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Home Of Grace Addiction Recovery Program

Mental Health And Substance Abuse:

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A combined mental health and substance abuse rehab has the staff and resources available to handle individuals with both mental health and substance abuse issues. It can be challenging to determine where a specific symptom stems from , so mental health and substance abuse professionals are helpful in detangling symptoms and keeping treatment on track.

About This Mississippi Facility

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Home of Grace is an addiction recovery program for those seeking help with drug abuse. This center is located in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. The Home of Grace Addiction Recovery Program offers aftercare treatment to those who are either living in the Ocean Springs area or are seeking drug abuse treatment after being discharged from their primary care provider.

Home of Grace addiction recovery program offers a variety of services for those who complete the inpatient rehabilitation treatment. The facility provides continued aftercare and outpatient care. They offer access to continuing care groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous , Narcotics Anonymous and Celebrate Recovery . These programs use spiritual principles and twelve step programs to facilitate the process of addiction recovery.

Home of Grace offers a serene environment for those seeking recovery from addiction. In this quiet and safe place, clients have the opportunity to heal from past wounds and take control of their lives. To assist in this endeavor, a team that is dedicated to healing meets with each client to design a personal plan that will help them stay sober and maintain a livelihood free from substances. The group sessions offered as part of treatment provide a common ground where those going through similar struggles can share their experiences and learn how to cope with the triggers around them.


Welcome To Grace Recovery Home

If youre reading this, then theres a good chance that you or someone you know is suffering from the disease of addiction. Were here to help you overcome that affliction and we guarantee complete discretion. You dont have to suffer in silence. Call us today and take the first steps towards a brighter future!

Men and Women’s Homes

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Home Of Grace Advantages

Home of Grace Addiction Recovery has been offering its Christ-centered approach of treatment to adults for more than 50 years now. It has been successful in providing hope and healing to thousands of individuals who were at their lowest points in lives because of addiction. The philosophy of a faith-based treatment is to enable individuals to reconnect with God through Jesus with the belief that He would be able to help them if they make the required effort. Clients are provided spiritual education, Bible lectures, and Christ teachings to help them start their spiritual journey towards recovery. The serene and peaceful campus gives ample opportunity to clients to contemplate and ponder in order to become better individuals. The safe and private environment along with the spiritual guidance and teachings help clients in realizing their inner resilience which they can use to free themselves of addiction and live a sober life forever.

Our Comprehensive Behavioral Health Services

Home of Grace

At Recovery Place, we offer behavioral health services that include substance use disorder detoxification services, day treatment, residential services, mental health services, virtual addiction treatment and recovery support services, and long-term recovery residences. Our detox program helps manage the physical withdrawal process, while the 28-day residential program assists patients who need short-term, intensive care. Our rehabilitation program includes individual counseling and group therapy. We also provide services geared towards families, such as our eight-week educational program. Our other services include the following:

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Premier Rehabilitation Center In Savannah Ga

Are you looking for a comfortable, welcoming treatment center dedicated to helping you or your loved one overcome a drug or alcohol addiction? Consider Recovery Place in Savannah, GA, a special place of healing. With over 30 years of experience and more than 45 licensed and credentialed clinicians, you can count on our compassionate and professional team. We offer both in-person and virtual care recovery services. With the addition of virtual technology, individuals can use their smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, or any device with an internet connection and camera to participate from the convenience of your home.

Online Telehealth Rehabs & Recovery Groups

Telehealth RehabsAlcoholics Anonymous Al-Anon Family GroupsCocaine AnonymousCo-Dependents AnonymousCrystal Meth AnonymousFamilies AnonymousHeroin AnonymousLifeRing Secular RecoveryNarcotics Anonymous Parents of Addicted Loved OnesPartnership to End AddictionRecovery DharmaRefuge RecoverySMART RecoveryThe PhoenixYPR Chaptersâ All Recovery Meetings

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Home Of Grace Celebrates Those Overcoming Addiction

BILOXI, Miss. – Hundreds of Home of Grace alumni from across the country gathered at First Baptist Church of Biloxi Saturday.

The congregation was celebrating the thousands of people who once struggled with a form of addiction.

Home of Grace is a three-month, faith-based addiction recovery program. Workshops, chapel services, counseling, and more help those in need to overcome addiction.

Due to COVID-19, the last two years of the event were canceled, and now the many faithful and recovered are together again celebrating how far theyve come from their past addictions.

I have been in addiction for about 18 years. I was lost, broken and at the end. I was at a point in my life that God asked me to make a decision. I been sober over four and a half years now and its just amazing what he can do, Kristy Sullivan said.

Sullivan is now a Christian life coach and helps others to reach recovery as well.

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Ontario Ca Addiction Treatment Program

Johnny Matthis Speaks Out On Recovery From Addiction At Havre de Grace Facility

Sending your child away for addiction treatment is one of the hardest decisions you will ever make. However, due to the fact that there are many different options available, you need professional guidance and support in finding the one that best fits you child. Some addiction treatment programs in Ontario, CA are short term, running anywhere form 2-8 weeks, and other programs are long term residential programs.

The difference between the different types of addiction treatment options are vast. You need to know which is best for your struggling child. Moreover, the costs associated with these youth treatment centers vary depending upon the length of time and the amount of therapy that is provided or required. Call our admissions counselors and let us help you select the perfect option near Ontario, CA. 876-1985.

The good news is that most addiction treatment centers for troubled youth from Ontario, CA take insurance because addiction treatment can be very expensive . The top addiction treatment centers for adolescents in Ontario, CA also provide therapeutic intevention, treating co-occuring and dual diagnosis mental health issues mood disorders, depression, bipolar, anxiety, ODD, OCD, ADD, ADHD, personality disorders, etc.

Get help today for troubled boys and girls and struggling young men or young women near Ontario, CA.

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Drug Rehabs By States

Contact Recovery Place In Savannah Ga Today

For premier substance abuse and mental health services administration in Savannah, GA, we hope youll choose Recovery Place. We offer mental health online services, virtual addiction treatment and recovery support, and so much more. Contact us today to schedule a tour and take the first step toward a new and healthy life. We take all insurance except Medicare.

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Home Of Grace Men Addiction Recovery Program In Vancleave Mississippi United States

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  • Treatment for co-occurring serious mental health illness – serious emotional disturbance and substance use disorders
  • Residential inpatient
  • Does not treat opioid addiction
  • Smoking permitted in designated area

We are standing by to help locate a drug rehab center that works for your situation. CALL: Who Answers?

About Recovery Place In Savannah Ga

Zoloft Addiction and Rehabilitation

Our renowned substance abuse treatment center offers patients mental health services, a personalized treatment plan for substance abuse, and so much more. Our treatment center is located in the heart of beautiful Savannah, GA. Since 1985, we have helped over 20,000 individuals successfully complete their treatment programs. We are fully accredited by the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities and have been named a best practices model facility, setting the standard for behavioral health and substance abuse treatment centers all over the country.

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Staff At Home Of Grace

For over half a century, Home of Grace Addiction Recovery has been helping individuals from all walks of life to become sober and addiction-free through its treatment programs. The programs are primarily based on the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ. These treatment programs are carried out successfully through the help of a diligent, dedicated, and hard-working staff which strives to provide the highest standards of care to clients. The staffs mission is to provide hope and healing to all individuals who walk through their doors. The staff members include licensed counselors and social workers who carry out individual and group counseling of patients. There is also a chaplain and other individuals who provide spiritual teachings to clients. A number of teachers are also employed who offer computer and GED classes. There is also a medical clinic at the facility where volunteer doctors and nurses provide their services twice a week. The staff also includes administrative personnel who are responsible for the smooth functioning of the campus. The support staff provides further assistance in this regard.

Find rehabs in your state

Drug Addiction Treatment For Youth

We can help your struggling child start the journey of recovery. Admitting your child to an addiction treatment program is an experience that goes beyond most other “parental experiences“. Its indescribable. Our professional staff of interventionists can help you through the selection process. Throuch advocacy, coaching, and assistance we can help you assess your child’s situation and steer you in the right direction. Our Family Interventionists have help thousands of parents find the perfect therapeutic option.

A less restrictive intervention option for parents of troubled teen boys and girls and young men and young women is to look at outpatient addiction treatent centers near Ontario, CA. 0utpatient addiction treatment programs are referred to as intensive outpatient treatment where youth participate in individual and group therapy and attend 12 Step meetings, but they do not stay at the program overnight. Usually, in order for an outpatient program to be effective the individual must really want the help. If they are not totally 100% engaged and bought into the outpatient program then the chances of success are slim.

See seach results for addiction treatment centers for adolescent boys and girls or for troubled young men and women in Ontario, CA below.

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Home Of Grace Addiction Recovery Program

  • Substance Abuse Treatment Services
  • Do not use medication for opioid addiction
  • Smoking permitted in designated area
  • Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities
  • Outreach to persons in the community
  • Breath analyzer or blood alcohol testing
  • Drug or alcohol urine screening
  • Discharge Planning

Why Choose Recovery Place For Substance Abuse Treatment

Reality with Corey Boler

As the only comprehensive behavioral health and substance abuse treatment provider in the region, our programs are designed to help our clients acquire the courage and the skills necessary to begin a new life. Our team of qualified professionals provides a variety of evidence-based treatment models, both in-person and virtually, that can help improve the lives of each patient and the lives of those around them who may also be suffering from the patient’s addiction. We work every day to enrich the lives of our clients while ensuring that they receive the tools necessary to cope with their substance use disorder and mental health problems.

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Information Hub Substance Misuse Mental Health

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Contact Your First Step’s National Hotline

If you are seeking drug and alcohol related addiction rehab for yourself or a loved one, the hotline is a confidential and convenient solution.

If you wish to contact a specific medical detox center then find a specific treatment center using our addiction treatment locator tool.

Alternatives to finding addiction treatment or learning about substance:

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