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Non 12 Step Addiction Treatment Centers

Clear Life Recovery Offers Non 12 Step And 12 Step Rehab

Non 12 Step Addiction Recovery Program and Drug Rehab Treatment Center- Miramar Laguna beach

Are you unsure about which treatment style will work best for you? At Clear Life Recovery, you dont have to choose.

Were both a 12 step and a non 12 step rehab center. Youre free to choose the treatment options that best fit your needs. This freedom of choice separates us from other rehab centers.

Clear Life Recovery offers a wide range of programs too. We believe that our lineup of programs will make the difference in your recovery. Some of our treatment programs include:

Who Uses Non 12

While 12-Step programs are a popular choice when attempting to overcome an addiction, many treatment programs exist that do not follow this model. Non-12-Step programs are generally groups that see the value of peer support but wish to get away from the reliance on a higher power associated with most 12-Step organizations.

For more information about our programs, ways to pay for rehab, or using insurance to pay for rehab, call us at . Our admissions navigators are available around the clock to answer your questions and start the admissions process.

No matter what program you choose, remember that recovery from addiction is possible, and there is hope. Let us help you begin the journey today.

Seek Treatment That Works

When an individual is struggling with heavy drinking or alcohol addiction and has found the 12-step program to be ineffective for them, they must explore the other options that are out there alternatives to alcoholics anonymous. At the end of the day, the treatment that might work for someone else might not work for them. Seeking the proper treatment that works for them is the key to a happier, addiction-free life.

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Hams: Harm Reduction For Alcohol

HAMS is an all-inclusive platform that welcomes people who want to drink more safely, reduce the amount they drink, or quit cold turkey. This is an online program thats peer-led and free of charge. Individuals that use it have access to live chats, forums, live group meetings, Facebook groups, and email groups to keep them on track with their own goals.

A 1996 study found that harm reduction is an effective way of not developing an outright addiction in the first place. Since the individuals will be less likely to drink heavily, theyll have a lower chance of developing dependence and will be safer in the long run compared to if they didnt take any action at all.

What To Expect At A Non

Non 12

Below are some of the common features and treatment options you may find at a non-12-step treatment program in Missouri.

Substance abuse treatment services may include:

  • cognitive behavioral therapy
  • support groups for people addicted to opioids
  • dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders
  • wellness services

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Who Uses The 12

Support group programs offer a non-medicinal approach to dealing with substance use disorders. Joining a group of people who are experiencing the same issues you are can be an immensely validating experience and the support you find there is truly helpful. Most 12-step support groups are offered nationally and internationally however, many organizations do not offer 12-step groups to give a national or international framework. There are many benefits to these groups, such as that they are free and readily available. These meetings teach individuals new coping skills and strategies for staying sober and connect members with others who relate and understand through their own personal experiences. One of the most famous support groups is Alcoholics Anonymous which founded the 12-step philosophy.

Simply stated, the 12 steps are a series of moral and behavioral guidelines that are meant to reinforce what these types of organizations see as the most important values and behaviors for recovery. These programs have worked for many people in the past, especially for people who find comfort and compatibility in a program that references spirituality and God frequently. For those people who dont feel welcome in a spiritual space, there are options for more secular support groups.

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What Determines The Appropriate Drug Abuse Treatment

As mentioned, effective drug abuse treatment isnt a one-size-fits-all phenomenon. A highly variable patient population demands a more tailored approach to treatment.

Some of the variables that will determine just what type of rehab program is most appropriate include:

  • Length of the drug or alcohol abuse problem.
  • Type of substance used.
  • Number of previous treatment attempts.
  • The abuse of multiple substances.
  • Co-existing or dual diagnosis psychiatric conditions.
  • Co-existing or dual diagnosis behavioral addictions.
  • Co-existing medical conditions.

Finding Your Perfect Fit

12-Step vs. Non-12 Step | Alternative Addiction Recovery | Non 12-Step Rehabilitation

Its our hope that this guide will empower you to find the rehab facility thats a perfect fit for you and your recovery.

Call if you have questions about our Program, or if you need confidential help on your specific situation. We are happy to provide unbiased support, and we do referrals to other programs based on your needs.

We also recommend you download our FREE eBook: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Residential Addiction Treatment Program:

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Types Of Substance Abuse Treatment

Those seeking treatment for substance abuse would benefit greatly from an initial assessment or evaluation by a drug and alcohol addiction professional. Whether its a physician, psychologist, addiction counselor or other qualified individual with addiction treatment experience, the insight offered in terms of recommending an appropriate treatment type will prove invaluable to bolstering chances of a successful outcome.

Since the 1980s, the American Society of Addiction Medicine has availed its list of criteria that can be utilized to help clinicians in matching patients with substance abuse programs using 5 broad categories or types of substance abuse treatment. The ASAM criteria emphasizes that treatment exists on a continuum, and that outcome monitoring both during and after treatment can determine whether a patient could benefit from more or less intensive treatment types that fall on the scale.

Our treatment support advisors can help with your research. Call us for free today at .

Options For A Non 12 Step Rehab Facility

As a non 12-step rehab, we often get questions about other non 12-step programs. We recognize that a finding a rehab is about finding the right fit … and we may not be the best fit for everyone. Based on our experience and knowledge, here are 19 other programs that we respect.

If youve done some research on your own, then you probably already know that some residential rehabs dont publish key data points – such as their treatment modalities, number of professional counseling hours, and total program costs – on their websites.

Weve done the homework for you, making a tough task easier. In this post, weve culled thousands of candidates to bring you 20 of the best non 12 Step rehabs out there today.

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Gulf Breeze Recovery Gulf Breeze Florida

Gulf Breeze Recovery is a non-12-step drug and alcohol rehab facility that helps clients through alternative treatment options as well as detoxification.

Trusted features of this addiction recovery center include Joint Commission accreditation, a 4.4-star Google rating, and LegitScript certification.

Location and contact information:


What Are The 12 Steps

Passages Malibu Celebrates 17 Years of Holistic Addiction Treatment

The 12 Steps are a set of principles originally based on Christian beliefs. The 12 steps are intended to help people deal with their addiction along with the root problems surrounding their addiction. The 12 Steps also help people make amends with their friends and family members who have been impacted by addiction.

The 12 Steps are so popular that theyve gone beyond being used in AA alone.

Here are The 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous:

  • We admitted we were powerless over alcoholthat our lives had become unmanageable.
  • Came to believe that a Power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.
  • Made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him.
  • Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves.
  • Admitted to God, to ourselves, and to another human being the exact nature of our wrongs.
  • Were entirely ready to have God remove all these defects of character.
  • Humbly asked Him to remove our shortcomings.
  • Made a list of all persons we had harmed, and became willing to make amends to them all.
  • Made direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others.
  • Continued to take personal inventory and when we were wrong promptly admitted it.
  • Sought through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him, praying only for knowledge of His will for us and the power to carry that out.
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    Our Complex Ptsd Treatment Centers In Vaughan

    We are your COMPLETE Addiction Recovery Solution!!

    When you need a complete addiction recovery solution, were the people you need to contact. Our directory listings are helping us to gain momentum in the industry. Addiction Canada has peer support right on site and that’s just another one of our advantages. Not only are we looking after the needs of those afflicted including the family and friends, we also pride ourselves on being one of the best Ontario drug treatment centers for people looking to learn about addiction and rehabilitation.

    We pride ourselves on providing both contemporary and holistic cures for our clients. As part of our comprehensive package, we have a wide range of accommodations ranging from the basic to the more luxurious resembling something you might see in a resort. We have one location in cottage country right on the water in the Parry Sound area that has acres for fishing and canoeing and indoor amenities like a hot tub and gym facilities.

    Here at Addiction Canada, we strive to be your one stop shop for healthy living and Freedom from Addiction.

    You Have The Right To Change How Your Story Ends Now!Do you have a friend with a substance abuse problem? Were Here To Help Family Members Too Were Here To Help Family Members Too OUR CENTRE AND STAFF ARE PROUD MEMBERS OF:

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    What Treatment Practices Dont Use The 12

    For individuals struggling with addiction that need immediate help for their dependency, medically assisted treatment options may be necessary. Because severe addiction can create the risk of a medical emergency should an individual attempt to quit on their own, professional treatment in a medically supervised detox setting can reduce or prevent this possibility.

    These treatment centers do not adhere to a 12-step approach, but rather focus on ensuring clients receive treatment that is individualized and clinical in nature. Extra precautionary measures are taken by these treatment facilities in ensuring their clients health and recovery needs are met. These will typically include constant professional care and supervision, as well as medications meant to help combat withdrawal symptoms.

    Furthermore, medical addiction treatment centers may also help clients identify any co-occurring disorders that are promoting their abuse of substances. These individuals will then either receive treatment for these disorders during their stay at the treatment center or will be encouraged to seek further help after their initial recovery.

    Dual Diagnosis Treatment Centers In California

    What is Lifering | Alternatives to 12-Step Recovery | Secular Recovery Programs

    Oro House Recovery Centers believes that addiction is often linked to deep-seated concerns such as depression, anxiety, trauma, or other mental illnesses. This is known as a dual diagnosisand it occurs in three possible ways:

    • People with mental health issues such as PTSD may turn to addictive substances to self-medicate to relieve the negative symptoms temporarily
    • Prolonged use of drugs and alcohol may damage or alter brain function and neurochemistry, which leaves the individual susceptible to mental health problems
    • Both the substance use disorder and the mental health disorder may arise due to risk factors where one condition might have an impact on the other

    Regardless of which disorder came first, both must be addressed effectively during addiction treatment rather than focusing solely on the substance use disorder. Addiction and recovery coping systems are largely ineffective unless underlying experiences of abandonment, abuse, childhood injuries, depression, and other mental health concerns are addressed.

    Oro House Recovery is proud to have a clinical team of industry leaders in the field of mental health and addiction treatment, including Masters level and licensed Doctorate clinicians. These are experts who have dedicated years of their professional practice helping clients with co-occurring disorders.

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    Best Non 12 Step Rehabs In Arizona

    The Sanctuary at Sedona

    Located in Cornville, AZ, The Sanctuary at Sedona is a leader in integrative addiction recovery. They are located in a secluded location about halfway between Phoenix and Flagstaff, AZ.

    The Sanctuary at Sedona is a 30-day inpatient-only program with no on-site detox. It has rolling admission, but there are a maximum of 7 participants at a given time, so there is a high degree of individual attention.

    The Sanctuary is very holistic – mind, body, spirit and soul. Therapies include CBT, Mindfulness-Based, Jungian, and Transpersonal therapy. Though no exact success rates are provided, ratings are high.

    Highlighted Details: Like The Clearing, care is trauma-centered and The Sanctuary welcomes individuals with PTSD they also publish a weekly recovery schedule online.

    Best Non 12 Step Rehabs In Massachusetts

    Center for Motivational Change

    The Center for Motivational Change has both outpatient and inpatient options and three different locations as well. The inpatient residential rehab is located in New Marlborough, MA, in the Berkshire Mountains and about 50-60 miles northwest of Hartford in the southwest corner of Massachusetts.In addition, the Center for Motivational Change has outpatient locations in Manhattan and Roslyn, NY.

    CMC is a unique, private group practice of dedicated clinicians and researchers in New York City and Massachusetts specializing in the treatment of substance use and compulsive behaviors. CMC teaches a range of evidence-based cognitive-behavioral therapies, and they provide a nurturing and supportive environment.

    Highlighted Details: The treatment plan is tailored to each individual, so the length and intensity of treatment varies.

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    Why Have People Moved Away From The 12 Step Program

    In a nutshell, the 12 Step approach has some outdated roots that have caused people to start to look elsewhere to similar programs. The program doesnt fit the individual needs of everyone going through substance abuse treatment programs in PA. People in recovery have been asking themselves what are non 12 step recovery programs? because the old models of recovery just dont cut it anymore. This is in part because the 12 Step approach requires a lot of religious language that can be difficult for people of a variety of faiths or non-religious people. The focus tends to be on personal fault and negative aspects. However, the non 12 step recovery program focuses more on the social and biological causes of addiction. Since people have been turning away from the classic 12 Step system, where have they been heading?

    What Is The Traditional 12 Step Method

    Non 12

    When we ask ourselves what are non 12 step recovery programs? we first need to understand what a 12 Step program is. In its most basic sense, a 12 Step program is an addiction recovery support group focussed around the idea that addiction can only be cured by surrendering to a higher power. This is usually in a religious setting. These programs can be effective, but people have started to move away from the traditional 12 Step approach.

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