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Brooks Addiction 14 Vs Ghost 13

What Is Plantar Fasciitis

Brooks Ghost 14 vs 13 Comparison Shoe Review | Sportitude

Plantar fasciitis can be tricky to solve with a single shoe as it can be quite different from person to person. These are some guidelines for which models may work best. Typically we find shoes with a higher drop from heel to toe, good cushion to take the impact away, and sometimes a less flexible option to help in case the other benefits aren’t enough. You may want to consult with a medical professional for any injuries requiring clinical attention.

The first thing to find out is if you experience any Calcalneal Deviation or not as you walk/run. Calcaneal Deviation is when you walk/run your ankles will have a tendency to roll inwards towards each other and onto your arches, putting a lot of pressure on the inside edge of your feet.

If you feel you do this then you will want to check the support shoes suggestions. If you feel you walk pretty flat and stable, or perhaps roll outwards a little, then you will want to read the . To help find out if you experience Calcalneal Deviation, you can visit a local running shop and have your gait analyzed by simply walking/running in the store as they watch. Linked below is our store finder to help find somewhere that could offer this:

A Little Background Before You Hit The Ground

Your gear should always enhance your miles. Thats why a lot of runners go for the Ghost. Neutral support, balanced cushioning, and a smooth, easy ride make the Ghost one of our best-selling shoes. But is it right for your run?

The new Ghost 15 takes cushion to a whole new level. Its full-length DNA LOFT v2 cushioning provides a soft, smooth ride. And Ghost fans, rejoice the latest version retains some of its most-loved features like the segmented crash pad underfoot and a breathable mesh upper. Plus, a refined 3D Fit Print enhances the secure fit, offering distraction-free comfort mile after mile.

Ghost 15

Upper Unit: Ghost 14 Vs Glycerin 19

The uppers of the Ghost 14 and Glycerin 19 are super plush and padded. The engineered mesh provides a comfortable sock-like fit which conforms to the foot. The tongues and heel counters are padded and provide a secure lockdown. With all the padding in the uppers, they are not the most breathable uppers and run warm.

The main difference between the two uppers is that the Glycerin 19 has no synthetic overlays on the sides which results in a more seamless, smoother upper with a cleaner look. The Glycerin 19 only comes in regular and wide versions whereas the Ghost 14 is available in narrow, regular, wide and extra wide versions.

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Brooks Energize Running Shoes

“Energize” shoes are characterized by a more responsive cushioning and higher energy return compared to the “cushion” shoes.

They place an emphasis on speed and fast foot turnaround and are generally more lightweight than their counterparts in the “cushion” category. They are meant for faster training or racing.

  • Reasonable price
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • Comfortable once worn in
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • Responsive, lightly cushioned, stable midsole
  • Excellent traction
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
Reasons to buy
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women

Sole Unit: Ghost 14 Vs Glycerin 19

Brooks Addiction 14 Herren Laufschuh Stabilität 2E

The midsoles of the Ghost 14 and the Glycerin 19 are single-density and made of only DNA Loft. The Glycerin 19 rides softer than the Ghost 14.

The Ghost 14 is more versatile than the Glycerin 19 as a result of its firmer midsole. It can handle short tempo runs better and also has enough cushioning for long runs. The Glycerin 19 is best suited to long runs at relaxed paces.

Ride transitions are very smooth in both the Glycerin and the Ghost due to their single-density midsoles.

The Ghost and the Glycerin are two shoes known for their high levels of stability and the Ghost 14 and Glycerin 19 continue the trend. The Ghost 14 is overall more stable than the Glycerin 19 because it has a firmer midsole and less lean bias than the Glycerin 19.

The outsoles of the two shoes are very similar but the Ghost 14 has flex grooves that run through from end to end on the forefoot. The Glycerin 19 has flex grooves that stop halfway through the forefoot and results in a forefoot that isnt as flexible as the forefoot of the Ghost 14.

The Glycerin 19 has HPR Plus high-abrasion resistant rubber on the heel of its outsole and blown rubber on the forefoot. The Ghost 14 only has blown rubber on its outsole and isnt as durable as the Glycerin 19s outsole.

DNA Loft foam is EVA so it wont give you the same bounce and spring as a TPU midsole. They will also lose cushioning softness over time which is a characteristic of EVA

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How To Choose Brooks Or New Balance

Brooks and New Balance are two extremely well known running shoe brands, but more important than brand is the fit of the shoe.

Your gait and feet will change over time and you may need to change shoes.

This is also why I recommend rotating through several pairs of shoes at once.

And remember, just because these are two of the most well known brands on the market, there are still plenty of other shoe brands to select from if neither New Balance nor Brooks has the right shoe for you.

Keep in mind that shoe design can change, even with the same model, so always assess how the shoe fits every time you replace a pair.

For more help selecting the right shoe for you, dont worry, Ive got you:

Brooks Ghost Vs Adrenaline Gts

These two running shoes are among the most popular by the American brand Brooks Running. Their main difference is the level of support they provide.

Indeed, the Brooks Ghost 14 is a neutral shoe, while the Brook Adrenaline GTS 22 is a stability shoe for overpronation. Lets note that GTS stands for Go To Support. This label applies to all the brands shoes for runners who need a more stable ride.

With a 36 mm stack height in the heel, the sole of the Adrenaline GTS has more cushion than the Brooks Ghost 14 . The drop is high in both cases with 12 mm.

In practice, the underfoot feel is softerwith the Ghost. Indeed, the Adrenaline is firmer to provide more structure and better stability.

The technologies of these two models are very similar. We find the following:

  • DNA Loft foam in the midsole
  • Engineered mesh upper
  • Rubber on the outsole for better grip and abrasion resistance

Additionally, the Adrenaline GTS features the Guide Rails Holistic Support System, which translates into support units on the medial and lateral sides of the shoe to guide the foot and prevent it from rolling while running.

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Are Brooks Ghost 14 Shoes Good For Standing

The Brooks Ghost 14 provided ample support and stability throughout testing, whether I was standing, walking, or running. If you need a versatile shoe that can do it all, the Brooks might be your best bet. If comfort while standing is your top priority, thought, and you aren’t concerned with walking or running, Under Armour’s UA Essential Sportstyle might be better suited for you. The Sportstyle is the shoe we’d recommend for people who expect stand for long periods of time on a regular basis.

Brooks Addiction Vs Brooks Beast Which Shoe Is Best For You

Brooks Running Ghost 13 vs. Brooks Levitate 4 Comparison

Runners who overpronate severely and require the most supportive running shoes need to seek out motion control shoes.

Brooks makes some of the most popular running shoes on the market. Among those offerings are some great motion control shoes. Today, we review two of them: the Addiction and the Beast.

Both shoes provide excellent support. The Addiction GTS 15 has a medial post that provides stability, while the Beast 20 uses GuideRails support.

The Addiction GTS 15 is available in a unisex design, whereas the Beast is only for men. Brooks does make a womens equivalent to the Beast, and calls it the Ariel.

Both the Addiction GTS 15 and the Beast 20 have excellent cushioning, but the Beast 20 has extra cushioning with a plush feel. This makes both shoes a good choice, whether youre running or walking. However, both shoes are on the heavier side.

There are noticeable differences between the Addiction GTS 15 and the Beast 20, as well as subtle similarities.

In this article, were taking a closer look at Addiction GTS 15 and the Beast 20 so that you can decide which shoe would be best for you.

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Brooks Connect Running Shoes

Running shoes in the “Connect” category are the lightest and most flexible shoes in the Brooks range.

Look into these shoes if you are looking for a natural feeling or to perfect your running technique.

  • Superb sole: cushion, responsiveness, traction
  • Smooth around the ankle with solid heel counter
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • Comfortable upper
  • Very well priced
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women

Slips Are Out Of The Question

Apart from its feet-stabilizing midsole, the Addiction 14 also encourages steady strides through it’s “insanely grippy” traction.

Several testers have noted that it “sticks” so well, even in wet conditions, they feel surefooted.

On top of this, the upper has several overlays that add structure to the shoe, keeping the foot locked in position.

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New Balance Vs Brooks

Comparing New Balance vs Brooks running shoes is another breakdown of proprietary technologies, fit, and feel. Both brands are well loved and used because they make high quality running shoes for various running styles and foot types.

Both brands are known for their quality and offer a variety of models to suit different needs like overpronation, low arches, cushioning, and various styles of running.

I do admit to having a deep love for New Balance as I helped to create their first ever online Wear Test program back in my consulting days!

How To Choose The Best Running Shoes

Mens  Brooks Addiction 13  2E Width  Active Feet Ocean Grove

Finding the right pair of running shoes is essential for keeping you safe and comfortable. Here are some factors to consider when shopping for your next pair:

  • Function. Are you a trail runner, or do you plan on logging miles on the road? Look for running shoes that are specifically designed for your intended use.
  • Fit. Do you have a narrow foot or need a wider toe box? To avoid blisters and hot spots, make sure to choose a shoe thats designed to fit your foot shape.
  • Cushioning. While some runners prefer a more minimalist style shoe, others like plenty of cushioning. Consider how much padding you want in a running shoe.
  • Stability. If you overpronate or are worried about rolling your ankle, youll want to consider a shoe thats designed to provide extra support and stability.
  • Customer reviews. Customer reviews provide valuable insight into the durability, comfort, and fit of a shoe.

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Upper Unit: Ghost 14 Vs Adrenaline Gts 22

Once again, the upper of these too shoes is really really similar.

They are both made of engineered mesh and they both provide a secured but comfortable fit. During our tests, the Adrenaline felt a little smaller than a Ghost of similar size, but your mileage might vary.

Overall no big differences in the uppers of these two shoes.

Brooks Cushion Running Shoes

Don’t let the name “Cushion” fool you into thinking these are Brooks neutral shoes. The Beast and the Adrenaline – two of Brooks most popular stability running shoes – sit in this category.

Cushion is about the feel the shoe has during the run. The emphasis is on delivering a soft landing of the foot to protect each step.

Here are the shoes that make up this category, and for clarity I will explain which ones are in the traditional “neutral” or “stability” class.

Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • Breathable upper
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • First in class upper comfort
  • Smooth ride transitions
  • Softer ride than previous versions
  • Stable, balanced ride
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • GuideRails noticeably guide the foot without being obtrusive or feeling like an orthotic.
  • Stable Platform
  • Shoe’s heavier weight is mitigated by the shoe’s design = feels medium-weight.
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • Great support and fit in the ankle
  • Feels lighter than its weight
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • Unique approach to stability. Guide rails provide dynamic support that give a smooth ride.
  • Breathable upper.
  • Rediculously comfortable for running and walking.
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
Reasons to buy
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women
Reasons to buy

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How We Chose The Best Brooks Running Shoes

To pick the best Brooks running shoes, we combed through our Brooks shoe reviews, best-sellers lists and fit id data to find the shoes we think will work for most people in most situations. We also leaned on our expertise in the running industry to make recommendations.

You can shop Brooks running shoes with confidence at Fleet Feet: We offer free shipping and returns on all running shoes, and you have 60 days to return any gear if you dont like the way it looks, fits or feels. Plus, with our price-match guarantee, you can make sure you never pay too much for a new pair of running shoes.

Brooks Ghost 13 Review

Brooks Glycerin 18 Vs Ghost 13 | Best Brooks Running Shoe?

Runners everywhere can’t get enough of the Ghost 13 from Brooks, the soft & smooth shoe that now features more DNA LOFT for even smoother transitions. With DNA LOFT cushioning and a Segmented Crash Pad, this sneaker offers an even smoother transition from heel to toe. The 3D Fit Print applies strategic stretch and structure to the upper.

It’s a neutral daily trainer that’s padded so generously all throughout, it felt like a couch to our feet. It didn’t make us run fast, but it made our feet stable and protected from all the pounding on the pavement – easily.Brooks extended the DNA Loft midsole foam from the heel to forefoot on the lateral side of the Ghost 13 to improve the cushioning and comfort as compared to the Ghost 12. The engineered mesh upper has been altered to improve fit and also offers more comfort and breathability. Air Mesh technology keeps the toe box relatively cool even when exercising in warmer temperatures. The Brooks Ghost 13 is suitable for both walkers and runners and is for distances from a 5k to a marathon.

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Whos The Ghost 14 And 13 For

First off, the Ghost is a neutral shoe. Basically, the runner who wears a neutral shoe is someone whose feet do not need any motion control whatsoever. If you have overpronation issues, meaning your feet tend to roll inward too much, the Ghost is not going to provide any guidance or correction. Instead, you should be looking at something else like the Brooks Adrenaline GTS.

The Ghost series is the burger and fries of road running shoes. Its one of those great reliable daily trainers that you go to if you want a shoe that can handle pretty much any run you throw at it and a shoe you can log 500+ miles in.

So, if its reliability you want and you want a tried-and-tested shoe that you can get a ton of daily training miles out of, I think the Ghost is going to be a good bet for you. In its 14th iteration, you cant go wrong in a shoe that has stood the test of time.

And if youve never tried any kind of running shoes before, the Ghost is a great way to start just because it kind of gives you a taste of everything.

However, if you want something exciting that packs the latest technologies and/or a shoe that has a lot of energy return or responsiveness, I would definitely go a different direction.

I think if youve tried a Ghost shoe before, youre not going to be particularly surprised by the shoe. Youre going to be happy that its still got the same feel and benefits that youre probably used to getting from that shoe.

Brooks Trail Running Shoes

The Brooks trail series offers plenty of cushioning and extra durable protection for taking on the trails.

  • Very comfortable
  • Breathable upper
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • Maximum cushioning for underfoot comfort
  • Reliable traction and protection
  • Versatile on various terrain types
or buy them here: Men / Women
  • A durable and well-built shoe
  • Sheds water effectively
Recommended for
or buy them here: Men / Women

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