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The Source Addiction Treatment Center

Orient The Program’s Mission To Clients’needs

The Source Addiction Treatment Center South Fort Lauderdale, FL

To succeed in the new environment, providers must have a clear understandingof the demographic characteristics and service needs of their clientpopulation. They must know, for example, how many of their clients are onwelfare, how many have children, and how many are involved with the criminaljustice system. Armed with this information, they are able to clarify theirmission–what they need to do to meet their clients’ needs, who they need aspartners, and what resources are needed from partner agencies.

Treatment And Prevention In Publichousing

HUD offers funding for substance abuse treatment of public housing residentsunder the Public Housing Drug Elimination Program . HUDawards grants to Public Housing Authorities , Tribes, or TriballyDesignated Housing Entities in order to create programs to eliminatesubstance abuse and substance-abuse-related crime in their developments.

Services eligible for funding include substance abuse prevention,intervention, referral, and treatment as well as job training , and security improvements in public housingcomplexes. Funds are channeled to local public housing authorities, whichcontract with service providers.

Types Of Addiction Treatment Centers

Recovering from substance addiction is tricky. Theres a sense of shame entrenched in society at large surrounding drug abuse, which only makes treatment more challenging. Substance abuse relapse rates stand at 40-60%. With such a high potential for falling short, its no surprise that attempts at self-treatment often lead to intense relapse.

Lets take a quick look at the different types of addiction treatment center options you can choose from.

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Does Treatment Even Work

Addiction can be devastating and the thought of recovering can seem out of reach. But no matter how powerless you feel, change is possible with the right treatment and support.

Its important to accept that treatment will take time. Most individuals need at least 3 months of treatment to significantly reduce or stop drug use.

Im Ready Where Do I Start

The River Source Career Opportunities

When you are ready for treatment its important to start right away.

  • Contact CareSource Member Services for assistance with finding a provider and scheduling an appointment. You can reach our Care Advocates through the dedicated addiction treatment phone number at 1-833-674-6437.
  • Access on our website to find doctors who treat addiction in your area.
  • Talk with your doctor about your addiction.
  • Contact your Care Manager with CareSource.


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Substance Abuse Prevention And Treatment Block Grant

The bulk of these funds, which support a full range of substance abuseprevention and treatment services, are awarded to States by formula . Thirty-five percent of the SAPT block grant funds areearmarked for prevention and treatment activities relating to alcohol abuseand 35 percent for prevention and treatment activities relating to drugs.Twenty percent of the grant is to be used for primary prevention activitiesand 5 percent for the administration and support of the SSAs. Other SAPTblock grant “set asides” were established for programs that target specialpopulations, such as services for women, especially for pregnant andpostpartum women and their substance-exposed infants, and, in certainStates, for HIV screening.

Each State’s SSA is responsible for delivering these Federal funds tocounties and individual providers. Treatment programs should contact theappropriate SSA for more information.

Research Has Shown Treating Addiction With Talk Therapy Alone Is Less Effective Than Holistic Addiction Treatment

Researchers have found the drive to self-medicate using drugs and alcohol is directly related to:

Genetic Factors

At InnerBalance Health Center, we discover these biochemical imbalances in three ways:

1. Lab testing:

Our recovery program begins with a series of extensive lab tests performed by our expert staff of medical doctors and nurses to identify problematic biochemical factors

2. Symptoms:

We have found certain symptoms such as anxiety, depression, racing thoughts and sleeplessness are related to biochemical imbalances. By checking the results of lab tests against the symptoms that our clients are experiencing, we can ensure an accurate reading of the underlying biochemical conditions.

3. Nutrition:

A poor diet can perpetuate depression, anxiety, and cravings that drive people to return to self-medication. Balance can be restored and maintained through proper nutrition.

Our medical staff uses these results to create an individualized biochemical restoration health plan as part of rehabilitation. Appropriate vitamins, amino acids and hormonal supplement support, as well as a healthy diet, correct the bodys deficiencies and provide physical relief for many symptoms of addiction.

Once balance is restored and repaired in the body, the patient is stronger and healthier, leading to a more complete recovery. Life-long sobriety is possible after the needs of the whole person body, mind, emotions, and spirit are met.

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Common Prescription Medications To Treat Chronic Pain

Prescription medication alone helps about 58 percent of people suffering from chronic pain. These medications typically include:

  • Over-the-counter pain relievers: Doctors sometimes advise patients to take specific doses of over-the-counter pain medications, like acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, or NSAIDs. Though they are available over the counter, these medications often lead to side effects with long-term use, such as liver damage with chronic use of acetaminophen.
  • Prescription pain medication: These medications include oxycodone and hydrocodone-based drugs. Vicodin, OxyContin, codeine, morphine, and Percocet are commonly prescribed opioid medications, and these drugs can be highly addictive.
  • Antidepressants: Some medical studies have shown that antidepressants can lessen chronic pain by increasing availability of the bodys natural neurotransmitters. Tricyclic antidepressants appear to be better at aiding in pain relief than other types these include amitriptyline, doxepin, and clomipramine.
  • Anticonvulsants: Some chronic pain conditions can be aided by drugs normally prescribed to patients with epilepsy, such as phenytoin, gabapentin, or pregabalin. While it is not wholly clear why these drugs lessen chronic pain, experts believe anticonvulsants may disrupt how pain signals flow within the body.

What Substances Does The River Source Outpatient Specialize In Treating

Arizona Drug & Alcohol Rehab Center | The River Source

The River Source Outpatient Rehab Program provides treatment for the following addictions: Alcohol, Cocaine, Methamphetamine, Heroin, Opioids, Benzodiazepines, Psychedelics, Marijuana, and Prescription Drugs that includes predictions opioid medications. The River Source addiction treatment center outpatient programs regard recovering from addiction as a time-intensive investment in physical, mental, and emotional well-being. The River Source Outpatient Gilbert AZ offers a step-down outpatient treatment program near Phoenix, composed of a partial hospitalization program and a full, intensive outpatient program .

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We Assist Patients Through The Alcohol Addiction Withdrawal Process

We work to detoxify the body while simultaneously adding in nutrition and supplements. Our patients work closely with on staff medical professionals, therapists and counselors to help make the transition as easy as possible. We also recognize the tremendous impact that spirit plays in recovery. This may be through church, support networks, nature or even deep connections to friends and family. We help you build and maintain healthy and loving connections to grow your spiritual self. Finally, we help you address your own personal environment. This may include an assessment of your surroundings, diet and even work. We recognize that we do not have total control over our environment but will help give you the tools necessary to create a positive and nurturing environment for yourself.

Social Services Block Grant

Title XX of the Social Security Act providesflexible funding that States can use for child care, transportation,detoxification, and substance abuse treatment services, and social servicesfor clients with substance abuse problems. This block grant is administeredby DHHS, and eligibility is State-determined. Providers should contact StateDepartments of Health and Human Services for further information.

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What Does It Mean To Be In

When an alcohol and drug rehab center is in-network, that means that the facility is a participating provider that accepts your insurance. Rehabs that do not accept your insurance are called out-of-network. When you go to an in-network treatment center, your health insurance provider will be billed instead of you, except for agreed-upon copays, deductibles, and cost-sharing, and these costs vary depending on your individual coverage and the insurance company.

At The River Source, our Arizona rehab center is a safe place to come for the full continuum of care, and we are proudly in-network with dozens of popular insurance companies. We aim to help each of our clients regain their physical, mental, and spiritual wellness through evidence-based and results-based care, incorporated with naturopathic healing and long-term social support, for an all-encompassing program that we truly believe can help you. Our team will be there for you from the moment you contact us, and we can help you understand your insurance coverage so you can get started down your own personal road to recovery as quickly and easily as possible.

How To Get Help From Florida Rehab Centers

Addiction Treatment Fort Lauderdale, FL

Addiction treatment services for inpatient, IOP, and alcohol detox by Florida rehab centers

If you are an individual suffering from addiction and concerned about how the COVID 19 might affect your health, you will be relieved to know that many Florida Rehab Centers are open and available. They can discuss your situation, but the most difficult thing to do is to make that first phone call. Be aware that many people have been in your situation scared to make that first call. Many of those people are now in long term sobriety and living highly successful lives.

Dont let addiction and the increased risk of Covid 19 negatively affect you or your loved one any longer. By seeking treatment at one of the licensed and certified Florida Rehab Centers that are available to you right now you can set yourself on a path to recovery, sobriety and a successful future.

The Source Treatment Center is a premiere Florida rehab center located in Fort Lauderdale and is one of the well-known Florida Rehab Centers that has taken additional measures to fight Covid 19 and implemented procedures to ensure every employee and clients well being. They have a highly experienced staff of people just like you most of whom are on their own recovery journey. From their caring addiction technicians to their unprecedented medical staff, they will welcome and love you through the duration of your recovery and aftercare. Call them at 204-0418.

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Managed Care Contracts As A Fundingsource

The growth of managed care offers alcohol and drug counselors opportunities tocontract to provide substance abuse treatment to the enrollees of managed carehealth plans. Such contracts can be a sustainable, flexible funding sourcewithout the restrictions that often apply to grant funding.

For example, nonprofit providers that receive publicly funded grants may notcarry funds over from year to year and are restricted in the extent to whichthey can switch funds among budget categories. However, no such restrictionsapply to payments received through managed care contracts. Any savings that aprovider can make on a contract, while providing the agreed-upon level ofservice, represent funds that can be spent on other program services or setaside for future use. In addition, managed care contracts usually do not carrythe sometimes onerous reporting requirements that may apply to grants.

Avoiding Addiction Due To Chronic Pain

Because of how the body naturally responds over time to opioids, it is easy to end up in a situation where prescriptions are being misused. One way to combat this phenomenon is to be diligent in trying other treatment options for chronic pain first. If one of these medications is utilized to treat chronic pain, patients and doctors need to keep evaluating the situation to determine if a reliance or tolerance problem occurs.

The first step is to remain honest with the prescribing physician about the effectiveness of these drugs. If for some reason the drugs failed to be effective or if an increased dosage is required to achieve the same effect, it is important to let the physician know. The doctor may be able to prescribe something else.

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The Definition Of Problem Drinking

The definition of problem drinking is the consumption of alcohol in a way that negatively affects a persons life, by causing problems at home, at work, at school, financially, socially, and/or causing physical health problems. A person with a substance use disorder involving alcohol will continue drinking as issues arise, and will be unable to stop, even if they really want to. College students, trauma victims, people with mental health disorders, those genetically predisposed to drinking problems, veterans, and high-stress professionals are more likely to become problem drinkers than others.

Alcohol abuse is the cause of approximately 100,000 deaths per year, and causes people to have legal issues, social problems, and an increase in violence and injury through accidents and risky behaviors. Screening for alcohol use disorders often fails as drinkers may lie about their actual rate of consumption, or otherwise withhold information due to shame or fear. This not only results in misdiagnosis, but also may mask the symptoms of mental health issues or other medical problems during doctors visits.

Inpatient Addiction Treatment Center

Learn About Outpatient Substance Abuse Treatment | The River Source | Phoenix, AZ

Inpatient addiction treatment programs are residential. They demand patients check into a controlled facility for around-the-clock medical treatment.

The ramifications of staying at an inpatient program are complex. Inpatient programs are believed to be more effective than outpatient ones, although the two are not exclusive: its common practice for patients to complete an inpatient program before moving onto outpatient treatment.

There is a 30% success rate for patients who finish an entire inpatient program for recovery: it still needs to be supplemented by outpatient programs, social support, and counseling. Inpatient programs can be a double-edged sword in terms of social environment: they may provide a temporary safe space away from triggering environments, or make it challenging for an individual to access their regular social support systems. What works best for each person may vary by situation.

What are some attributes of an inpatient addiction treatment center?

  • Higher success rate. 24/7 medical and emotional support designed for patients with addiction issues leads to higher success rates in treatment for serious addiction issues. As noted above, however, recovery from addiction at an inpatient program should be supplemented by other methods of support.
  • Pricier. Inpatient programs are expensive when compared to outpatient programs since they are designed for around-the-clock monitoring and treatment.
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    The Need For Florida Rehab Centers Has Been Increased By The Covid 19 Pandemic

    Florida rehab centers like The Source are taking special precautions.

    The quarantining and required isolation resulting from the breakout of Covid 19 has created an even greater need for Florida Rehab Centers. It is well known that isolation of almost any kind is the enemy of addiction. People that are addicted to drugs or alcohol and resort to isolation, often have other mental health conditions that accompany the addiction. In fact most experts and addiction professionals agree that the addiction is often just a symptom of the underlying mental condition.

    For example trauma is one of the most often identified underlying conditions for addiction. People who are victims of trauma often turn to drugs or alcohol as a way of medicating themselves or as a way to eliminate their pain. Trauma that occurred in childhood or even infancy can go undetected for years or decades. The pain is often tucked away deep into the subconscious mind causing uneasy feelings and bad thoughts. These unfortunate victims often resort to drugs, alcohol, gambling, and other self-destructive behaviors. The pain can be so great, that many even resort to suicide.

    This can be particularly relevant for women and to a lesser extent men that were victims of childhood abuse by a parent, relative or a family friend. The events can be so gruesome and devastating that the conscious mind totally deletes the memory, but these events never leave the sub-conscious mind.

    How To Get Started With Drug Addiction Intervention In Canada

    The best place to start looking is a directory that lists multiple options for treatment. The Canada Drug Rehab directory is a great example. You can search by addiction type, program or treatment category, specialized programs, and find additional information on anything from treatment to intervention.

    Need a place to get started? Here are a few recommended programs to get you started.

    • Andy Bhatti Intervention Services. Andy Bhatti has years of experience in providing interventions for sexual abuse and addiction issues. He specializes in offering help to high-risk youth in foster care, supporting families in recovery, and Punjabi community addiction recovery.
    • Aurora Recovery Centre. This world-class addiction recovery center believes in long-term healing, supporting sustainable sobriety through personalized addiction recovery plans, inpatient/outpatient programs, family programs, stabilization support, and addiction awareness training for professionals.
    • Cedars at Cobble Hill. Based in Vancouver Island, Cedars offers addiction recovery programs of every breed, treating addiction with abstinence-based principles. They construct personalized programs for each patient, providing them with the full support needed for recovery.

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    Federal And State Fundingsources

    While the major source of public funding for substance abuse treatment comesthrough the SSAs, a variety of funds useful to substance abuse treatmentproviders are also available from other sources. This chapter describes 12 majorsources of public funding that may be of use to treatment programs. Differentsources will pay for different types of services and many stipulate the specificpopulation for which the funds can be used.

    The agencies responsible for administering Federal funds at the State level varyenormously. For example, the department of economic development in one State,the department of education in another, and the department of health in a thirdmay handle vocational rehabilitation funds. Also, in some States the SSAhas been subsumed within another State agency.

    Many States also offer their own funding sources that may be used to supportsubstance abuse treatment and related services. However, State funding sourcesare too numerous, and the State-level administrative structures responsible forsuch funding too diverse, for a list to be useful. Providers need to becomefamiliar with the organization of their State government and find out whichdivisions are responsible for which funds.

    Federal sources of discretionary, time-limited project grants that may also beavailable are summarized in .

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