer free assessments, evaluation, and counseling, but require payment for other services such as methadone dosing and detoxification.

Drug Rehab In Arkansas

Drug rehab in Arkansas offers a wide range of treatment choices to meet everyones specific needs. Get professional care you need by seeking help from one of our experts in an Arkansas drug rehab. When you have the support and guidance of others, dealing with addiction feels much easier. Find the perfect drug rehab for you by making sure you feel safe and comfortable within their environment.

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Four Quapaw House Recovery And Wellness

Located in Hot Springs, Quapaw House Recovery & Wellness offers a wide range of treatments for those suffering from addiction. The facility uses traditional counseling and therapy services but also uses suboxone medication treatment if needed. This medication based treatment helps make opiate addiction less painful and easier to manage for addicts, and can be one of the keys to keeping on the path to full recovery, especially when serious addiction is present.

Additional Costs For Arkansas Medicaid

2 Best Rehab Centers In Russellville, AR

Medicaid covers almost the full cost of a range of treatment options, but you will be responsible for certain extra fees depending on your age and demographic.

These include copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles. If you have Medicaid and another health insurance provider, Medicaid does not cover copays for the other insurance provider.

Arkansas Medicaid charges copays for inpatient and outpatient hospital visits, and prescription drugs. The cost of these copays varies based on the length of service or medication.

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Types Of Addiction Treatment Available In Arkansas

With a total of 104 different treatment centers in Arkansas, the first step of choosing the best treatment center for your needs is understanding the typical treatment process.

Detox is often the first type of addiction treatment someone will go through. Detox for most people usually lasts between 3 and 7 days and focuses on keeping you safe and comfortable during withdrawal, as well as getting you ready for other types of addiction treatment. Of the 104 addiction treatment centers in Arkansas, 18 offer detox in one or more of the following settings:

  • Inpatient detox: 9

Family Service Agency North Little Rock Arkansas

Grant funding and Medicaid insurance coverage help to lower the cost of treatment for clients seeking drug and alcohol abuse education and treatment at Family Service Agency.

They offer:

  • an adolescent substance abuse counseling program
  • adult addiction counseling programs

Family Service Agency uses evidence-based programs and has a 3.9-star Google rating.

Location and contact information:

North Little Rock, AR 72114 372-4242

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Top 20 Rehab Centers In Arkansas

Harbor House Inc is an alcohol and drug treatment center in West Memphis, AR that is located in the 72301 zip code.

Address: 228 West Tyler Avenue, 2nd Floor, West Memphis, AR 72301 in Crittenden County

Services provided:

  • Health education services, counseling for groups and substance use education
  • Accepts private health insurance
  • Transitional-age young adults, adult men and adult women
  • Accepts clients using medication assisted treatment for alcohol use disorder but prescribed elsewhere
  • Other contracted prescribing entity
  • Outpatient treatment, regular outpatient treatment and intensive outpatient treatment
  • Treatment for substance abuse

South Arkansas Regional Health Center is an addiction rehab facility in Magnolia, AR that is located in the 71753 zip code.

Address: 412 North Vine Street, Magnolia, AR 71753 in Columbia County

Services provided:

  • Employment counseling services, health education services and hepatitis education, counseling and support
  • Personal physician/health care provider
  • Outpatient treatment, outpatient day treatment and IOT
  • Substance abuse treatment

Central Arkansas Treatment Services is an alcohol and drug rehab facility in Bryant, AR that is situated in the 72022 zip code.

Address: 5407 Highway 5 North, Suite 6, Bryant, AR 72022 in Saline County

Services provided:

Harbor House Inc is an alcohol & drug rehabilitation center in North Little Rock, Arkansas that is situated in the 72116 zip code.

Services provided:

Services provided:

Services provided:

The Guidance Center Multiple Locations

Shalom Recovery Center/Men

This is a behavioral health care provider that accepts Arkansas Medicaid and Medicare.

Here, youll find treatment options such as:

A few of the top qualities of this drug and alcohol rehab center include:

  • accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • recognition as an NHSC site

Location and contact information:


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Inpatient Levels Of Care

Those with more severe substance use disorders often need inpatient addiction treatment. An inpatient drug rehab in Arkansas will have patients live onsite for anywhere from one month to several months depending on the program and the patients individual needs.

During their time in treatment, patients will follow an individualized treatment plan that typically includes a packed schedule of regular behavioral therapy, group therapy, substance use education, and holistic therapies. While every addiction treatment center in Arkansas is unique, some may also offer specialty programs for certain populations.

Addiction By The Numbers

  • Arkansas is one of the top 10 states with the most methamphetamine use and arrests. Both heroin and methamphetamine use rates for the states high school seniors are higher than the national average. In 2013 there was an increase in methamphetamine treatment admissions compared to 2011.3,4
  • The percentage of students using inhalants is higher than the national rate. In 2015, 10% of Arkansas high school students reported that they used inhalants at least once, compared to 7% of students nationwide.5
  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimated that in 2013 the death rate in Arkansas from opioid poisoning, including overdoses, was about 3.6 per 100,000 people, or about 108 people. Arkansas is slightly below the average in prescription opioid overdoses compared to other states.2

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Government Grant Funding For Substance Abuse In Arkansas

Another way to access free care is through a federal grant from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration .

SAMHSA awards federal grant money to all 50 states in the U.S. The funds are awarded for the sole purpose of assisting low-income people get behavioral health services they need.

Federal grants for substance use treatment include:

  • Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant The SABG block grant provided Arkansas with over 34 million dollars in funds for 2021. This money is intended for low-income people who need substance abuse treatment.
  • Community Mental Health Services Block Grant In 2021, Arkansas was awarded over 26 million through the MHBG grant program. MHBG targets adults and children with mental illness.

Arkansas state-funded rehab centers are also available for those who may not be able to afford addiction treatment on their own.

How To Pay For Treatment

Quapaw House

The cost of addiction is always going to cost more than seeking treatment at a dual diagnosis treatment center in Arkansas. Depending on your level of income, Medicaid may be able to cover some or all of the cost of outpatient dual diagnosis treatment. Many insurance plans such as Aetna or other HMOs cover treatment within their network. Patients who are covered under the affordable care act are also able to use it to pay for almost all of the cost of dual diagnosis treatment. Make sure to check with both the rehab you plan to visit and your insurance provider to get a full list of which services are covered.

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Browse Drug And Alcohol Rehabs In Arkansas By City Or County:

For the victims of drug addiction or alcoholism in the state of Arkansas, an effective drug and alcohol rehab program can be their only path back to a productive and fulfilling life. The right treatment program offers hope, and that hope extends well beyond the victim. Family and friends that love these folks are affected too, so the right rehab helps them as well.

The first thing everyone involved need to understand is that addiction is an illness and like most illnesses, it can be understood, it can be treated and it can be cured. While some people may say that an addict will always be an addict, with the right drug rehab or alcohol rehab, this is an illness that can be driven into permanent remission.

Harbor House Recovery Centers Fort Smith Arkansas

Harbor House is a residential treatment facility that helps adults overcome alcohol and drug abuse through evidence-based treatment and individualized care.

Drug rehab programs include outpatient and IOP, residential, transitional living, and aftercare. Specialized services are also offered for pregnant women and their children.

Payment includes most insurance and other funding options. Locations include Hot Springs and North Little Rock, among others.

Top features for Harbor House include:

  • a 4.3-star Google rating
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities accreditation
  • member of United Way


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Behavioral Health Group Multiple Locations

Behavioral Health Group has several locations across the U.S. Arkansas locations are available in Conway, North Little Rock, Batesville, Jonesboro, and Hot Springs.

BHG provides buprenorphine treatment, counseling, and more supported by:

  • Joint Commission accreditation
  • accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities

Location and contact information:


How Can I Or My Loved One Get Help

Rehab center on Asher Avenue hopeful to be positive spark for community

There are multiple types of alcohol and drug rehab centers in Arkansas that offer all levels of care, including but not limited to:

Arkansas offers specialized alcohol and drug rehab programs for adolescents, women, seniors, and other populations who need it. Visit the states Department of Health and Human Services website to learn more about the full breadth of resources that are available to you or your loved one.

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Northeast Ar Community Mental Health Mid South Health Systems

Northeast Ar Community Mental Health Mid South Health Systems is a dual diagnosis treatment center in Melbourne, Arkansas that offers treatment for substance use and mental health disorders that include mood disorders as well as avoidant personality disorder.

Address: 589 East Main Street, Melbourne, AR 72556 in Izard County

Services included:

  • Sober housing services, professional interventionist and case management
  • Regular outpatient treatment, IOT and outpatient day treatment
  • Inpatient treatment for dual diagnosis
  • Accepts Federal funding

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