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How Does Rehab Help Addicts

A Typical Day In Drug Or Alcohol Rehab

How To Help A Drug Addict Get Sober?

When considering addiction treatment, you may be wondering what you can expect during a standard day in rehab.

There are many types of drug abuse treatments out there, but most follow a standard framework of therapies.

Residential inpatient treatment centers are very structured and organized, with similar activities and therapies in most centers. This minimizes stress and uncertainty among residents, and also allows for the safest and most supportive environment for healing and recovery. Depending on the setting and the amenities offered, daily activities may vary.

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Here is an example of what a typical day in treatment might look like:

If You Participate In Treatment

The process of treating addiction varies depending on the type of treatment that a person receives. If you are involved in your loved one’s treatment:

  • Keep working on establishing trust. Try to evaluate where you are with trustbefore going to counseling with your loved one.
  • Be honest about your feelings. Tell your loved one what their addiction has been like for you and be honest about what you want to happen next.
  • Do not blame, criticize, or humiliate your loved one in counseling. Simply say what it has been like for you. Being confrontational generally doesn’t work and can damage your relationship.
  • Be prepared for blame. Don’t be surprised if your loved one expresses some things you have done or said that are contributing to their addiction. Stay calm and truly listen to what they’re saying, keeping an open heart and mind.

If your loved one chooses to pursue treatment on their own:

  • Respect their privacy.Do not inform friends, family, or others about your loved ones treatment without their consent.
  • Respect their privacy in therapy. If they dont want to talk about it, dont push for them to tell you what happened.
  • Practice patience.There are many approaches to addiction treatment, but no change happens overnight.

Heroin & Opioid Rehab Success Rates

Prescription opioid addiction and heroin addiction is often predicated by a chronic pain issue. Even when taking opioids as prescribed, if taken long enough the body will become physically dependent on them.

For this reason, long-term sobriety can feel daunting one study found that 60% of people who completed opioid rehab relapsed in just one week with up to 80% relapsing in the first year. To help with this issue, the government has backed medication-assisted treatment programs that combine medication and talk therapy to treat clients.

When looking at opioid users who received MAT in rehab the relapse rate after 3.5 years was just 39% with less than 10% using opioids regularly.

MAT is not right for everyone, but it can be the difference between long-term sobriety and relapse for many. To better understand if you or your loved one should begin this type of treatment, contact the addiction specialists at The Hope House for a personalized assessment.

Overcome opioid addiction for good.

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How Do You Identify An Effective Treatment Facility

The involvement of a physician, therapist, or other healthcare practitioner in the process of finding the best facility for you is essential. They can assist you in selecting a facility that can handle all of your requirements, including addiction and co-occurring disorders. Further, you may reduce the list by considering factors such as location, extra services, facilities and accreditations/certifications . The Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities , sometimes known as CARF, is a non-profit organization that accredits rehabilitation and mental health institutions.

When a facility is recognized by CARF, it proves that it provides high-quality programming and therapy that is individualized to the individual.

Prior to committing to a certain program, inquire about the qualifications of the staff members as well as the specifics of the therapies that are being delivered there.

What past clients have to say about the facility, its personnel, the therapy, and the entire experience, whether through personal recommendations or testimonials, may speak volumes.

What Is The Family And Medical Leave Act

The Rehab Process: How To Get Into A Treatment Facility

Many employers offer up to 12 weeks of leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act , which allows you to take unpaid time off without affecting your health insurance, in order to seek treatment for a medical condition that interferes with your ability to complete work-related tasks. Substance use disorders fall under this category, so it could be beneficial to understand what your company offers.

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Outpatient Rehab Treatment At Recovery Centers Of America

As youve read, no single patient is the same and as a result no single treatment will be the same. But, at RCAone thing is the same to uswe want to give you the best chance for a long, lasting recovery. Thats why weve created outpatient treatment programs and specialized services to meet the needs of each specific patient as they come to us. Are you or a loved one ready to make a change for the better and start on a path toward recovery? Call us now at .

How Does Rehab Work For Drugs And Alcohol

Getting treatment for drug and/or alcohol addiction is incredibly hard, and staying sober in the long-term after rehab is even harder. So, does rehab for drugs and alcohol work, and how? Theres no single answer to this question, as treatment for drugs and alcohol works differently for everyone. The most important factor in determining whether rehab for drugs and alcohol will work is the willingness of the person who needs treatment to truly commit to sobriety, and to participate in the full program offered by their treatment center. Because drug addiction and alcoholism are considered chronic diseases, recovery from either requires repeated treatment. Many people will need treatment more than once, and even if they stop using drugs and alcohol, they may still fail to take everything they learned from rehab before quickly finding themselves back in their old ways.

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Can I Lose My Job For Attending Rehab

While you may experience some fear of losing your job if you attend rehab, you may, in fact, be more likely to lose your job if you dont get help. If you are struggling with a substance use problem, it could already be affecting your productivity at work.

Using substances while on the job is legal grounds for termination, but there are several federal laws protecting your right to obtain treatment. Under these laws, it is illegal to terminate employment as a consequence of an employee seeking treatment.

The Addiction Rehabilitation Process

Drugs & Addiction : How to Help Drug Addicts

Only 11% of those who need treatment are getting it. This may be due to misconceptions about rehab or individuals not understanding the process. Rehabilitation can be intimidating to those without first-hand experience, but knowing what to expect can help you or a loved one make the decision to get help.

We wrote this guide to give an overview of the entire rehabilitation process, and to provide helpful information about each phase of rehabilitation, which are: assessment, detox, therapy, and aftercare.

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Get The Peer And Family Support

The relatives of a patient relying upon recovery will also benefit from the drug Rehab experts in the treatment program. They will get to learn what should be done and what should be not for becoming a strong emotional network for the recovery of their loved ones. They also get to learn about the concept of illness and how the Rehab treatment works what should they expect from the treatment program and how they can get help from other family members.

If you are at the stage of your life where you believe that you need support to quit drugs or alcohol, then your next step should be visiting the Alcohol and Drug Rehab in Austin, TX. Medical professionals can help you to find the finest way to regain lost confidence and recover your health.

Why Recovery Is So Important While Pregnant

The sooner substance abuse ends, the less damage can be done to the fetus. Theres no early warning system that tells you when you need to stop before your baby is hurt which makes it even more urgent to tackle your addiction as soon as possible. The reason infants are so susceptible to the impacts of drug use is that the placenta readily absorbs and passes through what it can from the mother.

Smoking drugs, taking pain relievers, or abusing prescription drugs can all increase the risk of a stillbirth by 2-3 times. Even understanding the risks, its estimated that around 5 percent of women who are pregnant are also abusing drugs or alcohol. This showcases how addiction is more than a lack of will power and that struggling mothers shouldnt be worried about asking for help.

Symptoms of substance abuse while pregnant can lead to the child being dependent on drugs or alcohol the moment theyre born. Known as neonatal abstinence syndrome, it works the same as normal withdrawals. The babys brain and internal processes were altered to accommodate an outside substance and when they leave the womb, they no longer have access and can start showing withdrawal symptoms right away.

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How To Find Help For Addiction

Finding help for your addiction is possible through our services here at Addiction Advocates. Were specialists in finding suitable recovery programmes, for our clients, with varying addiction types.

Rehab is available in a number of different forms. We can find a suitable service, which is completely tailored to the level of support you need. The signs you need to go to rehab are a basis for taking action. Yet if youre at all struggling with drugs and alcohol, deviating from those signs, rehab can still be accessed, completed, and benefitted from.

Contact our team to begin the admissions process into rehab. Suitable for all levels of addiction, you can access treatment and recover with professional help.

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How Do I Apply For Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits

Treating Drug Addiction With Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Sign into your eBenefitsaccount and select Apply for Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Benefits from the drop-down menu that appears. Following your application, the VA will evaluate your eligibility, and if you are found to be qualified, you will be notified by letter and email that you have been accepted. Your acceptance letter will also include an invitation to your first visit with a VA Voc Rehab counselor, which you should take advantage of. This counselor will serve as your guide throughout the whole process and will be in charge of developing your recovery strategy.

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Who Pays For Court

The person sentenced is required to pay for their treatment facility, but they can choose what facility they will attend. Insurance may pay for all or part of a treatment program, and some facilities offer reduced or subsidized payments for qualifying individuals.

When an offender is ordered to attend rehab, the drug court will assemble a treatment team. The treatment team is comprised of a judge, attorneys, case managers, healthcare providers, and therapists. These professionals all work with the offender to ensure an effective treatment plan, and also to make sure the offender is complying with the court order.

The team of legal professionals, as well as healthcare providers, seek to give the offender a therapeutic experience that is well coordinated between the legal sphere and the healthcare sphere. Team members maintain regular communication, encouragement, and support for the offender, their friends, and family members throughout the hearings, therapy, and discharge.

Once a person is court-ordered to attend a drug treatment program, they will have to complete some or all of the following criteria:

  • Attend the facility for however long the judge issues
  • Complete abstinence from drugs or alcohol
  • Give regular updates to court-appointed officials
  • Complete random drug or alcohol tests
  • Complete court-ordered community service

What Is A Typical Day Like In Drug Rehab Program

Each day follows a particular structure of waking up, activities, therapy sessions, meal times, and sleeping, providing routine and stability for people who are overcoming addiction. Plenty of breaks are given in between the treatment practices, allowing head space to reflect on and process what they have just learnt. Free time around is also an important feature of the daily schedule in treatment centres, where individual’s are able to talk, practice socializing, and learn new coping mechanisms.

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Program Preferences Before And After Treatment

In 2016, Recovery Brands sponsored a poll in which they asked patients who had just completed a recovery treatment program what clinic qualities they considered to be the most important to consider when evaluating a program. The financial operations of the clinic, such as the types of insurance accepted, payment alternatives, and financial assistance, were given great consideration. In addition, after completing addiction treatment, they placed a higher value on facility services .

More information can be found at

Seeking Sobriety Before Its Too Late

How Long Does Addiction Rehab Take? Questions About Rehab

The best way to avoid the problem of rehab vs. jail time is to seek sobriety before reaching that point. Drug rehab programs in Pennsylvania, such as Peace Valley Recovery, provide a path to recovery and wellness. Through a combination of counseling, therapy, holistic wellness, and sober activities, these facilities show addicts how to live life drug-free.

Are you looking for drug rehab in Pennsylvania? Reach out to Peace Valley Recovery today. Were here to walk you out of the cycle of addiction and into a lasting life of recovery. You never need to turn back to drugs and you never need to feel alone again. Were here to help. Give us a call today.

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What Happens If I Relapse

Relapse should not be viewed as a failure but should instead be seen as an obstacle to overcome on ones lifelong journey to sobriety.6 It provides an opportunity to reassess ones path and get back into a program that offers the support and help needed to maintain sobriety.

Many people who are struggling with addiction undergo more than one course of professional treatment before they are able to find their footing in their recovery journey.6 Ultimately, the only person who can manage your addiction in the long term is you, and rehab will help you build the skills necessary to maintain sobriety.

Which Drugs Do People Most Commonly Become Addicted To

The majority of illicit substances contain addictive properties, and even a number of prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications have the potential to become addictive if taken for long periods of time and/or without medical supervision.

While many of these substances may invoke pleasurable and euphoric sensations at the moment, the comedown from this high is often extremely unpleasant. This can cause many people to take a higher dosage at a more frequent rate, increasing the risks of becoming addicted.

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Ways Drug Rehab Can Help Your Loved One

Effective and caring drug rehab can be positive for the individual struggling through life with drug addiction.

It is not an easy decision to send a loved one to treatment, but in the long run, it can end up being the best thing to help them.

Drug rehab assists with addiction recovery in many ways. The focus of this page is to point out 5 specific ways that addiction treatment can help your struggling loved one.

Caring Counseling & Therapy

Group Therapy Games For Drug Addiction : Group Therapy Activities for ...

Perhaps one of the most significant areas where drug rehab can help your loved one is through counseling and therapy.

There can be many reasons for drug abuse and addiction and a lot of these things do not come to light without caring help. Counseling and therapy come in many different forms and types, and effective treatment should involve a number of different approaches to therapy.

Much advancement has been developed in the fields of behavioral health and drug treatment therapies. Those struggling with a substance use disorder can also be diagnosed with a form of co-occurring mental health concern. Professional and medical treatment is a means to diagnosing such concerns. It is also imperative for dealing with the underlying personal issues in the individual. It can help to clarify what is an addiction concern, or what is a mental health issue and provide answers for both situations.

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Treatment Approaches For Drug Addiction Drugfacts

NOTE: This fact sheet discusses research findings on effective treatment approaches for drug abuse and addiction. If youre seeking treatment, you can call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administrationâs National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP or go to for information on hotlines, counseling services, or treatment options in your state.

Does Drug Rehab Work

Whether or not drug rehab works depends on several factors. A person must be willing to fully participate and allow the program to change their way of life. The rehab program that they choose must fit their needs and provide adequate time for them to heal. Under these circumstances, many people are successful in completing a drug rehab program and go on to live a substance-free life. However, some people experience relapse despite drug rehab. They may drop out of the program early, or they may find that returning to ânormalâ life is too difficult without drugs or alcohol. Recovery is a lifelong process that requires one to be mindful of their thoughts and actions. Many people need continued care to maintain sobriety. Substance use counseling or support groups remind people of the coping skills they learned in treatment and how addiction negatively affected them. Drug rehab programs can range from a few weeks to more than a year. A standard short-term program is 28 to 30 days. Long-term programs maybe 60 days, 90 days, six months, or more. Long-term rehab programs that last three months or longer have the highest success rates, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse . Addiction can take over a personâs life, and it takes time for someone to repair the damage and change the way they live.

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